glx-race-ohotmui4GLX race

Classification: Humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Glxx, third from the sun in the Zplst system, Milky Way galaxy;
    Zplst is an arid world with little vegetation, composed of only 37% water;
    Zplst's atmosphere is 32% nitrogen, 31% oxygen (which leaves 37% unidentified)
    it's gravity is 182% Earth's;

Population: 3.9 billion

Known Members: Chleee, Chlree;
    unidentified Glx at the auction of Rick Jones' autobiography manuscript;
    unidentified Glx who were members of the Consortium;
    unidentified Glx who were spectators at the Galactic Marathon;

Type of government: Technocratic socialist republics

Affiliations: No specific allies of the Glx race have been revealed;
    see individuals for their affiliations

Enemies: No specific allies of the Glx race have been revealed;
    the Consortium members were specifically enemies of Northstar, but also of Alpha Flight, the Avengers, Her (later Kismet), and the people of Toronto

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk II#182 (December, 1974)

Powers/Abilities: Glx body chemistry is silicon-based, rather than carbon-based, like humanity (see comments).

    They survive by eating metal, which at least some of them can absorb even in the form of bullets fired into the chest; such rapid infusion of metal may prove life-saving to a mortally wounded Glx.

    The Glx are highly advanced in molecular manipulation and bio-engineering.

    They apparently can design and fly intermediate level starships

    Native to an arid environment with a gravity 182% of Earth, and larger than average humans, they likely have some degree of superhuman strength (likely "enhanced human," lifting over 800 lbs., but less than 2 tons).

    Chleee could use his molecular transfuser to rearrange/destroy existing metals (at least) and restructure/transmute/replace them with other structures, such as the Energy Synthecon (see comments) of Hammer and Johnny Anvil.

    Chleee can pilot (although he did crash it under unexplained circumstances) +/- repair (see comments) an unidentified starship.

Traits: The Glx are generally peaceful and philanthropic.

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid bipeds
: Two (on head; pale yellow color seen; no visible irides)
: Four (plus opposing thumb)
: Four
Skin color
: Yellow
Average height: Approximately 8'

(Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition#17: Hammer and Anvil entry
) - Chleee of the extraterrestrial Glx race was in a starship that crash-landed on Earth under unrevealed circumstances (see comments).

(Incredible Hulk II#182) - Mortally wounded, Chleee approached recently escaped prisoners Johnny Anvil and Leroy "Hammer" Jackson, the latter of whom shot him. However, as Glx's race absorbed metal to survive, this intended assault ironically saved Chleee's life (or at least it restored his health sufficiently to put him out of danger of imminent death). In repayment, Chleee used his molecular transfuser to shatter the chain between the criminals and then create a new bond between the two in the form of an energy synthecon before departing.

(Avengers Spotlight I#24/2 (fb) - BTS) - Chlree became Prime Theoretician of SHIELD (Society of Higher Interstellar Education and Logistical Development), obviously dedicated to advanced study and research of the universe (and possibly beyond). He was also in good standing with the Intergalactic Institute of Advanced Learning on the planet Rus.

(Avengers Spotlight I#24/2 (fb) - BTS) - After learning that SHIELD base-level pupil Yoof had expunged the experimental by-product of an independent project that had proved untenable into space, Chlree had it tracked to Earth, and he sent the SHIELD orbiter to Earth to evaluate the effects on the being exposed to it, Firebird (Juanita Suarez).

(Avengers Spotlight I#24/2) - Chlree explained the origin and nature of Firebird's powers to her, eventually allowing her to reconcile this with her divine beliefs.

(Avengers Spotlight I#25/2 (fb) - BTS) - Believing the autobiography of Rick Jones would contain information about how Jones had been able to defeat Kree and Skrull armadas in a previous Kree-Skrul war skirmish (later revealed to have been his accessing the Destiny Force), an intergalactic auction was held to purchase the rights to his manuscript. One of the Glx was among those attending the auction.

(Avengers Spotlight I#25/2 - BTS) - When the relevent chapter of Jones' manuscript was was presented for viewing, the assembled bidders discovered that Jones had ended the Kree-Skrull War through a fluke and that he had no real knowledge as to how he had accomplished it.

