Real Name: Autolycus

Identity/Class: Enhanced Extra-terrestrial (Sark)

Occupation: Current member of the Soul Gem community, former Captain of Starship Great Divide

Affiliations:  Member of Collective Community within the Soul Gem, ally of Gamora, Pip, Kray-Tor, Adam Warlock, Star Thief, and the other residents;
formerly Universal Church of Truth (UCT), one of the Black Knights of the UCT, led a crew of

Enemies: Currently none, formerly Adam Warlock and the non-productive captives aboard the Great Divide

Known Relatives:  None

Aliases:  Brother Autolycus

Base of Operations:  Currently the pocket dimension with the Soul Gem;
formerly mobile aboard the Great Divide.

First Appearance:  Strange Tales I#179 (April, 1975)



Powers: Autolycus' physical powers were enhanced by the church.  He possessed superhuman strength (Class 2), speed, reflexes and senses.  He also had considerable skill at hand-to-hand combat, enough to enable him to battle Adam Warlock despite Warlock's superior strength. Autolycus was a brilliant navigator; by absorbing his skills Warlock was able to safely navigate through a black hole. Autolycus carried the standard issue energy pistol of all Black Knights, as well as an energy club.   

History:  Nothing is known about Autolycus' life before he became a Black Knight.  At some point, the Church granted him his enhnaced "x-powers."  In conversations with Warlock, it seemed as if Autolycus disagreed with the Church's activities and only obeyed out of a sense of duty.

(Strange Tales#179 Apr. 1975)  Adam Warlock began his crusade against the UCT by launching an ill-fated attack against the Great Divide.  Warlock was blasted out of the sky and Autolycus placed him in the brig along with dozens of "non-productives" slated for execution.  The Matriarch contacted Autolycus and subtly ordered him to kill Warlock as well.  Autolycus was disgusted by the Matriarch's order, but resolved to follow it nonetheless.  However, Warlock and the non-productives broke out of the cell-block, and Warlock single-handedly defeated Autolycus' crew.  Warlock and Autolycus faced off, both regretting the need to kill the other.  The battle began, and Autolycus got the upper-hand when Warlock hesitated to kill the honorable captain.  Autolycus was about to shoot him dead when Warlock's soul gem acted on its own and stole Autolycus' soul.





(Avengers Annual#7, Marvel Two-In-One Annual#2)  Autolycus was part of the large welcoming committee that welcomed Warlock's soul into Soul World. He was seen in the background as Adam began to realize and appreciate the peace within Soul World. 











(Silver Surfer III#46, 48)  Autolycus was present when the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer entered the Soul World to convince Adam Warlock to return to the Earth Dimension to oppose Thanos.

(Infinity War#6)  Autolycus was present when the Magus was sent to Soul World. The Magus sought to create an army from the inhabitants of Soul World, but found that since he was only an aspect of a soul, he had no substance in the Soul World. In fact, Autolycus and Kray-Torr walked right through him without ever knowing he was there.

(Warlock and the Infinity Watch#33) The villain Count Abyss took the Soul Gem from Adam Warlock, and used his powers to terrorize the natives of Soul World, sending their reality into a maelstrom of chaos. Ultimately, Adam Warlock was able to access the Soul Gem, and used Kray-Tor to subject the evil Abyss to the soul of a virtuous man. Kray-Tor was eventually returned to Soul World, but he was tormented by his own exposure to the evil of Abyss.

(W+IW#37) Kray-Tor's agony continued, and began to spread to the rest of Soul World, like a virus. Autolycus was only likely seen as one of the specs of figures in the distance while Kray-Tor contemplated his torment.

Comments: Created by Jim Starlin.

Profile by Chuck D

Clarifications: Autolycus the Sark should be distinguished from
Autolycus, the grandfather of Odysseus/Ulysses, who taught Hercules to wrestle in Greek mythology,
not yet seen in the Marvel Universe

Autolycus, the "King of Thieves" from the Hercules and Xena TV shows.

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