Classification: Planet, Earth-5555 reality @ 8162 A.D.

Natives: Humanoid bears, Munchkyns

First Appearance: Dragon's Claws#6 back cover (December, 1988)

Nature: Goldilux is populated by beings common to fairy tales, etc. One might expect dragons, ogres, goblins, elves, etc., but this is unconfirmed

History: Almost nothing is known about Goldilux

(Dragon's Claws#6 (fb) - BTS) - Death's Head was hired by a bear-people family (momma bear, poppa bear, and toddler bear) to drive off invading Munchkyns.

(Dragon's Claws#6) - Death's Head fulfilled his mission and was offered payment via Candycard.

Comments: Presumably created by Simon Furman and Brian Hitch.

Profile by Snood.

The residents of Goldilux have no known connections to any other beings, magical or otherwise.

Dragon's Claws#6 back cover, panel 5


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