Type: Alien dimension

Usual means of access: Teleportation by dragon riders

Dominant Life Form: Dragon Riders, Hudaks
    Various dragons; at one point, Dragon Man dwelt within Rammatpolen.

Significant Inhabitants: Dragon LordLalique, Skagerackrakor and Zworill.

Features: The Dragon Pens, where young dragons are raised; an arena where Dragon Riders meet in combat

First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual#16 (1981)

History: (Fantastic Four Annual#16 (fb))- Rammatpolen is the home dimension of the Dragon Riders, where the only law is that one being may not violate the rights of another. At Rammatpolen, Dragon Riders are trained by the Hudaks to one day symbiotically bond with their dragons, and take to the skies to dispense justice.

Ral Dorn, only the second human to become a Dragon Rider, discovered that all the dragons in the Dragon Pens awaiting riders had been poisoned, and was was forced to flee Rammatpolen when he was accused of the crime, with the Dragon Riders hot on his trail.

(Fantastic Four Annual#16)- With the assistance of the Fantastic Four, Dorn returned to Rammatpolen, now astride the android Dragon Man, his new steed. Dorn faced Skagerackrakor, the Draon Lord, in combat, and in the course of this, learnt that he had poisoned the dragons. Although defeated, Skagerackrakor had sent all of the dragons of Rammatpolen to earth to destroy it, but the Dragon Riders and Fantastic Four were able to bring the dragons home before they could inflict damage. Ral Dorn was then made the new Dragon Lord in place of Skagerackrakor.

Comments: Created by Ed Hannigan and Steve Ditko.

by Prime Eternal

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