Real Name: Lalique

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional being (Rammatpolen)

Occupation: Dragon rider

Affiliations: Dragon Lord, Fantastic Four

Enemies: Skagerackrakor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Rammatpolen

First Appearance: Fantastic Four Annual#16 (1981)

Powers/Abilities: Lalique possesses wings which enable her to fly. She also possesses healing abilities allowing her to repair most wounds within minutes.

History: (Fantastic Four Annual#16 (fb))- Lalique was the best friend of Ral Dorn, and trained beside him in Rammatpolen to become a Dragon Rider. Although she and Dorn were passed by the Hudaks, they were informed that they would not be given dragons. Dorn discovered that this was because the dragons were poisoned, and he was accused of the crime. Lalique helped him escape the Dragon Riders, and the two of them fled to earth so that Dorn could seek a dragon of his own. After Dorn was injured in the course of his misssion, Lalique healed him, but she then left his side, having begun to doubt his innocence.

(Fantastic Four Annual#16)- As Dorn attempted to receive the aid of the Fantastic Four, he accidentally caused the Human Torch to fall from the sky after absorbing his flame. However, Lalique caught the Torch and brought him to safety. As Dorn managed to evade the Dragon Riders once more, Lalique journeyed by their side to apprehend Dorn. Dorn's trail led to a mineshaft in Pennsylvania, where he had gone to find the Dragon Man. As Lalique and the other Dragon Riders fought the Fantastic Four, Dorn teleported away with the Dragon Man and Invisible Girl.

The Dragon Riders and Fantastic Four made a temporary truce, and Mr. Fantastic tested the Riders at the Baxter Building to determine if they were telling the truth-- which they were. The Dragon Riders then brought them to Rammatpolen, where they were soon reunited with Dorn, the Invisible Girl, and the Dragon Man. Dorn was granted trial by combat against the Dragon Lord Skagerackrakor, who first insisted Lalique heal his injuries, which she did.

As Dorn fought Skagerackrakor, Lalique became increasingly jealous of the Invisible Girl, who Dorn seemed to be attracted to. Ultimately, Dorn was proven innocent of having poisoned the dragons, and he became the new Dragon Lord of Rammatpolen.

Comments: Created by Ed Hannigan and Steve Ditko.

by Prime Eternal

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