Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Artificial construct, empowered by cosmic energy

Occupation: Servant of the Celestials, guardian of the Desecration Annex, pursuer of Lord Tantalus

Affiliations: ally of the Celestials, aided Blackwulf while bonded to his Shadowlance

Enemies: Blackwulf (Lucian), Sparrow, Lord Tantalus, Captain Marvel (Genis), Druig, Veeda Leebre

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: the Desecration Annex, in a remote sector of space

First Appearance: Blackwulf#6 (November, 1994)

Powers: As an artificial construct, the Godstalker does not need to eat, sleep, or breathe. It can fly through space, and track its "prey" with sensors that can scan for light-years. It can generate massive amounts of destructive energy, capable of breaking Blackwulf's Shadowlance. It also possesses the ability to fold the space/time continuum, permitting it to instantly move from one location to another, teleport into other dimensions, and avoid any physical harm.

Weaknesses: Because of over-reliance on his sensors, the Godstalker had difficulty telling Lucian from his father Tantalus, and attacked him by mistake, believing it was impossible for Tantalus to bear a child.

History: (Blackwulf#6)- Detecting that the Deviant Tantalus had violated his probation on earth, the Celestials created the Godstalker and sent him to punish Tantalus. However, on his way towards earth, Tantalus departed earth's solar system to return to his home planet, Armechadon, and the Godstalker continued on its path, mistaking Tantalus' son Lucian for him.

(Blackwulf#7)- Arriving on earth, the Godstalker attacked Blackwulf, refusing to believe he was Tantalus' son. In the course of their battle, it shattered Blackwulf's Shadowlance, but Blackwulf's ally Sparrow seemingly destroyed it by wielding the two halves of the Shadowlance herself.

(Blackwulf#8)- However, the Godstalker was not destroyed, and continued its assault on Blackwulf, destroying Sparrow's apartment building in the process. No longer wishing to face him in 3-dimensional space, Godstalker, teleported both of them away to another dimension.

(Blackwulf#9)- With the Shadowlance re-built, and now fourth-dimensional due to modifications made by Khult, Sparrow brought the lance to Blackwulf in the Godstalker's dimension, and with it Blackwulf sliced the Godstalker into pieces. Although the Godstalker still lived, it believed that Blackwulf had proven himself worthy to complete the Celestials' mission by slaying Tantalus, and bonded with the Shadowlance, adding its power to him.

(Captain Marvel IV#4-5)- For interfering with the culture on the planet Carmondy IV, the spiritual leader Veeda Leebre was captured by the Godstalker and brought to the Desecration Annex, a holding cell for all those the Celestials have judged abusers of power. With Leebre gone, all but one of the planet's population committed suicide, as per Leebre's instructions. The surviving alien hired Captain Marvel to find Leebre, and he traced his path to the Desecration Annex, where he fought the Godstalker. After learning that the Godstalker's energies were tied to those in the Annex, Captain Marvel threatened to start releasing all those impounded there unless Leebre was released. The Godstalker reluctantly agreed, but warned Genis that he had made himself an enemy of the Celestials.

Comments: Created by Glenn Herdling and Angel Medina.

It's not clear whether there is more than one Godstalker, or if it un-bonded itself from the Shadowlance behind-the-scenes. Blackwulf doesn't even wield it in#10, after all that build-up to get the Godstalker to bond. Unfortunately, Blackwulf#10 left a lot of danglers, none of which have been picked up by any writers in all the years since then. Heck, most writers don't know the book ever existed.

by Prime Eternal

Clarifications: The Godstalker should not be confused with:
Demogorge, the "god-eater", @ Thor Annual#10

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