Real Name:
Sgt. Cleve Gorman

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant

Khieu Dap, Mr. Snow; several other Cambodian agents

Enemies: Frank Castle (Punisher)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: formerly Camp Pendleton, California
    possibly formerly "Big Nothing," Saigon and other parts of Viet Nam (see comments)

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Return to Big Nothing (1989)

Powers/Abilities: No superhuman powers.
    Gorman was a large & strong man, highly skilled in various forms of armed and unarmed combat

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Return to Big Nothing (fb)) - In the camp between basic training and war--in a camp they called Big Nothing, a young Private Castle mouthed off about how the Viet Cong weren't well trained enough to stand up to the full force of America's troops. Sgt. Gorman mocked him, belittling him b/c he had no actual combat experience in the bush. Gorman pushed Castle into lunging for him, and then savagely beat the private into the ground.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Return to Big Nothing (fb)) - Later, in Siem Pang, Gorman led Castle's Platoon. Gorman put him on point, allowing him to get far enough ahead to be out of sight, and then he and his close friend Snow gunned down the rest of the platoon. Gorman accused Castle of letting a bunch of Cong through, but Castle had recognized the weapons as America. However, as his wife, Maria, was pregnant, and he wanted to live to see home, he did not challenge Gorman or Snow.
Gorman and Snow later removed all of the internal organs from the dead soldiers and packed their chests and abdomens full of China White before tossing them into body bags.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Return to Big Nothing (fb)) - Later still, with his tour of duty up, Castle gave up his seat on an evacuation helicopter to a civilian. Castle then tried to squeeze into Gorman's chopper and found it full of Cambodians. Laughing with his associate Khieu Dap, Gorman pulled out his gun and shot Castle through the side and shoulder, knocking him out of the helicopter as they took off. They left Castle for dead in the falling city, but he survived and managed to make his way back to friendly territory. Castle filed protests, but heard nothing of them, or of Gorman.

(Marvel Graphic Novel: Punisher: Return to Big Nothing) - In the modern era, Gorman worked as a supply Sergeant in Camp Pendleton, though he maintained a close association with Khieu Dap and worked with his agents, dealing in drugs, arms, and extortion. A pair of FBI agents were killed while trying to take down one of his operations, but Castle, now the Punisher, learned of Gorman's involvement from the dying agent and went after Gorman. The Sergeant, however, learned of the Punisher's actions, and learned that the Punisher was his old enemy, Castle. Gorman then set a trap for Castle, allowing him to track him down, then having his men capture and bind him, and then began to beat him again. Castle fought back, but one of Gorman's agents knocked him out with the butt of his rifle. Gorman then sent the men to kill Castle, who--of course--survived.

    Gorman met with his old friend Snow at his casino in Vegas, but took off after learning that Castle had killed his men. Castle caught up with Snow, learned the location of Khieu Dap from him, and then forced Dap to point him towards Gorman. Castle traced him to a black market munitions dump, where Gorman was waiting for him. However, Castle dressed Snow in a Punisher costume and sent him into the dump. Believing it to be Castle, Gorman blew him away with a rocket launcher and then walked over to his body to have the final laugh. As Gorman realized his mistake, Castle shot him in the shoulder and then the knee. Realizing he was beaten, Gorman mocked Castle, telling him he'd still be rich when he got out of prison, and Castle would still be nothing. Castle? Castle's dead. I'm the Punisher.
    Castle shot Gorman in the chest and listened to him suck air for a short time.




Comments: Created by Steven Grant and Mike Zeck.

Viet Nam war characters in the Marvel Universe.

Gorman's quote (as he beat Castle into the ground): Don't matter if you got muscle--or training--or guts or will. There's always them who won't be beat. I'm one onf them. You'll never beat me, big man. Can't be done....Big man...Big nothing!

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