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Real Name: Jarelg of Kyjael, Junmant of Basooga, & Garalon of Tartom

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial trinary/composite being cyborg

Occupation: Bouncer, vengeance-seeker

Group Membership: Jajuga IS a group

Affiliations: Mentor (A'lars), Rankor;
    possibly Mephisto

Enemies: Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd);
    customers at Rankor's Ditch

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Rankor's Ditch, planet Keffelix, Mattei system, presumably in the Milky Way galaxy

First Appearance: The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (December, 1995)

Powers/Abilities: Jajuga was massively strong (Class 50-100) and durable. He exoskeleton could project a force field, and he could fire destructive energy blasts from the plasma cannon protruding from his shoulder. He had a large, robotic body, with three heads, which possessed smooth control over the body.
    Jarelg is a Kyjaelian, with blue reptilian features and characteristics.
    Junmant is a Basoogan.
    Garalon is a Tartomite.
    It's not clear which of the other two heads was Junmant and which was Garalon. One head was "mousy and greasy-bearded," and the other had scales and a single eye wedged in the middle of his forehead.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - After Galactus destroyed the three planets Kyjael, Basooga, and Tartom, fate tossed three survivors -- the Kyjaelian Jarelg, Basoogan Junmant, and the Tartomite Garalon -- onto the same stellar transport, chained together as slaves. As they were taken to the Nacite mines, they learned they shared an unquenchable hate, a seething desire for vengeance on the Silver Surfer for leading Galactus to their worlds.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - Jarelg, Junmant, and Garalon's escape shuttle exploded over the Nacite mines, but their hate for the Silver Surfer kept them alive. As the ship's remnants drifted through the cosmos, their bodies fused to the ship's bulkhead and to one another.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - Mentor (A'lars) of Titan came across the wreck of the ship when it was pulled into the gravitational field of Titan. The damage to their flesh was too extensive and he couldn't separate them. Instead he built them a large robot body to house the remnants of their three bodies.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - The composite being, now known as Jajuga, traveled the galaxy searching for the Silver Surfer, missing him by weeks or days, and once only by minutes.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - Eventually losing hope that he would ever locate the Surfer, Jajuga took a job working as a bouncer at Rankor's Ditch on the planet Keffelix, and he became very unpopular with its regulars.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - Mephisto seduced Jajuga and arranged for the opportunity for them to confront and take vengeance on the Surfer in exchange for his soul.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (fb) - BTS) - Posing as Eros/Starfox, Mephisto arranged for a meeting with the Surfer at Rankor's Ditch, where Jajuga worked as a bouncer.

(The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison) - After being summoned by Rankor to clean up the dead bodies of a Vordon female and a golden beast from the bar floor, Rankor spied the Surfer and announced he was going to kill him. Bumping into a pair of Dalvian mercenaries and spilling their drinks, Jajuga was jumped by them and several other customers. The Surfer rushed forward and pulled Jajuga out of the mass of people, but Jajuga spat upon his face and revealed his history. Jajuga next blasted the Surfer with a hail of plasma bolts, knocking him across the bar. Though pained, the Surfer retaliated with a blast of the Power Cosmic, moderated to only stun the cyborg, as he explained that he had been manipulated by Galactus to do what he had done. Jajuga's force field deflected the blast, though it nonetheless knocked him off his feet. Not caring about the whys and wherefores or how the Surfer had changed, Jajuga insisted on vengeance and blasted the Surfer anew with every erg of energy his exoskeleton could muster. Ready this time, the Surfer matched the blast with a bolt of energy that met Jajuga's blast halfway between them and gradually pushed Jajuga's force back at him. As the massive energy accumulation threatened to reach Jajuga, the Surfer took pity on him. Feeling guilty for his involvement, the Surfer dropped to his knees and allowed Jajuga to blast him repeatedly.
    Mephisto then began telepathically goading the Surfer into fighting back and destroying Jajuga, but the Surfer ultimately refused to kill the cyborg, even when Jajuga goaded him as well, telling him to complete his genocide.

    The bar then transformed into a Hellish pit, its clientele into demons, and Eros into Mephisto who taunted the Surfer that his near temptation had brought Mephisto's eventual victory even closer. Jajuga lay in a pool of liquid fire, impaled on a bone-white stalagmite, the flaming, skeletal hands of the damned clawing at his faces. As the Surfer demanded Jajuga be freed, Jajuga yelled at Mephisto, telling him he had promised him the Surfer's life, but Mephisto retorted that he had only promised him the opportunity, not the kill. Mephisto then claimed his fee, plucking Jajuga's trio of souls from his chest, but the Surfer blasted Mephisto, knocking him off balance and freeing the souls, which returned to Jajuga. Blasting Mephisto away again, the Surfer pulled Jajuga from the stalagmite and then flew out of Mephisto's realm, but upon looking down, instead of Jajuga, the Surfer saw only a minor demon, which burst into flame and dissipated into the ether of space.

As Eros, Mephisto met with the Surfer at Rankor's Ditch, leading to a battle with Jajuga. The Surfer easily overpowered Jajuga, and Mephisto psychically goaded him into nearly killing the cyborg, but the Surfer stopped himself from slaying Jajuga, at which point Mephisto revealed his presence. His part of the bargain complete, Mephisto then took Jajuga's soul, but the Surfer attacked Mephisto, causing him to release the soul, which returned to Jajuga. The Surfer then took Jajuga and fled, but "Jajuga" faded into demonic form and then vanished in flame. Mephisto mocked the Surfer, telling him that he was slowly poisoning his soul and would one day win.

Comments: Created by Christopher Golden, Jose R. Nieto, & Amanda Conner.

    Per the ending of "The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison," it may be Jajuga doesn't exist in Reality-616 but might instead just have been part of Mephisto's illusions. However, I'd contend that the world Kyjael, Basooga, and Tartom are all worlds devoured by Galactus in Reality-616, and that Jajuga might exist after all. I'd imagine that Mephisto happened upon Jajuga and used his existence to torment the Surfer, but did so while creating an illusion duplicating the real Rankor's Ditch, leaving the real Jajuga to perhaps menace the Surfer another day. Or perhaps Mephisto kept Jajuga's soul to torment, only allowing the Surfer to think he had rescued him and then duped him into thinking the whole thing had been an illusion.
    I think he's too cool to leave as an imaginary character.
    Or not.

Keffelix is presumably a play on Keflex, a brand name for the antibiotic Cephalexin.

Profile by Snood.

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The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison, p203

The Ultimate Silver Surfer: What's Yer Poison (December, 1995) - Christopher Golden and Jose R. Nieto (writers), Amanda Conner (penciler), Stan Lee (editor)

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