main imageReal Name: Unrevealed 

Identity/Class: Human possessed by a Spirit of Vengeance (1970s)

Occupation: Unrevealed 

Group Membership: Spirits of Vengeance / Ghost Riders

Affiliations: Devil Rig; formerly Zadkiel

Enemies: Unidentified Redneck Smokie vampires, demons, Kid Blackheart, Zadkiel

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile across the southern United States of America 

First Appearance: Ghost Rider VI#33 (May, 2009)

Powers/Abilities: Hell-Driver drove a demonically-enhanced Corvette Stingray with hellfire tires, capable of great speed and smashing through demons or roadblocks with casual ease; it was decorated with flame decals down the front and sides. Like most of the Ghost Riders, Hell-Driver presumably possessed superhuman strength and durability, and may have possessed supernaturally enhanced hand to hand weapons. He was well versed in the language of CB radio users. 

History: (Ghost Rider VI#33 (fb) - BTS) - In the 1970s Devil Rig and his oft-time partner Hell-Driver patrolled the highways of America delivering vengeance upon those who preyed upon the innocent.

(Ghost Rider VI#33 (fb)) - After a Redneck vampire sheriff and his deputy kidnapped two innocent teens to feed off of, Devil Rig and Hell-Driver pursued them down a backwoods country road in Alabama. As the pursuit crossed into Chickasaw County, Devil Rig, presumably warned by other CB users, got on the radio to Hell-Driver to inform him that they had a vampire roadblock up ahead on Highway 9 and that a bridge was out over Chattahoochee Creek, and queried whether they should ease back on their accelerators. However Hell-Driver rejected this proposal, telling his friend that they were going to ride the Smokie straight to Hell.

(Ghost Rider: Heaven's on Fire#6) - Like all past Ghost Riders, Devil Rig and Hell-Driver were revived to take part in defending Heaven from the rogue angel Zadkiel. After defeating Zadkiel, the intimidating assemblage of Ghost Riders were among the first sights that greeted Kid Blackheart and his demon army as they stormed Heaven, hoping to take advantage of the damage Zadkiel had done to the angelic defenders. Though Kid Blackheart balked at the sight, his demons raced into combat against the Spirits of Vengeance. During the ensuing battle the two driving budies used their vehicles to plough through the demon ranks.

Comments: Created by Jason Aaron and Tony Moore.

Like all the other Ghost Riders depicted in the flashbacks in Ghost Rider VI#33, there is limited information given about this character. The script confirms he and Devil Rig are from the 1970s, and that they are a homage to Smokey and the Bandit characters Snowman (Devil Rig) and Bandit (Hell-Driver).

Profile by Loki.

Hell-Driver is definitely connected to, but should not be confused with

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images: (without ads)
Ghost Rider VI#33, p14, pan4 (main image)
Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire#6, p14, pan1 (in his Corvette, running over demons)
Ghost Rider VI#33, p14, pan2 (Corvette exterior, hauling down the road alongside Devil Rig)

Other Appearances:
Ghost Rider: Heaven's On Fire#6 (February, 2010) - Jason Aaron (writer), Roland Boschi (art), Sebastian Girner (editor)

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