Real Name: Prince Zalaski

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional being

Occupation: Former ruler of his own dimension

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None;
formerly Thor

Enemies: Excalibur, Juggernaut, Eric Masterson, Thor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified alien dimension

First Appearance: Thor I#429 (February, 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Zalaski wielded advanced laser rifles, and led an army of loyal followers.

History: (Thor I#428 - BTS) - Zalaski was a ruthless dictator until he lost his status as ruler of his own dimension when the Juggernaut was transported to his world by Thor, and conquered his people.

(Thor I#429) - When Thor and Excalibur came to his world to find the Juggernaut, they were captured by the Juggernaut's followers, but Zalaski helped them escape from the Juggernaut in the hope that they might overthrow him so that he could reclaim his throne. Thor agreed to overthrow the Juggernaut for Zalaski, and also vowed to not overthrow Zalaski when he retook the throne.

After Thor defeated the Juggernaut, his mortal identity, Eric Masterson, spoke passionately to the people of Zalaski's world to not accept him as their ruler, but to establish a democratic society for themselves. Excalibur then appeared with Zalaski and his men bound in chains. Zalaski claimed that democracy would never work, and that his people needed an iron hand to rule them, but Thor and Excalibur decided to let them discover for themselves what they could or could not do.

Comments: Created by Ron Frenz, Tom DeFalco and Joe Sinnott.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Thor I#429, page 3, panel 5

Thor I#429 (February, 1991) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Frenz (plot/pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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