Type: Alternate Earth dimension

Environment: Standard Earth dimension

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Forms: Astrans, Atlanteans (Homo mermani), Humanity, Krylorians, Tribbitites (others, presumably similar to Earth-616)

Significant Inhabitants: Ant-Man (Henry Pym), Bereet, Chen K'an, Etoine, Fantastic Four (referenced only), Ferronaut, Henri, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Gargoyle (Yuri Topolov), Gyrahn, Iron Man (Tony Stark), Rick Jones, Lyissa, Metal Master, Betty Ross, Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, Spirou, Tynjo, Wasp (Janet Van Dyne), X-Men (Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Iceman, Marvel Girl, Professor X), unidentified French police inspector and other officer;
    see comments

Significant Locations: The Suckled Pig Inn (southern France)

First Appearance: Rampaging Hulk I#1 (January, 1977)

(Incredible Hulk II#269 (fb) - BTS) - Bored with the staid and static life on Krylor, Bereet used her Star Eye to scan distant worlds. Coming across Earth, she viewed the gamma bomb explosion that transformed Bruce Banner into the Hulk. Observing his earliest adventures, she used her Star Eye to create fictional exploits of the Hulk, in which she traveled to Earth and aided the Hulk against an invasion by fictional, war-like Krylorian attackers. This movie was part-one of her series, "The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk."

(Rampaging Hulk I#1) - After the Hulk battled the US military under the command of Gen. Ross, a fleet of Krylorian invaders appeared over Rome, Italy and then established a number of subterranean bases on Earth. Meanwhile, the Gargoyle, who had survived his seeming death and was bitter after reverting back to his mutated form, learned of the invasion and decided to ally with the Krylorians so he could find another planet where he wouldn't stand out as a freak. Seeking both to avoid the US military's pursuit and to perhaps aid against the invaders, Bruce Banner joined Rick Jones in flying to Rome. Spying on humanity via "transformers" (Krylorians able to adopt the form and abilities of others), the Krylorians learned of the Hulk and sent agents to destroy him to prevent his interference with their invasion. The Hulk overpowered one of the transformers, but then the Gargoyle arrived and tricked the Hulk into aiding the Krylorians in locating the renegade Bereet (whom they claimed was a threat). Meanwhile Bereet, a peaceful Krylorian who opposed the war-monger Krylorians, met with Rick Jones and told him the truth. The Hulk arrived and attacked Bereet, but the Krylorians arrived soon after and fired on the pair of them, little caring if they injured their newfound ally. The Hulk turned and fought the Krylorians, while the commander turned on Gargoyle, denouncing him as a repugnant freak and casting him aside. The Gargoyle, his delusions shattered, stole an energy weapon and took out the Krylorians in the saucer he was in, and then crashed that saucer into three others, destroying all four saucers, and himself with them. Bereet's Banshee Mask-ship unleashed a "slipstream of sound vibrations, perfectly pitched to spare her own ship (and Rick and the Hulk) but to shatter several metal-construct within range. The few remaining ships flew off into the sea, and the Hulk agreed to join Bereet in smashing the rest of the invaders, and anyone else who came after them.

(Rampaging Hulk I#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Krylorians using a base below Paris, France mutated a series of four humans into giant, monstrous forms that went on rampages in Paris. The first three spontaneously self-destructed not long after a short time-period.

(Rampaging Hulk I#2) - The fourth human mutate battled the Hulk before self-destructing as well, and the Krylorian commander then decided to mutate a Krylorian instead. Noticing these events and sensing radio signals controlling the monsters, Professor X sent the X-Men to Paris to track the signals. The X-Men first encountered the Hulk and got into a pointless fight with him before the Krylorian mutate arrived and attacked the lot of them. As they fought, the people began to panic, and to prevent a stamped, Bereet used her Strategic Cortex Eliminator to send everyone -- except Krylorians and those she designated -- into a sleep and retroactively eliminate any traumatic memories. The Krylorian mutate eventually self-destructed as well, but Cyclops got a lock on the radio signal, and the X-Men and the Hulk tracked it to the Krylorian's Parisian base. The Hulk shattered the Krylorians' Mutation-Energizer, which blew up, destroying the base and the Krylorians. The X-Men left Banner in peace, and Rick and a disguised Bereet departed to avoid the gathering crowd.








