Real Name: Mordoo (either first or last name)

Identity/Class:  human magic-user;
    Bavarian citizen
(Pre-Modern era) (see comments)

Occupation: Sorcerer

Affiliations: Katrina Steuben;
    formerly Franz Kopnik

Enemies: Franz Kopnik

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cabin in the Bavarian Alps;
Pre-Modern era

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#75/3 (December, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Mordoo had training in the mystic arts, and his powers included speaking to spirits and reversing the aging process. His spells were cursed; anyone who requested the performance of a spell would have that spell backfire on them.

History: (Journey into Mystery I#75/3) - Mordoo was a gypsy with a reputation for being able to perform any magical feat requested of him. He also had the stigma of bringing hardship to those who made these requests. Franz Kopnik visited Mordoo and asked him to make his lover Katrina Steuben a young woman again. Mordoo was reluctant, but after Kopnik taunted him he agreed. Mordoo successfully turned the middle aged Steuben into a teenager, but she suddenly changed her mind about marrying Kopnik. She started coming on to Mordoo, and he eagerly accepted her advances.

Comments: Created by unnamed writer and Paul Reinman.

As with many 1950's and 1960's Marvel monster stories, this story is not confirmed as part of Earth-616 continuity, but there's nothing to exclude it either.
    --Leave it in unless something rules it out!--Snood.

This story was reprinted in Where Monsters Dwell#9.


No known connection to:

Franz Kopnik

Kopnik was a 50 year old bachelor spending time at a vacation resort in the Bavarian Alps. He met a woman named Katrina Steuben and soon considered marrying her. His only reservation was a desire for a much younger mate. He asked the sorcerer Mordoo to give Steuben back her youth. Steuben was turned into a teenager, but she no longer wanted anything to do with Kopnik. Kopnik could do nothing as she fell into Mordoo's arms.

--Journey into Mystery I#75/3





Katrina Steuben

Middle-aged widow vacationing in the Bavarian Alps. She fell in love with Franz Kopnik, and reluctantly agreed to be restored to youth by Mordoo. Mordoo turned her into a teenager, and she immediately fell for the gypsy. Steuben abandoned Kopnik and embraced Mordoo.

--Journey into Mystery I#75/3





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Journey into Mystery I#75 - December, 1961