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Real Name: Thelonius Thussman

Identity/Class: Alternate Reality (Earth-68320) human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: Former unidentified (and possibly unnamed) group of teens

Affiliations: Marsha Budweiser, Elvis Omus;
    at least formerly his 15,000 goldfish (those that he had at age 14 are almost certainly dead, but maybe he continued to collect goldfish thereafter?)

Enemies: The Erac-Ondog

Known Relatives: Wink O'Reiser (father), Mrs. Wink O'Reiser (mother)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unrevealed (presumably still in Reality-68320)
    last heard from in a spaceship in an unidentified region of space;
    at least formerly Earth

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire (1986) 

Powers/Abilities: If Thelonius had any special abilities, they are undefined.

Height: Unrevealed (he described himself as tall, so presumably at least 6' tall, if not much taller )
Weight: Unrevealed (he described himself as thin, so perhaps only 180 lbs., depending on how tall he was)
Eyes: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed

(Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire:
"The Second Book of Genesis: A Novel: BOOK ONE, Chapter One: Thelonius Thussman" (fb)) - Thelonius Thussman was the only child of real estate czar Wink O'Reiser and his wife. In a fit of mad, patriotic fervor (the kind of twisted zeal that swept the planet during the first Earth-Mars war), they named their son Thelonius Thussman in honor or their then State President, the Revered Thussman Bharjwarj, and the Hero of the People, the man who whomped the Martians, Generalisimo (sic) Thelonius Rigornorti.

    Both Thussman Bharjwarj and Thelonius Rigornorti were implicated in an unprintable scandal  that forced them, hastily and in great disgrace, to early retirements, leaving Thelonius Thussman to have been named for two of the most corrupt and reviled villains in recent history.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire: "The Second Book of Genesis: A Novel: BOOK ONE, Chapter One: Thelonius Thussman (fb)) - Wink O'Reiser made his fortune as the sole agent for Hasidic City, which became the largest, most lucrative housing complex on the moon. Mrs. Wink O'Reiser was a college linguistics professor who worked weekends in the Washington D.C. Pleasure Dome, where she was the most popular Madame in the Advanced Oral Sex Sector.

    With his parents often too busy to attend to him, Thelonius' childhood was quite lonely and dull. He had a few friends and desired fewer. He ate nothing but junkfood, and he collected goldfish. By his 14th birthday, Thelonius weighed over 300 lbs., and he was the proud owner of 15,000 goldfish.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire: "The Second Book of Genesis: A Novel: BOOK ONE, Chapter Two: I Was Thrilled (fb)) - At age 15, Thelonius began to grow until what had once been a short, fat, ugly body was now a tall, thin, ugly one. He took up with a band of teens who loved to pretend to be thugs. They mostly stood on street corners and pushed each other around, pawed their pimply, brace-mouthed girlfriends and generally had a fun time.

    Although typically benign, there was one time that they harmed a fly.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire: "The Second Book of Genesis: A Novel: BOOK ONE, Chapter Two: I Was Thrilled (fb)) - At age 18 (the legal age for entry in the Basic Sex Sector of the Pleasure Domes), Thelonius had his first carnal encounter; the recipient of his lust was a short and flat-chested Dome-hostess named Marsha Budweiser. Thelonius considered the brief experience to be interesting but that -- like so much in life -- it failed to live up to the publicity. Regardless, upon completion of the act, he was issued a certificate stating that he was no longer a virgin and could now assume a role as a responsible member of society.

    Thelonius was thrilled.

(Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire: "The Second Book of Genesis: A Novel: BOOK ONE, Chapter One: Thelonius Thussman (fb)) - An unrevealed time period later and under unrevealed circumstances, Thelonius Thussman was trapped in an out-of-control spaceship with a buxom alien woman named Elvis Omus who possessed the Key to the Riddle of the Universe. They were pursued by a fleet of Erac-Ondog starships whose mission it was to ensure that the life functions of Thussman and Omus were aborted.

Comments: Created by J.M. DeMatteis.

    This reality mirrors that of the novel that was at least started by Oscar Greenberg "The Second Book of Genesis: A Novel." Greenberg had been unable to write a good story for some time, and both he and his lover thought this novel was terrible, so I doubt that he finished it. At some point and on some level, it was supposed to be a story about God.

    I for one would love to see the full adventures of Thelonius Thussman...well, the circumstances that led to his being on the spaceship with Elvis Omus and the Key to the Riddle of the Universe.
    I asked the man himself, and J.M. said:

Thanks for getting in touch and reminding me about that goofy bit in the GREENBERG gn.

I think my thought at the time was to evoke a kind of Vonnegut-like space adventure, with a little Woody Allen sprinkled in for good measure…but it’s been a long time, so the memory is hazy and I have no profound insights to share.  That little piece may have even been around pre-GREENBERG.  (It reads like something I might have written in my early 20s.)

One thing I do remember:  Erac-Ondog was the original name for the (apparently) uncaring, god-like aliens in MOONSHADOW (the name eventually became The G’l-Doses).  Read it in reverse and you’ll see “God No Care”!

All the best, 


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Marvel Graphic Novel#20: Greenberg the Vampire (1986) - J.M. DeMatteis.(writer), Mark Badger (artist), Terry Kavanaugh (assistant editor), Ann Nocenti (editor)

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