Real Name: "Salty" Gruner

Identity/Class: Human supernatural mutate; pre-modern era

Occupation: Really big ape;
    formerly convicted criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The Ape Man

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Salty

Base of Operations: Lost Island Prison

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#85 (June, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: The Ape Man is "the size of a house." As such, he most likely has incredible strength. Due to the curse, the Ape Man has the ability to transfer his mutation to another human being.

History: (Strange Tales I#85) - "Salty" Gruner was among the convicts who were shipped out to a small island called Lost Island Prison. There, he planned his escape, as the other convicts noted that there was minimal security. However, he was told that two things would prevent his escape: The sharks in the waters surrounding the island, and a legendary ape monster that lived in the jungle. Paying no heed to the legends, Gruner made his escape from the prison one night, and ventured into the jungle. There, he was horrified to confront the Ape Man, who cornered the criminal. Salty passed out, and when he awoke, he realized that the creature had transferred its curse on to him, making him the new Ape Man. He grieved at not believing the legend, as he knew it would prevent any others from entering the jungle to allow him to pass his curse on to them.

Comments: Created by Steve Ditko.

Profile by Madison Carter


The Ape Man has no known connections to

The Ape Man

An unidentified man on what would become Lost Island Prison committed a grievance against a local witch-doctor. The mystic cursed the man, turning him into a gigantic ape-like creature, whose fate would remain so until he could encounter another human to transfer the curse to. The Ape Man spent years roaming the jungles, and after Lost Island Prison was erected, the inmates dared not go into the jungle. Salty Gruner didn't believe the tales, and did so, encountering the Ape Man. The monster, having finally encountered a human, transferred the curse to Gruner. What became of the first and former Ape Man after that remains unknown.

--Strange Tales I#85 ( 85 (fb)-BTS, 85

Strange Tales I#85, story 3, page 5, panel 7 (main image)
                                                 page 3, panel 4 (human form)
                                                 page 4, panel 3 (original Ape Man)

Strange Tales I#85 (June, 1961) - Steve Ditko (artist)


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