(Rampaging Hulk I#3) - In the south of France, Rick, Bereet, and Banner/Hulk befriended the young orphan, Spirou, who was harshly treated by his caretaker. Meanwhile, the Metal Master joined forces with the Krylorians to defeat the Hulk, employing his solid metal Ferronaut, which the Metal Master could instantly repair if damaged. As the Hulk fruitlessly fought the Ferronaut, Rick identified the Metal Master and Bereet sent a number of her techno-organic creations to attack him. As they were made of metal, the Metal Master effortlessly destroyed them, but he recognized the potential in her spatial distorter and attempted to claim it for himself. As Bereet's psychic control of the distorter opposed his, an energy backlash caused the distorter to pull all four of them into it (it contained a pocket dimension that made it much larger on the inside than out). Spirou found the Distorter and, realizing there was a connection between it and the Hulk, worked to keep it out of the hands of others.
    Meanwhile, the Metal Master took control of the various techno-art creations within the distorter and sent them to attack his opponents alongside his Ferronaut. Bereet managed to -- perhaps with the help of the positive psychic energy from Spirou -- regain control of her favorite creation, her pet Sturky, a matter converter, and instructed him to convert each item within the distorter into another form of matter (wood, stone, etc.) that the Metal Master couldn't control. Eventually the Hulk became angry enough that the force of his punch shattered the Ferronaut and caused a massive energy backlash into the Metal Master that destroyed his mind. The blacklash also destroyed Sturky and caused the distorter to eject all four visitors back to the physical world alongside Spirou.










(Rampaging Hulk I#4) - The Hulk was summoned by the sorcerer Chen K'an to his distant planet (half a galaxy away) to aid him in reclaiming the Star of Catalax from the evil mage Lyissa and her allies Tynjo the troll, Gyrahn the behemoth, and an army of demons who had corrupted his world. They succeeded, and Chen K'an sent the Hulk back to Earth and then used the Star to destroy his world, which was beyond redemption.










(Rampaging Hulk I#5) - The Hulk delivered Spirou back to the innkeeper, along with the message that if he treated Spirou poorly, the Hulk would be back to treat him poorly. Meanwhile, the Krylorians, who had placed a biotronic implant into the nerve ganglia of a monstrous undersea leviathan, tested it by having it level a nearby undersea city, which turned out to be Atlantis, at the time abandoned by all but the soldiers still loyal to Namor (following Namor's seeming betrayal of the Atlanteans in favor of Sue Storm). Namor followed the leviathan to the undersea Krylorian base, where he saw the Krylorian transformers in their human state discussing their plans in Rome, and he assumed them to be humans, after which he destroyed the base, killing those present. Namor then traveled to Rome and went on a rampage. Bereet tried to calm him, explaining how the Krylorians were the real attackers, but she was knocked out by a brick thrown by a crowd gathered to oppose Namor. Angered at Bereet's injury, the Hulk attacked Namor. After a prolonged battle, the military arrived to try to subdue the two warriors, and while the Hulk fought the military, Namor took Bereet (to learn more of the Krylorians) and departed.









(Rampaging Hulk I#6) - Pursuing Namor, the Hulk encountered another of the Krylorians' leviathan-mutates, fought it, and then followed it back to an undersea Krylorian saucer, which he destroyed. Bereet became attracted to Namor, but nonetheless activated her Banshee Mask and sent it to bring Rick and the Hulk to Atlantis. Namor agreed to release Bereet only if the Hulk could defeat him in gladiatorial combat (wearing a Krylorian oxygen helmet), and the two fought fiercely until the Krylorians arrived and unleashed their entire contingent of leviathan mutates on them. The Hulk, Namor, and the remaining Atlanteans defeated all of the mutations, and when the Hulk attacked the Krylorian commander's saucer, he fled rather than face his power.







