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Real Name: Sharakan

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Sprulku)

Occupation: Scout ("orange-rank")

Group Membership: Scout-Corps

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Hulk (Bruce Banner), humans

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Briefly impersonated the Hulk

Base of Operations: Rocky Mountains, USA, Earth;
   formerly Sprulku Home-World

First Appearance: Hulk Annual 1985 (UK)

Powers/Abilities: Like others of the warlike Sprulku race, Sharakan is a shapeshifter with a semi-solid mass and no nervous system, yet full visual and aural acuity (despite no obvious body parts) plus a vocal system that can quickly mimic other extraterrestrial voices. He can extend multiple pseudopods (tentacles) up to about 7' in length to manipulate immediate surroundings. With effort and marginal discomfort, he can shift his form's viscosity within a minute to fully impersonate a life form that he visually perceives, first by shape, then by color, apparently maintaining the same bodily mass. His body feels no pain and has a high dexterity that can easily withstand a concussive blow from the Hulk, but can be incinerated and destroyed by penetrative explosives. Trained in Sprulku military, Sharakan can pilot a small interstellar spacecraft, accurately fire a destructive blaster, has excellent espionage skills and is overconfident in his species' ability to conquer other aliens.

Height: Variable (potentially 1' - 10')
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: None
Hair: None


(Hulk Annual 1985/3 (fb) - BTS) - A passing Sprulku survey spaceship detected transmissions from Earth's solar system. Military scout Sharakan was dispatched to locate and investigate the new world, and spy on the intelligent species for the shapeshifting warlike Sprulku to conquer.

(Hulk Annual 1985/3) - After several months travel, Sharakan arrived and admired planet Earth, the seas reminding him of Sprulku Home-World. He transmitted his arrival as per procedure but confidently longed to conquer the planet by himself. After landing in the Rocky Mountains, he followed Sprulku regulations to find and mimic the first moving creature before progressing to determine the most intelligent and learn local speech patterns. By chance, he first encountered the Hulk (Bruce Banner), who sought respite from pursuing US military forces. The Hulk was surprised to see the blob-like creature, but felt repulsed and retreated. Sharakan was pleased to have found an Earthling approximating his own size and slowly morphed his body to copy the Hulk's. Sharakan declared that he intended to kill the Hulk and replace him. Confused and angry at seeing the alien now looking completely like him, the Hulk lashed out and punched Sharakan-Hulk away. Although apparently uninjured, Sharakan-Hulk could not duplicate the Hulk's strength and took a gun from his spaceship and shot the Hulk. Surprised the Hulk was only unconscious and not dead, Sharakan-Hulk returned the gun and sealed the ship, then wandered down the mountains, expecting to easily mingle withe local populace and spy on them. Instead Sharakan-Hulk encountered the military forces hunting the Hulk; the army opened intensive fire and the explosions killed Sharakan-Hulk. This was observed by the now-recovered Hulk, who realized the military would (at least briefly) stop hunting him as they thought the Hulk dead. The real Hulk smashed the alien spaceship so that there would be no trace of an alien shapeshifter.

Comments: No credited creators.

Given this was a Marvel UK publication, it could be linked to Reality-7711 (Bereet's "Rampaging Hulk" movie); however, this story came out after Bereet's movie was released, shown in Incredible Hulk II#285 (July, 1983).

This was a 6-page text story featuring 5 images (no credits) in a UK publication.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Sharakan has no known connections to:

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Hulk Annual 1985/3, p1 (main image)
   p4 (transforming)
   p2 (spaceship)

Hulk Annual 1985 (UK) (1984) - uncredited writer, artist, editor

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