Real Name: Ulysses Dragonblood

Identity/Class: Sub-Species of humanity (Deviant) (Pre-Modern era to present)

Occupation: Warrior, fugitive from the Damocles Foundation

Group Membership: Formerly Damocles Foundation

Affiliations: Arcadia Deville, Risque, Sledge, X-Force (Jesse Bedlam, Cannonball, Domino, Meltdown, Moonstar, Siryn, Sunspot, Warpath)

Enemies: Black Queen (Selene), Damocles Foundation, Gatherers, Queen of Star Swords

Known Relatives: Odysseus Indigo (older brother)

Aliases: Fenwick

Base of Operations: Mobile, including Sledge's junkyard, Detroit, Michigan
Formerly based from the international facilities of the Damocles Foundation

First Appearance: X-Force I#83 (November, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Ulysses Dragonblood is a Deviant with superhuman strength, endurance, and regenerative powers. He can also sedate people by touching them. He is immune to the power-nullifying abilities of his brother, Odysseus.

History: (X-Force I#97 (fb)) - After humanity learned to split the atom, members of the Eternals and Deviants believed that the balance of power on Earth which had kept them in check had been upset, and they split away from their respective peoples. Forming the Damocles Foundation with various human scientists, they determined that they would create and/or control the new species which would dominate the Earth, which would almost certainly be mutantkind. Dragonblood was one of the founding members of the Foundation, along with his brother Odysseus.

(X-Force I#84 (fb) - BTS) - Two years ago, Ulysses took the young Arcadia Deville away from the Damocles Foundation and became her protector, realizing that no one should be allowed to exploit her reality-warping powers.

(X-Force I#83) - Ulysses and Arcadia wound up in Kentucky, where they tried to hide in a coal mine from their pursuers. When they ran into Cannonball, they mistook him for an agent of the Damocles Foundation, and Ulysses hit him, but soon realized his mistake. Argos the Hunter, one of the Damocles Foundation's members of Sword caught up to them and attacked Ulysses, but Cannonball helped them beat him. Just then, the rest of Sword arrived in their vessel.

(X-Force I#84) - Ulysses and Arcadia hid in the mine while the members of Sword began their hunt. Arcadia used her powers to bring Cannonball's friends from X-Force to the scene to help them, but Sword quickly overwhelmed them. Sword attacked Ulysses and Arcadia, and Ulysses' right arm was badly burned by Pyre. Cannonball and Meltdown ultimately came up with a plan to defeat all of Sword. Ulysses and Arcadia then took custody of Sword's ship and took the members of Sword captive with them as they prepared to continue their flight. Before departing, Ulysses revealed to X-Force that he was a Deviant.

(X-Force I#97) - Ulysses and Arcadia journeyed to the junkyard of Sledge. They shared information, and learned that the Damocles Foundation had found one of the Celestials' Gatherers, and were preparing to revive it. Ulysses claimed that he would deal with it, but Sledge pointed out that his arm still hadn't healed from his fight with the Sword. Just then, X-Force arrived at the junkyard, and they all journeyed to the Foundation's Brazil base together, and released Selene and Sunspot from the Foundation's custody. When they confronted Indigo, he used his powers to take out all of X-Force, but Ulysses fought his brother hand-to-hand to give Sledge a chance to destroy the Gatherer. However, Selene claimed the Gatherer and turned it on the Foundation, attempting to rule the organization for herself, but Moonstar and Arcadia destroyed the Gatherer with their combined powers.

(X-Force I#99 (fb)) - After returning to the junkyard with Sledge and Arcadia, Arcadia's powers went out of control, and her mind created a replica of the Demon Bear which had fought Moonstar. The Demon Bear image attacked Sledge and Ulysses, so Arcadia went on the run to protect them both from herself, seeking Moonstar for help.

(X-Force I#100) - Ulysses came to San Francisco to help X-Force deal with Arcadia. Arcadia had recreated the cathedral of the Queen of Star Swords from her childhood fantasies of Meridian, and he entered the cathedral with X-Force and Risque. Inside, he was transformed by the Queen of Star Swords into Fenwick, the dragon who had been Arcadia's imaginary friend, and attacked Moonstar in that form. He was attacked from behind by an alternate version of Cable wielding the psimitar, and the psimitar turned Ulysses back to normal. Ulysses aided X-Force as Moonstar sacrificed her cosmic powers to destroy the Queen of Star Swords and the cathedral. Ulysses carried Arcadia to safety.

Comments: Created by John Francis Moore, Jim Cheung, Mark Morales and Rob Stull.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
X-Force I#100, page 9, panel 3 (not counting ads)
X-Force I#83, page 21, panel 1 (not counting ads)

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