(Rampaging Hulk I#7) - By the Balkan mountains, the Hulk got into an argument with Rick and Bereet, and he slapped Rick unconscious. Both angry -- over the Hulk's actions and the loss of most of her techno-art creations -- and frightened, Bereet reached into her Spatial Distorter, and he psychic energy gave life to and unleashed the Soul-Shade, embodying the collective negative emotions of the destroyed semi-sentient techno-art creations. The Soul-Shade attacked the Hulk and Bereet before the Hulk drove it off and leapt after it. While Bereet's Star-Eye explained the origins of the Soul-Shade, the being entered a giant statue and animated it to fight the Hulk. The Hulk eventually shattered the statue, then turned back to Banner while the Soul-Shade flew off to encounter a traveling circus troupe. Bereet and Rick caught up to Banner in the Banshee Mask ship, and then Bereet and Banner worked together to build a new techno-creation from the shells of the destroyed creations while Rick piloted the Banshee Mask-ship to re-locate the Soul-Shade. The Shade possessed a series of circus animals, driving them into a frenzy and feeding off their anger, and they broke out of their cages and attacked their masters. Bereet filled a gemstone with her true feelings toward her creations, and Banner designed a gun to project those feelings, but the Soul-Shade, sensing her presence, attacked the Banshee Mask, psychically injuring Rick and causing the ship to convert back into a mask. The passengers fell to the ground, and the circus performers assumed the alien Bereet and planned to burn her. As Banner revived and turned into the Hulk, the Soul-Shade took possession of Bereet and caused her to attack the others, but Rick found the gemstone-containing gun, the Bliss-Maker. Ultimately the Hulk fired the gun into Bereet, causing a massive explosion and exorcising the Soul-Shade, which seemed to understand the wrongness of what it had done before dissipating into thick vapors (which cushioned the fall of Bereet, Rick, and the Hulk). The collective souls that had made up the Soul-Shade created a small garden paradise with the last of their energies, finding a new purpose and a resting place on Earth.







(Rampaging Hulk I#8) - Outside Rome, Bereet, Rick, and the Hulk observed a gathering of Krylorians and learned of their plans to launch their attack on Earth from New York. After the other ships departed, the Hulk destroyed the base, and then he, Bereet, and Rick flew the Banshee Mask to New York. Based under the site of the undre-construction 1964 World Fair, the Krylorians sent transformers out to infiltrate society. Plotting to take over Stark Industries, the Krylorian commander sent a transformer to impersonate Iron Man (Tony Stark) to cause a disturbance to draw away the real Iron Man. As the transformer Iron Man attacked the 59th street bridge, he first drew the attention of Ant-Man and the Wasp. Having failed to locate the Fantastic Four, Banner, Rick, and Bereet rushed to see the rampage of "Iron Man," and then Banner turned into the Hulk and attacked him. The battle soon attracted Thor, who arrived about the same time as Ant-Man and Thor, and then the real Iron Man showed up soon after.









