Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Presumably extradimensional (K'un-Lun) creature (origins and nature unrevealed; see comments)

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Possibly the One (K'un-Lun robot), Steel Serpent (Davos), and the Terror Priests;
    OR possibly the Crane Mother of K'un-Zi and her daughters

Enemies: Pei, Shou-Lao, Brenda Swanson

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Spider-witch" (as she was called by Pei)

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    presumably originated in K'un-Lun

First AppearanceIron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (August, 2014)

spider-creature-kun-lun-ilf5-eyes.jpgPowers/Abilities: The spider-creature was a female semi-humanoid-arthropod being. She possessed four arms (a pair on each side, one immediately superior (above; or cranial (towards the front/head), if she's walking like an octoped) to the other; with four-fingers and a thumb on each hand) and four legs (a pair on each side, one immediately superior/cranial and somewhat laterally positioned to the other) with five toes on each foot. All of her digits eneded in sharp talons.

    She had fused hemimandibles (like human, rather than spider), with all of her teeth being sharp (fanged), which fit with her claims of being man-eating; she also possessed a tongue.

    She had a pair of breasts positioned and shaped just a human woman, and she wore some shredded clothing over a pair of red women's underwear.

    The ease with which she was dismembered makes her seem like she may have had an exoskeleton and lacked an endoskeleton (bones).

    She tried to frighten her prey with threats of devouring them, but she was poorly prepared to face someone who knew how to fight back. If she possessed superhuman strength or speed, or other abilities, she didn't demonstrate them. 

    She carried a sword and may or may not have had some skill in using in it.

    I'm not sure what she did to shatter the wall to the stairway, but it seemed to be explosive force (perhaps that was the energies of her transformation? see comments)

Height: Unrevealed (she looked taller than Brenda Swanson, so maybe 5'10 - 6')
Weight: Unrevealed (she was lean, but with extra limbs; plus, we're not sure of her composition/density; perhaps 150 lbs.
Eyes: (Three pairs) solid red (no visible sclera or pupil;
I think the yellow was just reflection, but it could have been a pattern on her)
: Black

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (fb) - BTS) - Her nature unrevealed (see comments), the spider-creature was sent presumably by the One (or possibly by Davos or the Crane Mother) to recover Pei -- a young K'un-Lun girl who had fled to Earth with the egg of Shou-Lao the Undying -- at the Marion M. Graham Hospital.

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3) - As Pei headed down a flight of stairs, followed by Brenda Swanson, a recent romantic interest of Daniel Rand, the spider-creature shattered the wall around a door behind them. The creature taunted, "Pei...is that you I smell? Or is it the <urine> of a barn animal, cowering before bloodletting?" 

spider-creature-kun-lun-ilf5-vs-brenda.jpg    When Brenda noted that this lady did not seem friendly, Pei corrected Brenda that that was no lady. 

(Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5) - The spider-creature closed on Pei and Brenda, noting how it would enjoy the taste of the sweet rot of terror on its lips.

    As Pei confronted it, the creature told her that if she gave it what it wanted, she would eat Pei's vitals first; otherwise, it would start with Pei's toes.

    Pei stood her ground and struck a defensive pose, but when the spider-creature leapt for her, Brenda tackled Pei, knocking her out of harm's way.

    Brenda then tackled the creature, grabbing one its arms, bracing against it, and apparently ripping the arm off. The creature screeched in pain, and Brenda apparently ripped off another arm (or perhaps she completely tore off the first one), leaving the creature lying on the ground.

    As she swung back the arm, Brenda told the creature, "Li'l Miss Muffet has a message for you, lady. Don't threaten little girls!", and then Brenda swung the arm forward and smashed the creature, leaving it incapacitated. spider-creature-kun-lun-ilf5-fallen.jpg

Comments: Created by Kaare Kyle Andrews.

    So, after Pei fled when Davos and his Terror Priests arrived and fought the similarly arriving daughters of the Crane Mother, the spider-creature located and confronted Pei and Brenda Swanson. I initially assumed that the creature was some native of K'un-Lun. However, looking at its shredded clothing (including a pair of woman's underwear) and the ease with which she was defeated, I wonder if she was a human woman mystically transformed. When she's lying on her back defeated, her outfit looks something like a movie "naughty-nurse" sort of outfit. Which makes ripping her arm(s) off seem more cruel, especially if she might have reverted back to normal afterward. Then again, if you're attacked by some monster threatening to eat you, I think fighting back with lethal force is fair.
    Now that I think about it, the spider-creature's clothing was pretty much what the Crane Mother's daughters were wearing; theirs had nurses caps and red on their sleeves (which were ripped off the spider-creature), and red bras and panties. The Crane Mother's daughters also wore white stockings and red shoes, but those could have been destroyed in the transformation.

    Of course, underwear could have been placed by the artist just to keep things within the code, but why not just have her clothes less shredded and cover that area.

    Most spiders have eight eyes, but there are species with four or six eyes.

    Maybe Omm has some distant connection to K'un-Lun...or not...anyway, I have a collection of characters with spider-powers in that profile, so maybe of interest regardless.

Profile by Snood.

The "spider-witch"
should be distinguished from:

images: (without ads)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3, story pg. 19, panel 4 (in shadow, crawling through hole);
    #5, pg. 3, panel 1 (from behind);
            panel 3 (eyes);
        pg. 4, panel 3-4 (fighting Brenda Swanson);
            panel 7 (face-showing teeth);
        pg. 5, panel 1 (defeated, lying on back)

Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#3 (August, 2014) - Kaare Kyle Andrews (writer and artist), Jake Thomas (editor)
Iron Fist: The Living Weapon#5 (October, 2014) - Kaare Kyle Andrews (writer and artist), Jake Thomas (editor)

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