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Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate/mutant ("centuries ago" to modern era)
   citizen of Japan

Occupation: Assassin

Group Membership: The Hand

Affiliations: The Hand

Enemies: Black Axe, Counterforce, Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida), Kaori Tamayoshi

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None (see comments)

Base of Operations: Mobile in Japan

First Appearance: Black Axe#2 (May, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Long-lived, Kage is superhumanly strong, potentially being able to lift up to 1 ton as he easily pulped and decapitated a man with one blow. He has enhanced endurance and durability. He is a master of martial arts and ninja skills with enhanced reflexes, but operates mostly without weapons. Despite his height, Kage is stealthy and silent. He can also alter the molecules of his body at will to allow objects to pass through his body or to become rock hard to shatter katana steel.

Height: 7'6" (by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: White
Hair: Unrevealed (possibly none)


(Black Axe#2 (fb) - BTS) - The superhuman warrior Kage was active several centuries ago in Japan with a well-deserved reputation. He slumbered (or died) and was awakened (or resurrected) by the Hand to serve as an assassin.

(Black Axe#2) - A jonin (high captain) of the Hand put Kage through a test against six Hand ninjas;  Kage easily overcame each foe with just one killing stroke. The jonin then tasked Kage with retrieving the legendary magical sword Kusanagi-No-Tsurguri (also known as Grasscutter). The jonin provided backup with warriors in Mandroid armor. At the Meji Shrine, the Hand forces confronted Kaori Tamayoshi, who safeguarded the sword and refused the Hand's offers and later threats. However, Tamayoshi was herself protected by the millennia-old warrior Black Axe, coincidentally in Japan to refocus himself and his skills. While Kage and the jonin held the girl, Black Axe eliminated the Hand warriors. Kage then tackled Black Axe to a standstill until the Hand Mandroids distracted them. Kage disappeared as the chaotic melee expanded with the arrival of Sunfire (Shiro Yoshida) and Japan's Counterforce strike team. The Hand warriors chose suicide over capture, vanishing into ashen smoke. Kage's fate is unrevealed.

Comments: Created by Simon Jowett, Edmund Perryman, Rod Ramos.

As Black Axe stated in-story, kage translates to "shadow" in Japanese; that's 2 syllables ("kah-geh") with emphasis on the second syllable.

This profile was completed 07/07/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Kage (Shadow) has no known connections to:

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Black Axe#2, p1, pan2 (main image)
   p7, pan5 (headshot)
   p11, pan4 (phasing)

Black Axe#2 (May, 1993) - Simon Jowett (writer), Edmund Perryman (pencils), Rod Ramos (inks), Michael W. Bennent (editor)

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