Classification: Extraterrestrial humanoid race

Location/Base of Operations: 37th Floogsbury, Shi'ar colony planet K'rii-VI

Known Members: None identified

Affiliations: None

Enemies: None, although one Glorpian in particular was not a fan of Cannonball (Sam Guthrie) and Smasher (Isabel Kane).

First Appearance: Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1 (February, 2019)

Powers/Abilities: Glorpians did not appear to possess superhuman powers.

Traits: Native Glorpians appeared humanoid (albeit larger and wider than a typical Earth human). They had small antennae protruding from their foreheads and four toes, monkey-like toes on their feet. They also had a black (at least in the one observed Glorpian), hairy unibrow going across their two eyes. Glorpian arms and legs appeared lanky while their midsections were large and wide.

Type:  Humanoid
Two (on head; yellow with red irises demonstrated)
Five (with opposing thumb)
Skin color: Green
Average height: Unrevealed

History: (Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1/15) - On December 15, while visiting the Shi'ar planet K'rii-VI's 37th Floogsbury, Earth mutant Cannonball and the Imperial Guard's Smasher (Isabel Kane) flew over the Glorpians and discussed holiday traditions in outer space. Realizing that other planets also had a winter solstice, Cannonball wished a native Glorpian Merry Christmas but the Glorpian flew into a rage, feeling as if other Glorpians were waging a "war" on the Glorpian holiday Glorpsday. Remarking that the Christmas tidings were just like the Glarbocks restaurant and their blue klaffee cups, the Glorpian proclaimed that Cannonball would not spread his cultural zn'rxism to him. Saddened, Cannonball flew off, commenting to Smasher that folks were the same no matter where they went.

Comments: Created by Al Ewing and PJ Holden.

On the 37th Floogsbury planet, Glorpians lived much like humans did on Earth. For example, their holiday of Glorpsday paralleled Christmas, Glarbocks paralleled Starbucks, klaffee=coffee, etc. etc.

Profile by Proto-Man.

The Glorpian race has no known connections to

37th Floogsbury

The 37th Floogsbury was a Shi'ar colonized planet (the official Shi'ar name being K'rii-VI) and it was home to many native Glorpians. Earthers Cannonball and Smasher visited the 37th Floogsbury during their celebration of the Glorpian holiday Glorpsday, only to find the Glorpians much like Earth humans.

--Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1


Glarbocks was a restaurant that served klaffee on the 37th Floogsbury that had come into controversy one year when they utilized blue klaffee cups during the Glorpsday season.

--Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1 - BTS


Glorpsday was a holiday celebrated on the 37th Floogsbury planet by its native Glorpians. Despite all of the Glorpsday traditions, there were some Glorpians who felt like others were waging a "war" against the holiday. During one particular Glorpsday, Earthers Cannonball and Smasher visited the 37th Floogsbury and wished a native Glorpian Merry Christmas, causing the Glorpian to fly into a rage, feeling as if Christmas was another holiday created to take focus away from Glorpsday.

--Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1

images: (without ads)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1, p15, pan5 (Glorpian in vehicle, main image)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1, p15, pan4 (Glorpian turning mid-air)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1, p15, pan1 (37th Floogsbury)
Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1, p15, pan2 (Cannonball & Smasher flying through a Glorpsday celebration)

Merry X-Men Holiday Special#1 (February, 2019) - "Home for the Holidays" story - Al Ewing (writer), PJ Holden (art), Jordan D. White, Annalise Bissa, Chris Robinson (editors)

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