(Avengers Spotlight#25/2) -  Like the other aliens present, the Glx realized these memoirs were worthless, and he (?) refused to bid on them.


(Quasar I#58) - At least a pair of Glx were present on the planet below the finishing line of the Galactic Marathon where they observed the Eternal Makkari's arrival following his victory.


(Alpha Flight I#98 (fb) - BTS) - A trio of Glx were foot soldiers/warriors who traveled to Earth in pursuit of Her (later Kismet) to punish her for the slaying of the U'srp'r.

(Alpha Flight I#98) - After the three Glx emerged on the ground in Toronto, Alpha Flight member Northstar engaged them.

     Using his super-speed, Northstar swiftly dropped two of them (although his hands were left bloody from punching the Glx repeatedly), but then the third caught him offguard, punching and breaking his left arm.

     Taking the remaining Glx out with a punch from his right arm, Northstar then took one of the Glx's forearm guards/sleeves and placed it over his arm, apparently stabilizing it somehow (see comments).

     Northstar was then able to rejoin the struggle and fight using his left arm to punch alien invaders.


(Yondu#2) - The extraterrestrial Zhala insulted Yondu-616 as a "Glx-head."

Comments: Created by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe;
    fleshed out by any or all of
Mark Gruenwald, Peter Sanderson, Mark Lerer, David Cody Weiss, Joanne Harris, Bob Simpson, Roger Stern, and/or Michael Carlin.

    There is no discussion of why/how Chleee crash-landed on Earth. In fact, it isn't even covered in the original story...he's just shown as wounded with a ship in the background. Within minutes of being healed, his ship was able to fly away again, so it must have had repair/back-up systems...or something. Maybe he was able to repair it before his wounds started getting the better of him.
    We didn't learn his name or his race in the 15 panels that covered his existence. Those were revealed in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#4: Appendix to Alien Races: Glx entry
    Perhaps it's time for the long-awaited series, "The Secret of Chleee."


    The image of the Glx punching Northstar clearing shows him striking Northstar above the elbow, which would have broken his humerus (which isn't as funny as it sounds).

     When Northstar placed the guard/sleeve, it clearly extends to just below his elbow.

     Maybe it had some energy powers that extended up above his shoulder, stabilizing his humerus.

     Or maybe there's a transparent portion of the guard/sleeve that goes up to the proximal bicep, where his hand is.

     Regardless, to physically stabilize a broken humerus, it would need to go above the shoulder.

Note: This image also shows the Glx's untranslated language.


    So...about those silicon-based lifeforms, courtesy of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe's engineering expert, Mike "Spider-Mike" Fichera

A 1998 article in Scientific American shot holes in the idea of silicon-based life forms, calling the sci-fi trope a bunch of tripe.

Silicon oxides into a solid (silica) rather than a gas (carbon + o2 -> CO2), which makes it difficult for energy balances between it and the environment, biological waste management, etc.

This is a spitball in the wind to reflect an increase in weight if silicon-based...but cannot be considered to have any technical accuracy due to how biologically infeasible such a lifeform would be through the lens of our understanding of how life works on Earth.

I'm going to apply Occam's razor, and keep it simple.

I'm replacing carbon with silicon and seeing how much of a weight difference there would be.

I know - it doesn't work that way. Would it still be H, O, and N as other primary elements bonded to silicon? 

What about the number of electrons in the outer shell? What about the density difference?  I know, I know...and the Hulk gains mass from another dimension. 

I surrender. 

Answer: increase weight by 24.1%

So 520 lbs carbon-based 

645 lbs silicon-based.


The math:

Atomic Wt











Carbon makes up 18% of the human body. 


Nominal Body Weight


Weight of Carbon in Body @18%


Weight of Silicon if replaced Carbon 1:1


New body weight replacing C with Si


% increase

No silicon-based animals were harmed during the making of this estimate.

    Thanks to Donald Campbell for helping remind/inform me of the various appearances of the Glx and to Loki for providing multiple scans when my scanner wasn't working!

    The Deluxe Edition handbook image is noticeably lacking the grid pattern texture atop the head...glx-race-ohotmud15

Profile by Snood.

The Glx should be distinguished from:

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