Classification: Extra-terrestrial and/or Extra-dimensional

Location/Base of Operations: The world of Erdile, the lair of the Collector

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: The Collector

First Appearance: Avengers I#174 (August, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Largley unrevealed. They appear to consist of electricity, so they may have had the ability to control electricity and/or use it as a weapon. Their bodies may have served as portals to another dimension, or may have had the ability to trap something within themselves. If they are the same as the Blips (see comments), then they can absorb electrical energy from other sources, requiring this in order to survive. They can also fly, and can survive in the depths of space.

Traits: They have a humanoid form, but are apparently composed of electrical energy. They had three fingers on each hand (though in one frame, it was four fingers) and no facial features except for eyes.

History: (Avengers I#174) - When Thor, Iron Man, Wasp, and Hawkeye tracked several missing Avengers to the lair of the Collector, the Collector summoned the Energy Creatures of Erdile to face them. However, when Thor hit one of the creatures with his hammer, he realized that his hammer became lodged in its form, and he was unable to remove it or releases his grip on it. Collector claimed that the hammer had passed through to another dimension and that if Thor managed to pry the hammer free, every inhabitant of that dimension would die. Thor considered that the Collector might have been lying, but did not want to risk it. After Collector knocked Thor out with a positron cannon, the Energy Creatures of Erdile disappeared, and the Collector claimed that he had been lying about that other dimension.  

Comments: Created by Jim Shooter, Bill Mantlo, Dave Wenzel, and Pablo Marcos

The Energy creatures of Erdile are nearly identical to the Blips. Could they be the same race?

Back then, positrons were just science jargon and most people didn't know what it meant. Today, positrons are just science jargon and most people don't know what it means. For the record, it's the antimatter version of electrons, which have a negative charge, whereas positrons have a positive charge. 

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images: Avengers I#174, Page 3, Panel 2

Avengers I#174 (August, 1978)

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