Real Name: presumably Supernalia

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial non-humanoid (Ul'lula'n)

Occupation: Bounty hunter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Nebulon
 formerly the Defenders (she mind-controlled them)

Enemies: The Avengers (Captain America (Steve Rogers), Iron Man (Tony Stark), Thor, Wasp), The Defenders (the Beast, the Gargoyle (Isaac Christians), Silver Surfer, the Valkyrie (Brunnhilde))
 formerly Nebulon

Known Relatives: Nebulon (husband), unnamed children

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A spacecraft orbiting above the Earth

First Appearance: Avengers Annual#11 (1982)

Powers/Abilities: Like all Ul'lula'ns, Supernalia's true form was that of a 10-foot tall, semi-amoeboid/octopoid creature with six tentacles and vast psychic powers. She could utilize her psychic powers to alter her own form, manipulate the minds of others, telekinetically move objects, and teleport herself and others across vast distances of space.

History: (Avengers Annual#11 (fb) - BTS) - Supernalia was the wife of Ul'lula'n criminal Nebulon. When he chose exile over an honorable death, she felt he had brought shame on his family. She followed him to Earth to bring about Nebulon's death and thereby restore honor back to their family.

(Avengers Annual#11 (fb)) - Soon after the Valkyrie's return to the brownstone housing the Defenders, Supernalia appeared before the Valkyrie, the Beast, and the Gargoyle and stated that she was there to save Earth from Nebulon. She told them she was a bounty hunter from the homeworld of the Ul'lula'ns and had traveled to Earth to bring Nebulon to justice. She claimed that Nebulon had fled to Earth and taken sanctuary with the Avengers using his celestial mind control abilities. Supernalia then warned the Defenders that Nebulon had planted four pre-set anti-matter bombs that would destroy the Earth, so that Nebulon could control the survivors. Doubting her story, the Beast explained that he would give the Avengers a call, since he was a former member of their ranks. As the Beast reached for the phone, Supernalia used her psychic powers to make the Beast believe that he had already called them. The Beast agreed with the other Defenders that a crisis appeared to be brewing and they questioned who they could get to help them defeat Nebulon. The Valkyrie suggested the Silver Surfer and Supernalia used her psychic powers to teleport the Surfer into the apartment of the Defenders. The Defenders then explained the "situation" with Nebulon to the Surfer and the Defenders jumped into action.

The Ul'lul'ns in their true forms.(Avengers Annual#11) - Supernalia covertly observed Nebulon and his ally Thor as they flew toward New York City. After watching them fly out of sight, she teleported away. Back inside her spacecraft above Earth, Supernalia looked on in tears as the Defenders attacked the Avengers. After a battle between the Defenders, who were attempting to capture Nebulon, and the Avengers, who were on the side of the exiled Nebulon, that took both teams to the Himalayas, the Silver Surfer claimed that Nebulon was weak, just as Supernalia had claimed he would be. Nebulon then discovered Supernalia's part in the Defenders' attack, but his explanations were met with bio-mystic bolts projected by the Gargoyle. As the battle between the two teams raged on, Supernalia discovered that Thor was beginning to break her mental control over the Valkyrie and decided that she must increase the amounts of celestial mind waves she was emitting, in order to retain her control over the Defenders. As the Avengers fell one by one, Captain America demanded that the Beast hit him and continue to do so. The Beast punched away, but eventually he looked upon Cap's face and came to his senses, realizing that it was the Defenders who were being controlled. At that point, Nebulon demanded that Supernalia show herself, which she did. Supernalia then explained her true relationship to Nebulon and why she had really come to Earth. In an effort to further turn both the Defenders and the Avengers, Supernalia revealed a hidden weapon of Nebulon's from one of his prior visits to Earth. The weapon, called the Ennui Device, began to drain the life out of both teams. The Beast demanded that she stop this, but Supernalia replied that she was not permitted to interfere. The Beast then informed her that she had already interfered, causing Supernalia to realize that she too had brought shame on her family. Captain America saw that a chance to stop Nebulon, throwing his shield and deflecting the Ennui Device to drain Nebulon's life energies. Instead of weakening Nebulon, the Ennui Device began to kill him. The Beast then attempted to save Nebulon, but was stopped by Supernalia who jumped into the path of Ennui Device's beam as well. As the beam began to kill both Nebulon and Supernalia, their true Ul'lula'n forms were revealed.

Comments: Created by J. M. DeMatteis, Al Milgrom, Jack Abel, and Crew.

Nebulon, at least, only faked his death...per Kurt Busiek. Remember where we recently saw Nebulon?

Profile by  Proto-Man


This character, Supernalia, has no known connections to


Avengers Annual#11, p8, pan7 (full body shot)
p14, pan5 (headshot)
p38, pan3 (true Ul'lula'n form)

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