Classification: Extraterrestrial genetically engineered semi-leonine humanoids (Reality-791)

Location/Base of Operations: Formerly Redstone and a "miserable planetoid two star-leagues away."

Known Members: None identified by name

Affiliations: Quan-Zarr's son

Enemies: Quan-Zarr and his soldiers, Star-Lord (Peter Quill), Sylvana

First Appearance: Marvel Preview#18 (Spring, 1979)












Powers/Abilities: The Beastmen were of human level intelligence and presumably had enhanced human strength, speed, and physical abilities. They had sharp claws and teeth and likely had enhanced night vision and olfactory senses. They were experienced with starships, air skimmers, energy weapons, and swordsmanship, as well as aerial, hand-to-hand, and armed combat.

Traits: The Beastmen were driven relentlessly towards vengeance on Quan-Zarr. They were savage combatants and fought to the death for what they believed in.








(Marvel Preview#18 (fb) - BTS) - The original inhabitants of Redstone were dedicated to peace, and they had no means of defense against assault.

(Marvel Preview#18 (fb)) - Quan-Zarr -- having held the position of power among "the Twelve Worlds" and lost the position under unspecified circumstances -- sought a new base from which to rebuild his power. Finding an easy target in the planet Redstone, Quan-Zarr's forces used their starships to destroy the world's gleaming cities, shatter its people's culture, slaughter their population, and steal the planet for his own. Quan-Zarr allowed a handful of the people of Redstone to survive for his scientists to experiment on. After sufficient genetic manipulation, the subjects were bred like animals, and the results were the Beastmen.

(Marvel Preview#18 (fb) - BTS) - <Some sixty cycles before the main story> Quan-Zarr subsequently claimed to have discovered Redstone as an unoccupied planet, and he set himself up as its founder and ruler, establishing Redstone as a haven for colonizers wishing to enjoy the simple life: the world was kept without mechanical or other power sources, save for the port in each city and in his own fortress. Taxing the new inhabitants who flocked to Redstone, Quan-Zarr became wealthy. The existence of the Beastmen was kept secret.

(Marvel Preview#18 (fb)) - <Some thirty cycles before the main story> The Beastmen -- numbering around 500 -- matured, and they escaped Quan-Zarr's zoo-like captivity aided by Quan-Zarr's son. Some went berserk, killing in the streets, and most were themselves killed. Quan-Zarr's son saved the last 27 survivors, helping them escape Redstone completely to live on a miserable planetoid two star-leagues away.
    Quan-Zarr alleged that the Beastmen were of unknown origin and had attacked without provocation.

(Marvel Preview#18 (fb) - BTS) - Recognizing his father's evil, Quan-Zarr's son sought to assuage his guilt by helping the Beastmen destroy Quan-Zarr. He provided them with six fighter ships and worked on a weapon for them. They made their home on a "miserable planetoid two star-leagues away."

(Marvel Preview#18) - Aboard a starship alongside Quan-Zarr's son, the Beastmen tested their benefactor's weapon, the Power-Rod, using it to destroy the planetoid on which they had dwelled. As they prepared to gather the other fighters and return to Redstone to overthrow Quan-Zarr, they were ambushed by agents by Quan-Zarr who blew up their ship, killing all aboard. One of the Beastmen relayed a transmission to his brethren before dying.
    Quan-Zarr's agents reported their success as they claimed the Power-Rod, and Quan-Zarr stated that while he had lost his son, he now had the means to return to power and conquer all.







(Marvel Preview#18 - BTS) - Quan-Zarr's soldiers delivered to him the Power-Rod.

(Marvel Preview#18) - The Power-Rod's energies were detected by Ship who sent Star-Lord (Peter Quill) to investigate. Upon landing, Star-Lord was forced to surrender his weapon, the Element Gun (which he did, knowing that none but he could activate the gun), after which he checked out a local bar. As Star-Lord learned of Redstone's history (as Quan-Zarr had fabricated it), Quan-Zarr's soldiers detected Ship in orbit, and Quan-Zarr -- wary after the near disaster with the development of the Power-Rod -- ordered the ship to be destroyed by the remote-automatic fighters. A pair of Beastmen assaulted the tavern and slew Quan-Zarr's couriers, hoping to claim the Power-Rod and unaware they were too late. When the native Sylvana drew her sword and approached the Beastmen, Star-Lord took the sword from her and flattened both Beastmen without killing them, then grabbed the courier pouch and took off. Within the pouch, Star-Lord found a tape containing information on the location of the Power-Rod, and he and Sylvana fled as the two Beastmen recovered and chased them in an air-skimmer, using its blaster to fire at them. When the Beastmen wounded Sylvana, Star-Lord surrendered the tape to them, and the Beastmen told Star-Lord & Sylvana of their true origins before vowing to slay Quan-Zarr and his people as they had slain his people.

    The Beastmen contacted their brethren, and they all converged on Quan-Zarr's tower, assaulting it and slaying hundreds before the fortress' defenses fell before them. The remaining Beastmen invaded the fortress, with a sole survivor making it to and slaying Quan-Zarr. Star-Lord had made his way into the fortress as well, and he watched Quan-Zarr's death in silence. Star-Lord futilely tried to convince the Beastman that revenge against Quan-Zarr was sufficient and that further assaults on the people of Redstone were unnecessary. Unwilling to allow the Beastman to destroy the entire city's population, Star-Lord faced the last Beastman in a swordfight and was forced to kill him. Star-Lord shattered the Power-Rod and buried it with the last Beastman.









Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Bill Sienkiewicz, and Bob McLeod.

The Beastmen of Redstone aren't the only leonine aliens in the Marvel Universe, Fee-Lon (Thor I#257-259 (3-5/77)) could be one of them or he could be a member of the Lion-People of Ligra (Marvel Mystery Comics#9 (7/40) Electro story)--all 3 have no tails.

Profile by Snood.

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Marvel Preview#18, p1 (splash page, with Beastman in uniform; Quan-Zarr in background)
        p18, panel 1-2 (infant Beastman, face close-up)
        p25, panel 2 (full body)

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