distant - planet & spaceCALISHEE

Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: "An island surrounded by a sea of acid, distant world in a far off galaxy"

Known Members: None identified;

Affiliations: None noted, beyond an unidentified Watcher who passively watched their progression

Enemies: None noted

First Appearance: Thor I#417 (March, 1990)development & destruction

Powers/Abilities: The Calishee are sentient microscopic beings who were born, grew to maturity, and died within a single thousandth of a second.

    While their specific forms and abilities were unrevealed, they possessed the means (physical, psychic, or otherwise) to build cities and design nuclear-type weaponry.

    Due to their extremely rapid progression, their level of technology and abilities at any given moment is subject to almost immediate change.

    They apparently had some means of overcoming the extensive forces that act on smaller beings, including surface tension, adhesion, etc.

Traits: Like many societies, the Calishee progressed in culture and technology until they reached a population and level of weaponry that allowed them to destroy themselves. 

Type: Microscopic beings; body-type unidentified (but sufficiently developed to build cities and design nuclear-type weaponry)
: Unrevealed
Toes: Unrevealed
Skin color
Average height: Unrevealed, but microscopic

Thor I#417) - Isolated from outside influence, the Calishee served as a controlled study in evolution, which an unidentified Watcher chose to observe. 

(Thor I#417) - Generations of Calishee evolved in the blink of an eye.

(Thor I#417) - Within instants, the Calishee discovered the crude fundamentals of cultivation, and the first rough tools were crafted. 

(Thor I#417) - Technology advanced rapidly with each second.

(Thor I#417) - Cities were raised, and culture flourished.

(Thor I#417) - Before long, before the Calishee could achieve their true potential, they succumbed to internal pressures and petty jealousies.

(Thor I#417) - Hostilities increased geometrically until they were largely consumed in an explosion, presumably from weapon(s) of their own making. The devastation was nearly total.

(Thor I#417) - The Watcher turned his attention to other phenomena before he could see whether the Calishee would rise anew.

Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Joe Sinnott.

    Obviously, this was a sort of message/warning of what might happen on Earth if we're not careful.

    Loki suggested the name Uhr for the Watcher from this issue.

Profile by Snood.

The Calishee have no known connections to

images: (without ads)
Thor I#417, pg. 1, panels 1-2 (panels showing more of the planet and surrounding sky);
        pg. 2, panels 1-5 (panels focusing on the Calishee's island)

Thor I#417 (March, 1990) - Tom DeFalco (writer, co-plotter), Ron Frenz (penciler, co-plotter), Joe Sinnott (inker), Ralph Macchio (editor)


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