Real Name: Fredrick Allen Hampton

Identity/Class: Human (Pre-Modern era)

Occupation: Activist, revolutionary

Group Membership: The Black Panther Party, the Rainbow Coalition;
    formerly NAACP

Affiliations: The Black Panther Party, the Young Lords, the Young Patriots

Enemies: FBI, William O'Neal

Known Relatives: Francis Hampton (father), Iberia Hampton (mother), Fred Hampton, Jr. (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Chicago, Illinois, USA

First Appearance: (in a Marvel comic): Falcon II#1 (December, 2017)

Powers/Abilities: Fred Hampton was a skilled leader and organizer. He also had extensive knowledge of the United States legal system.

Height: Unrevealed
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (real life history) - Fred Hampton was born on August 30, 1948 and grew up in the Chicago suburbs. Graduating from Proviso East High School, Hampton studied pre-law at Triton Junior College. After studying at Crane Junior College and the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Hampton became active with the NAACP and became the head of its West Suburban chapter Youth Council. Demonstrating leadership abilities and hoping to bring about social change through activism and organization, Hampton joined the Black Panther Party's Chicago chapter in November 1968, soon becoming a Party leader. Working to arrange community services such as free breakfasts and health clinics, Fred Hampton also oversaw a Rainbow Coalition peace pact between the Black Panthers and local gangs the Young Patriots and Young Lords, drawing negative attention from both local law enforcement and J. Edgar Hoover's FBI. Unaware the FBI had employed William O'Neal to infiltrate the Black Panther Party, Hampton was drugged by O'Neal on December 3, 1969 shortly before officers raided Hampton's home. The drugged Hampton remained asleep as officers killed his security.

(real life history/Falcon II#1 (fb)) - As night turned to morning on December 4, 1969, the officers located the wounded Hampton and shot him dead. The remaining seven Black Panthers in Hampton's home were all arrested (with the charges later dropped after a trial revealed the number of shots fired).

(Falcon II#1 - BTS) - Decades later, the heroic Falcon met with Southstone Rangers gang leader Dray to suggest a truce between the Southstone Rangers and their rival gang, the Spanish Kings. Not trusting that Falcon would not have both gangs arrested if they cooperated, Dray referenced the deaths of Fred Hampton and Laquan McDonald as he expressed his feelings that all police-like agents (including superheroes) lied.

Comments: Adapted into Marvel Comics by Rodney Barnes and Joshua Cassara.

Fred Hampton's real life history was gathered from various sources including the African-American Heritage section of the National Archives website and Please forgive any historical errors or overlooks that may have been adapted from those entries.

The Black Panthers as a group are seen in a flashback in Black Panther IV#22 (January, 2007) but no individual members were identified and there was no way of telling whether it was the Chicago chapter chaired by Fred Hampton or another chapter in another city. Therefore, I chose not to list Black Panther IV#22 as an appearance of Fred.

While Fred Hampton's Marvel Universe history was not specifically shown (other than his death in a single flashback image), it seems likely that his life mirrored that of the real Fred Hampton. This would firmly place the Marvel Universe's version of Fred Hampton into his real life dates of 1948-1969. As of 2/2/2021, he has not appeared in any other Marvel comics to my knowledge.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Fred Hampton has no known connections to:

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Falcon II#1, p8, pan1 (Fred Hampton, main image)

Falcon II#1 (December, 2017) - Rodney Barnes (writer), Joshua Cassara (art), Charles Beacham (editor)

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