Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Gorkel

Known Members: Wise One

Affiliations: Omnus, Planet Terry, Princess Ugly, Robota

Enemies: Scavage, Vermin the Vile

First Appearance: Planet Terry I#2 (May, 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Gorkels are friendly and welcoming but not technologically advanced and have limited problem-solving abilities. They all look very similar with stout frames and bushy green hair, with only slight variations in body height. It is difficult to determine gender (if there is more than one).

Traits: Gorkels rely on a hierarchy and seem superstitious, happy to go along with the interpretation of a book of prophecies to determine their lives. Gorkels shun technology and have an agrarian way of life, but are capable of building organic-style multi-story slim buildings.

Type: Humanoid bipeds
Eyes: Two
Fingers: Four (plus opposable thumb)
Skin color: Lime green
Hair: Green
Average height: Approximately 5'7"

History: (Planet Terry I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Gorkels lived on a remote rocky planet and were guided by a religious-styled leader called the Wise One who followed a revered book of prophecies (but made allowances for inconsistencies -- "close enough!"). Their ruler was Princess Ugly, a young human-looking woman, and they shunned advanced technology, avoiding crashed spaceships. However, Princess Ugly was kidnapped and sedated by her technology-savvy uncle, Vermin the Vile, so that he could rule in her stead.

(Planet Terry I#2) - Planet Terry, Omnus and Robota crash-landed on the Gorkels' planet due to a sudden astro-cyclone pulling them from space. The Wise One observed this and welcomed the strangers, providing a simple banquet and setting the new trio on a quest to rescue Princess Ugly from Vermin's citadel. Terry freed Princess Ugly and Vermin's fortress was destroyed. Terry divulged to the Gorkels his quest to find his missing parents, starting with their spaceship, and the Gorkels revealed the remnants of the crashed spaceship.

(Planet Terry I#3) - Princess Ugly and the Wise One escorted Terry, Omnus and Robota to the wreckage. Terry found a clue and set off again as the Gorkels waved goodbye.

(Planet Terry I#10) - Eager for revenge, Vermin sent a fake message to Terry and he swiftly returned to Gorkel and Princess Ugly's palace. Vermin's vulture-like minion Scavage attacked; unable to to take Terry, it flew away with the Wise One's revered book. Despondent that they no longer had the Book and with looming disaster threatening their crops from earthquake and flooding, Terry encouraged the Gorkels to think for themselves, leading the Wise One to look at nearby wreckage and use loose pipes to construct irrigation systems for crops that also relieved pressure from a strained dam.

(Planet Terry I#11) - Soon after, Vermin conned Terry into believing he was Vermin's son. The Wise One observed matching birthmarks to support Vermin's claim, but this was a ruse by Vermin to have Terry help him conquer Gorkel. Flying in laser craft pods, Vermin tried to destroy Gorkel infrastructure but Terry was able to divert it. Vermin hypnotized Terry and had him lead an attack on the Gorkel Royal Guard, but this was narrowly averted with the aid of Omnus and Robota before Terry regained self-control.

(Planet Terry I#12) - Vermin and Scavage left Gorkel in pursuit of Terry.

Comments: Created by Lennie Herman (writer), Warren Kremer (pencils) and Jon D'Agostino (inks).

The Gorkels look a bit like Dr. Seuss creations.

Interestingly, Gorkel looks to be divided into the agrarian green-skinned native Gorkels and the more human-looking but technology-dependent humanoids like Vermin the Vile (with men having pointed ears) -- it may be that the latter are alien settlers on Gorkel.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Gorkels have no known connections to

Wise One

The Wise One was like the religious leader of the Gorkels. He depended on the Book, an account of vaguely accurate prophecies (or statements that had to be interpreted to match the current situation). He greeted Planet Terry, Omnus and Robota when they first crash-landed on Gorkel, before encouraging them on a successful quest to free the Gorkels' leader, Princess Ugly.

   Not long after, the Wise One was despondent when the Book was stolen by Scavage, the minion of the Gorkels' enemy, the power-hungry Vermin the Vile. The Wise One felt lost when disaster threatened crops, but Terry suggested Gorkels think for themselves rather than rely on a book of prophecies. The Wise One directed a rapid construction effort of an irrigation system. However, he was later reunited with the Book, reading again from its prophecies.

--Planet Terry I#2 (3, 10, 11,

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Planet Terry I#2, p21, pan2 (main image)
Planet Terry I#2, p4, pan3 (headshot)
Planet Terry I#11, p11, pan1 (farmers)
Planet Terry I#2, p6, pan2 (Wise One, body shot)
Planet Terry I#11, p5, pan8 (Wise One, headshot)

Planet Terry I#2 (May, 1985) - Lennie Herman (writer), Warren Kremer (pencils), Jon D'Agostino (inks), Sid Jacobson (editor)
Planet Terry I#3 (June, 1985) - Lennie Herman (writer), Warren Kremer (pencils), Jon D'Agostino (inks), Sid Jacobson (editor)
Planet Terry I#10 (January, 1986) - Dave Manak (writer), Warren Kremer (pencils), Jacqueline Roettcher (inks), Sid Jacobson (editor)
Planet Terry I#11 (February, 1986) - Dave Manak (writer), Warren Kremer (pencils), Jacqueline Roettcher & Jon D'Agostino (inks), Sid Jacobson (editor)

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