Classification: Non-humanoid extra-dimensional beings

Location/Base of Operations: Rammatpolen

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Dragon Lord, Fantastic Four, Lalique

Enemies: Skagerackrakor

First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual#16 (1981)

Powers/Abilities: Hudaks possess several limbs. Although they do not appear to possess mouths, they are able to communicate, possibly through telepathy.

History: (Fantastic Four Annual#16 (fb))- The Hudaks train the Dragon Riders of the dimension Rammatpolen, preparing them to one day symbiotically bond to their dragons. The Hudaks approved both the human Ral Dorn and his friend Lalique for the title of Dragon Riders, but declared that they could not have dragons. This turned out to be because all of the dragons in the Dragon Pens had been poisoned, and Dorn was soon accused of the crime.

(Fantastic Four Annual#16)- When Dorn returned to Rammatpolen astride the android Dragon Man, the Hudaks allowed him a chance to face Skagerackrakor, the Dragon Lord, in the arena for combat. In the course of battle, Dorn proved himself innocent, and that Skagerackrakor was the true poisoner of the dragons. Dorn subsequently became the new Dragon Lord.

Comments: Created by Ed Hannigan and Steve Ditko.

by Prime Eternal

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