Classification: Extraterrestrial semi-humanoid race

Location/Base of Operations: The planet Klulez

Known Members: At least five adults and three children were seen, but none were identified by name

Affiliations: Aided by the Fantastic Four, the workers of Home Depot, Franklin Richards, and Spider-Man (Peter Parker);
    they were previously served by robots

First Appearance: The Home Depot Safety Heroes (October, 2005)






Powers/Abilities: The Klulez have four arms, but no other obvious superhuman powers. They wore nearly full body suits complete with atmospheric helmets on Earth.

Traits: The Klulez had the technology for interstellar flight, teleportation, intergalactic translators, and the design of advanced robots, but after allowing the robots to do their work for them for extended periods of time, they no longer remembered how to rebuild or repair them. They also carried weapon staffs of some sort, though these were not seen in use.





(The Home Depot Safety Heroes (fb) - BTS) - Long ago, the Klulez developed robots to do their building and fixing.

(The Home Depot Safety Heroes (fb) - BTS) - When the robots began to break down, the Klulez apparently no longer recalled how to repair or rebuild them. As they started doing the work the robots used to do, many of them were injured via mistakes and accidents due to lack of safety knowledge and skills. They traveled far to find others who could safely do their work for them. Scanning Earth and determining that they learned that its people were very knowledgeable about safety. They began teleporting people aboard their transport carrier from a small American suburb (named either Shady Oaks or Stoney Brook). Among those who vanished was Mrs. Farrell, right in the middle of a piano lesson with Franklin Richards.
    Also among those teleported aboard the ship was Spider-Man, who cutting through that neighborhood

(The Home Depot Safety Heroes) - Franklin reported the sudden disappearance of Mrs. Farrell to the Fantastic Four, who swiftly investigated and stopped a number of youths who endangered by reckless behavior without their parents' supervision.
    As the Klulez complained about the humans' translated chatter giving them a headache, Spider-Man emerged from amidst the crowd of captured people and webbed up the Klulez. The ship took a sudden dive, which Spider-Man slowed with a web parachute, and then Mr. Fantastic caught the ship, preventing it from crashing. The humans emerged unscathed and were reunited with their children, while one of the Klulez explained why they had taken the people. Franklin suggested that the Klulez just have someone teach them about safety, and Reed then got the experts at Home Depot to help train them. After thorough lessons in safety, the Klulez realized they could take care of things on their own from here.

Comments: Created by Bill Rosemann, Patrick Olliffe, Rodney Ramos, and Nelson DeCastro.

    Presumably Klulez is a play on "clueless."

    Spider-Man's cutting through the involved neighborhood could mean that it was in Queens, but Spider-Man could have just coincidentally happened to be in other borough, or another city in the US at the time. One would also assume that Franklin's piano lessons wouldn't have been too far from home, but since the FF can travel so quickly, it could be somewhere outside of New York City.

    The Klulez reference to their intergalactic translator might imply they come from outside the Milky Way galaxy, but it's certainly possible that the the device is programmed to work throughout several galaxies, though Klulez was actually in the same galaxy as Earth.

Profile by Snood.

the Klulez have no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
The Home Depot Safety Heroes, p5, panel 1 (ship)
    p11, panel 4 (Klulez)

Other Appearances:
The Home Depot Safety Heroes (October, 2005) - Bill Rosemann (writer), Patrick Olliffe (penciler), Rodney Ramos and Nelson DeCastro (inkers), John Barber (assistant editors), and Ralph Macchio (editor)

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