(Rampaging Hulk I#9) - Iron Man attacked the imposter, and soon the others were no longer sure which was which. Bereet tried to tell them that one was a Krylorian transformer, part of an invasion force, but when Thor questioned why they should believe her, the Hulk punched Thor, and the two fought. When one of the Krylorians prematurely caused a blackout in the city, the fake Iron Man departed to join his allies, and the others pursued him back to the World Fair construction site. The Hulk arrived first and attacked the fake Iron Man, but the real Iron Man blasted the Hulk to prevent him from incapacitating the imposter before he could be questioned. This led to a battle between the Hulk and the other heroes. The Iron Man imposter fled, and then the Hulk unwittingly punched a hole through the ground and into the Krylorian base. Another Krylorian transformer morphed into the Hulk's form and battled him, but the Hulk punched him back to the surface where the other heroes fought him. They eventually encased the fake Hulk in crystal (formed from, believe it or not, paste-like formic acid secreted by ants under Ant-Man's command, which Iron Man then super-heated to crystalline form) and then entered the Krylorian base. The real Hulk attacked the Krylorians until the other heroes arrived, at which point he started fighting Thor again. The other heroes fought the Krylorians, and Ant-Man invading their computer (one of those giant 1960's sci-fi computers) and deactivated it, foiling their plot. Bereet and Rick unwittingly freed the Hulk imposter, who then blasted them unconscious with ray gun. As Iron Man, Thor, and the Wasp convinced the Hulk to join forces with them to take out the Krylorians to save Earth, the Krylorians fled and destroyed their base in vain hope of destroying the superhumans. The Hulk escaped, grabbed Rick and Bereet, and took off, while the others made their own way out.
    As New York's power was restored, Bereet noted that she was trapped on Earth, and wasn't sure if she should be relieved or if she should cry.

(Incredible Hulk II#269 (fb) - BTS) - For a decade, Bereet continued to observe the Hulk's exploits, weaving them into ever-new fictional adventures. She made the humans in  her movies symbols of everything Krylor was not and never would be: passionate, powerful, volatile, and anarchistic.

(Incredible Hulk II#285) - Bereet released "The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk" at a Manhattan cinema, in "new Dimensiavision." Bereet attended its opening and encountered Rick Jones, who asked her how he could capitalize on the Hulk. She turned her back on him, commenting that he always went back to the Hulk, because without the Hulk he was nothing.



Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Walt Simonson and Alfredo Alcala.

    These stories were originally intended as "Untold Tales" of the Hulk, picking up after Incredible Hulk I#6. Just five years later, Bill Mantlo ret-conned them into being fictional stories from Bereet's movie, "The Life and Times of the Incredible Hulk." While we could infer the involvement of anyone involved in the Hulk's early stories, or the early days of Marvel in general, this profile will only reflect those beings actually seen or referenced in this series.
    With the next issue (#10), the series became "HULK!" and told modern (at the time) Hulk stories in full-color. Though generally forgotten, these stories have not been ret-conned out of continuity. Some of the events from HULK! are occasionally referenced in handbooks, etc.

    The nature of the omniverse is such that every reality exists, fictional or otherwise. Thus every dream, imaginary tale, etc. represents a reality somewhere. Whether Bereet somehow glimpsed this reality or whether she just wrote the story by coincidence is unrevealed.

    Per Steve Gerber, another Krylorian techno-artist, Chirreep, wrote the Howard the Duck magazine stories, though a reality warp apparently caused the reality of those stories to be overlain with Earth-616 reality such that the two are now indistinguishable. Howard's homeworld has thus become "Duckworld," though that's not quite the same world in which he truly originated.
    Here's the script for that unpublished story by Gerber.

    Krylorians are a peaceful race in Reality-616 and the males appear much more in line with Bereet's form, as opposed to the monstrous war-mongers seen in Bereet's movie.

    #4 is out of sequence, either occurring #3 or after #5, b/c #3 continues directly into #5.

    The point of #8-9 was that it was a meeting of the Avengers before they ever formed.

    Bereet's additional techno-art: Cerebral Vortex Monger, Strategic Cortex Eliminator (sends anyone -- except Krylorians and those she designated -- into a sleep and retroactively eliminated any traumatic memories), Cardiac Retarder (homed in on and slowed the heartbeat), Ecstasy Converter , and the Bliss-Maker, which Banner built using the remains of destroyed techno-creations.
    Bereet's movie's Krylorians can assume the form and abilities of other lifeforms, including superhumans.

Profile by Snood.

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Covers of Rampaging Hulk I#1-9

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