Type: Mystic Realm

Environment: Earthlike

Usual means of access: Magic

Dominant Life Form: Maftra, Zokk, their caretakers

First Appearance: (mentioned) Adventures into Fear#15,
(seen) Man-Thing I#1 (January, 1974)

History: Unrevealed. Therea is a land of peace and tranquility, a virtual paradise which serves as the counterpart to the darker, netherworldly Sominus, home of the demon Thog. It is ruled by twin gods, who take the form of man's best friend, the dog. Therea, and the God-Dogs (or is that Dog-Gods) Zokk and Maftra are worshipped by Korrek and the people of Katharta. They are also revered, and possibly even invoked for power by Dakimh the Enchanter.
Thog led the Congress of Realities in an effort to overthrow Therea, and succeeded in accessing the realm and storming the palace. Thog was destroyed by the Man-Thing and the Congress subsequently fled, but Dakimh then revealed that Therea was never truly in danger. Dakimh explains:




Comments: Created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik.

This dimension's got Gerber written all over it! (not literally, ya melanoma-heads!)





Clarifications: None


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Any Additions/Corrections? please let me know.

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