Type: Dimensional realm

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Interdimensional portal technology

Dominant Life Form: Animals, humans

Significant Inhabitants: Dr. Michael Carling, Rose Carling, Jhet (deceased), Kimora, Kimora's armies, Kimora's Elite Guard, monks, Oracle, Shadow Dancer, Shadow Walker

First Appearance: Logan: Path of the Warlord (February, 1996)

History: (Logan: Path of the Warlord (fb) - BTS) - The superhumanly strong warlord Kimora ruled the otherdimensional realm of Kageumbra unopposed for several years. After designing machinery capable of traversing other dimensions in the 1940s, Earth scientist Dr. Michael Carling completed his first passage into Kageumbra, where he spent years and met a woman, Jhet, who ultimately bore him a daughter, which Carling and his wife named Rose. During his time in Kageumbra, Carling continued his experiments into interdimensional travel but eventually, Kimora took notice of Carling's work and began craving Carling's technology for his own in an effort to expand his rule into other dimensions. After resisting Kimora, Carling found his wife killed by Kimora and fled back to Earth with his daughter Rose. Just before Carling's portal to Earth closed, Kimora also slipped through but found himself stunned by his first interdimensional travel, a distraction which allowed the Carlings to escape. While Kimora remained trapped on Earth, his rule of Kageumbra held steady in his absence.

(Logan: Path of the Warlord) - Years after Kimora had caught up to Dr. Carling and was apparently decapitated by Carling during the mid-1950s, Landau, Luckman and Lake learned that Kimora still lived and had been utilizing a small rift between Earth and Kageumbra to travel between the two realms. Landau, Luckman and Lake then recruited the then-retired Logan to aid against Kimora. Reluctantly agreeing as his ally Chang informed him of the situation, Logan traveled to Kageumbra alongside Chang using LL&L's technology as Kimora met with his oracle to hear the oracle's visions of the future. The oracle announced the impending arrival of two off-worlders, one who would see Kimora dead. Deducing that man to be his old enemy Logan, Kimora proclaimed that Logan would fail to kill him and that it was his destiny to rule over Kageumbra and many other worlds. Shortly after Chang and Logan arrived in Kageumbra, Kimora sent his agents Shadow Dancer and Shadow Walker after the pair. Chang immediately fled and Logan was quickly overwhelmed by the superpowered Shadow Dancer and Shadow Walker. Rescued by the now-grown Rose Carling, Logan aided Rose in fighting back against Shadow Dancer and Shadow Walker, who faded into the shadows upon their defeat. Rose then revealed her metamorphic abilities before Logan passed out. When he awoke, he found himself still in the company of Rose and a returned Chang, who informed Logan that he had been out for almost a day. Rose then remarked that Logan shouldn't be alive at all, as she had seen bigger men fall dead after merely touching one of Shadow Dancer's poisoned blades. Announcing himself a quick healer, Logan questioned Rose's metamorphic abilities and demanded to know who she was, to which Rose finally explained her identity as Michael Carling's daughter and announced that Kimora would fall by her hand. Kimora himself saw to the torture of Dr. Carling, commenting that Oracle had taken the interdimensional travel research from Carling's mind but Kimora wanted to break Carling's strong will. After Kimora agreed to end Carling's pain and spare Rose if Carling agreed to supervise the opening of an interdimensional portal, Kimora's torture was interrupted when Shadow Walker appeared with the corpse of Shadow Dancer and requested permission to kill Logan for what he had done to Shadow Dancer. Kimora denied the plea just as Oracle arrived to inform Kimora that Logan and his allies had entered Kimora's citadel walls. Kimora then ordered Shadow Walker to acquire Rose Carling and do what he wanted with Logan and Chang, as he had no time to indulge his personal pleasures. Oracle announced that Shadow Walker would fail to kill Logan, ultimately leading to a battle between Kimora and Logan. When Kimora asked who the victor would be, Oracle admitted he could not tell. Kimora then returned to torturing Dr. Carling as Logan, Chang and Rose found the interdimensional rift in Kimora's citadel. Deducing that Kimora must have a mind-reader to create such machinery, as Dr. Carling would never have given up his knowledge willingly, the trio were noticed by a monk, who announced their status as off-worlders and that Kimora's portal was evil. Despite knowing the monk to be speaking the truth, Chang denied the accusations in order to remain inconspicuous among Kimora's armies and Logan accused the monk of blasphemy, knocking the monk out with a strike to the face. Logan then offered for anyone who believed the monk's words to step forward and be struck down in the name of Kimora. The trio then headed for the gates of Kimora's tower, with Chang taking down several guards to get through the gates. Immediately attacked by Kimora's Elite Guard, Logan battled the guards as Chang and Rose closed the gates behind them. The cowardly Chang remained out of the fight while Rose took on a guard able to project quills and Logan took down the larger guard. Shadow Walker then made his presence known by sneaking up and grabbing Rose from behind. As Shadow Walker merged back into the shadows, Chang kept the shadows open, allowing Logan and himself to follow into Kimora's tower. Kimora retreated, claiming that he had greater interests to attend to and ordered Shadow Walker to kill Rose if Logan tried to follow. Chang telepathically battled Oracle as Logan went into a berserker rage, savagely beating Shadow Walker then battling Kimora's armies. Fighting his way to Kimora, Logan was told he was too late, as the interdimensional rift between Kageumbra and Earth was opening. With the portal open, Kimora killed Dr. Carling, who asked that the portal be shut down with his dying breath. Rose asked that Logan not kill Kimora and not follow Kimora's own path so Logan instead kicked Kimora into the portal then hurled his wooden sword into the machinery, destroying the portal and trapping Kimora between Kageumbra and Earth. The trio then returned to Earth themselves, where Rose Carling decided to stay on with Landau, Luckman and Lake and offered Logan a place there. Logan admitted he would consider the offer, as it was time he start changing the way he looked at the world.

Comments: Created by Howard Mackie, John Paul Leon and Shawn Martinbrough.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Kageumbra has no known connections to:

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Logan: Path of the Warlord, p20, pan3 (Kageumbra, main image)
Logan: Path of the Warlord, p32-33, pan2 (Kageumbra-entrance to Kimora's tower & the interdimensional portal)

Logan: Path of the Warlord (February, 1996) - Howard Mackie (writer), John Paul Leon (pencils), Shawn Martinbrough (inks), Mark Powers (editor)

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