Classification: Extraterrestrial semi-humanoids

Location/Base of Operations: planet Karidian, Karidian star system

Population: Billions

Known Members: Arista, Bounty

Affiliations: Silver Surfer

Enemies: Coalition Fleet

First Appearance: Silver Surfer III#103 (April, 1995)

Traits: The Karidian race lived in a peaceful utopia, but had heavily armed soldiers ready when the need for defense arose. Their society was dependent on advanced technology.

Eyes: Two ........ Fingers: Three (with opposable thumb)

Skin Color: Purplish brown

Powers/Abilities: Karidians had access to highly advanced technology, although they had no means of space travel.

History: (Silver Surfer III#103) - The planet Karidian's unstable sun was dying; it threatened to wipe out the Karidian race. The Silver Surfer sought to stabilize it with the power cosmic. He succeeded despite the interference of the Coalition Fleet. He told the Fleet that the sun had only been stabilized for 1,000 years, and that they had to make a new start by helping the Karidians find a way off-planet. The Karidians celebrated in the streets as the Surfer flew off.

(Silver Surfer III#124 (fb)) - The Coalition Fleet used their last operational starfighters to reach the Karidian planet. They demanded the Karidians help them track down and kill the Silver Surfer. The Karidians would not think of harming their savior, and refused. The Coalition Fleet then attacked, eventually setting up a doomsday device over the Karidian capital city. The Karidians still wouldn't relent until one captured soldier agreed to help them. This soldier became a living weapon named Bounty, and went off to find the Surfer.

(Silver Surfer III#124) - Bounty returned home to Karidian with the Silver Surfer by his side. Together they ended the Coalition's subjugation of the Karidians. The Karidians promised to make sure the Coalition Fleet would mistreat no other race.

Profile by Future

Comments: Created by Glenn Greenberg, Tom Morgan & Steve Mitchell.

The Karidian race has no known connection to:

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She was amidst the chaos on the streets with her father when the sun was exploding. She saw the Silver Surfer in the sky, and mistook him for a falling star. She wished on the falling star that her people would be saved, and lo and behold they were.

--Silver Surfer III#103






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Silver Surfer III#103, p5, pan3

Other appearances:
Silver Surfer III#124 (January, 1997)

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