Classification:  Extraterrestrial space station located in a remote region of space (aren't they all?).  Actually, the location is referred to as Celestial Territorial Grounds, but whether that refers just to the station itself or the section of space it sits in too I have no clue.

Creator:  Presumably the Celestials

User/Possessors: The Godstalker(s)

First Appearance:  Captain Marvel IV#5 (April, 1996)

Powers/Abilities/Functions:  The Annex can hold an unspecified number of cosmic-level beings in individual containment capsules for an unspecified amount of time.

History:   (Captain Marvel IV#5 - BTS) - The Desecration Annex was built an untold number of years ago (possibly, a couple of billion years ago) either by the Celestials themselves or by someone else under their direction.  The Annex was run/guarded by the Godstalker to prevent the prisoners from either escaping or being rescued prematurely.  The bodies of the prisoners being held in the Annex were kept in stasis in opaque green cylinders while at least some (if not all) of their life energies were kept within the Godstalker's staff.  Veeda Leebre was the only prisoner shown held within the Annex so far, though the Eternal Druig was named as another prisoner being held there.

(Captain Marvel IV#5) -  Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) tracked both the Godstalker and Veeda Leebre to the Desecration Annex.  Captain Marvel first tried to free Leebre by attacking the Godstalker and attempted to force him to release Leebre from the Annex.  When the Godstalker instead laughed off the attack (and mentioned the possibility of Genis becoming a 'pet' of his superiors) Captain Marvel fled inside the Annex to avoid him.  While inside the Annex Captain Marvel accidentally knocked the Godstalker against the capsule holding the Eternal Druig, damaging it and allowing Druig's energies to start returning to his body.  Captain Marvel used this information to force the Godstalker to release Leebre by threatening to rupture the power supply to a large number of cylinders and releasing the prisoners held within.

Comments:   Created by Fabian Nicieza (writer), Daerick Gross (penciler), Sellers & Albrecht (inkers)

Interesting idea, a prison for cosmic-level bad guys.  Have to wonder, though, how long someone is normally held in the Annex, and if it is possible for another party to 'post bail' on a prisoner and what the 'bail money' might consist of.  Or if the Godstalker and/or the Celestials let anyone out on any sort of parole once a prisoner has served his/her/its sentence, or if prisoners are supposed to be kept in there until the end of time.

Also I do have to wonder just what criteria the Celestials are using in deciding who goes to 'jail' and who doesn't.  Veeda Leebre's actions on Carmondy IV rate a room at this cosmic crossbar hotel because he 'misused' his powers there, but the destruction of the D'Bari system and its people by Phoenix avatar Jean Grey is considered an appropriate use of her powers by the Celestials? (Leaving aside, for the moment, the arguments over whether that was the real Jean or an impostor doing all that.)   Or do they consider how often she's been resurrected only to be killed again punishment enough for her crimes?  Or Thanos's attempts at ruling the universe and rebooting it a time or two over the years, do they consider that an appropriate use of power?  (Thanos at NORMAL power levels should not be able to defeat a Godstalker all that easily, if at all, in my opinion.)  Or the actions of a whole slew of other cosmic and non-cosmic types who have been responsible for such things like destroying star systems and rebooting the timestream every few minutes; why hasn't the Godstalker ever come back to haul some of them off to the cosmic crossbar hotel too?  While I admit there are many in-story reasons why the Godstalker hasn't interferred with any of these people so far I would like to see a story sometime where this is discussed,  and where the reader can get a better idea of what criteria the Celestials are using to imprison people with.

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The Desecration Annex has no known connection to


Captain Marvel IV#5, p20, pan 1(page count includes ads)
                                        p26, pan 3

Captain Marvel IV#5 (April, 1996) - Fabian Nicieza (writer), Daerick Gross (pencils), Mike Sellers & Jeff Albrecht (inks), Mark Gruenwald (editor)

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