Real Name: Victor von Doom 

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-21766) human (Latverian) (at least the pre-modern era to modern era, if not earlier)

Occupation: Despot, prince, would-be world conquerer;
    former scientist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Doombots, Ulysses Klaue, Mad Thinker, the Silver Surfer;
    formerly Invisible Woman (Susan Storm), Mister Fantastic (Reed Richards)

Enemies: Captain America, Captain Marvel, the Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Storm, Mister Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Ironheart, Namor, Spider-Man (Miles), Tony Stark, several other unidentified heroes (see comments)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A bunker built into the mountains of Latveria

First Appearance: Fantastic Four: Life Story#2 (August, 2021)

Powers/Abilities: Doctor Doom is a brilliant scientist and inventor, having invented the suit of armor he wears into battle. He is also a feared leader and has access to vast resources and wealth.

Dr. Doom's armor is equipped with gauntlets capable of firing energy blasts that he can adjust to either stun, disintegrate or turn targets into stone. The armor's mask can harness its wearer's inherent power. He carries a small, handheld device capable of controlling his army of robotic Doombots.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'2", 6'7" in armor)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 225 lbs., 415 lbs. in armor)
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown

(Fantastic Four: Life Story#2) - Following a lecture by Dr. Reed Richards, Victor von Doom met Richards and introduced himself, commenting to Richards that he believed Richards about the coming of the cosmic Galactus. The two struck up a friendship and von Doom soon began assisting Richards at his lab. He was ultimately introduced to Tony Stark by Richards, to whom he claimed he was honored to work with such men of vision. Von Doom eventually began working on a power gauntlet in Richards' lab and when Richards one day commended von Doom on his work, Doom remarked that all of their weapons and spacecraft would not be enough to stop Galactus, suggesting instead that the entire world should be united under one fist if they hoped to be strong enough to deter Galactus.

Von Doom continued working with Richards and was present one day admiring the Mad Thinker's work with androids when Richards' wife Sue stormed into Richards' lab, angry that he had declined a Meeting of Heroes invitation on Sue's behalf. After Sue angrily left the lab, Doom suggested he let Sue go, claiming her emotional fragility served only to distract Richards from his goal of stopping Galactus. Doom then showed Richards a mask he had a designed to harness one's internal power and revealed that he had designed masks for both himself and Richards.

Later admitting that they got so much more work done without Richards' family in the family, Doom donned a full suit of armor he had designed and suggested both he and Richards attack the United Nations while many heroes were there speaking. Richards immediately declined and Doom blasted Richards, revealing that he had deliberately waited until the armor was functional before suggesting they attack out of fear Richards would oppose the idea. Dubbing himself Doctor Doom, von Doom then attacked the United Nations, surprising the heroes and attempting to turn them all into stone. A recovered Richards soon arrived on the scene to confront Doom and tricked Doom into leaving himself open for an attack by the Invisible Woman, who downed Doom with Captain America's shield.

(Fantastic Four: Life Story#3 (fb) - BTS) - Due to his status as the crown prince of Latveria, Victor von Doom proved difficult to move so he was instead incarcerated within the United Nations building.

(Fantastic Four: Life Story#3) - In 1984, on the anniversary of Doom's attack on the United Nations, a few superheroes were invited to speak and as they walked past Doom's cell, Doom yelled at the representative from Uruguay to come nearer to his cell. Not long after, the criminal Mad Thinker, disguised as "Dr. Jose Santini," agreed to take over Dr. Reed Richards' Strategic Defense Initiative for the United States government on the condition that he be allowed to pick from the top scientists in America and he chose the captive Victor von Doom. Arranging for Doom to be released into Dr. Santini's custody, the Thinker then revealed his true identity to Doom, who promised an exorbitant reward for the Thinker for his release. Dissolving the mask of Dr. Jose Santini, the Mad Thinker admitted that he knew of the rewards and preferred to be called the Thinker as they departed via helicopter for Latveria.

Years later, in 1986, Doom spoke with the Mad Thinker, asking why their headquarters was a bunker built into a mountain instead of a majestic castle. The Mad Thinker replied that a bunker seemed more appropriate for what came next and when Doom asked what the Thinker was referring to, the Thinker explained his plan to destroy the planet enough that the coming Galactus would not Earth as worth his time. Doom accused the Thinker of being mad and the Mad Thinker admitted as such, stating that sanity limited ideas and that only madness could save them from Galactus.

After the Mad Thinker tricked the USA and USSR governments into launching nuclear missiles against one another, a plan that backfired when the Human Torch's stopped the missiles and the near-disaster prompted to the two countries to disarm their nuclear arsenal, a gloating Doom asked if the Mad Thinker would be returning to his headquarters in Cupertino. As the news also reported that the near-disaster was caused by computers comprised by Dr. Jose Santini's Logix Corporation and that Dr. Santini was now a wanted international fugitive, Doom was told by the Thinker that he wished to stay in compound. When the Thinker remarked that Doom's architects had made a mistake by making all of the doors lock from the outside, Doom remarked that the Thinker would get used to it and he left, locking the Mad Thinker in his room from the outside.

(Fantastic Four: Life Story#5) - In 2004, Dr. Doom requested a meeting with Galactus' Herald, the Silver Surfer, and asked the Surfer to tell Galactus that he was willing to bend a knee to Galactus and rule Earth in Galactus' steed, harvesting it and its people for the cosmic being in exchange for the one-time foregoing of Earth's destruction. Doom continued, offering to allow Galactus to consume five hundred million people of Earth every year, which would be more than Galactus would consume all at once upon his arrival on Earth. The Surfer admitted that Doom's offer was certainly more refreshing than millennia of civilizations begging for their lives.

When the Surfer remarked that Reed Richards hoped to stop Galactus by reading his mind and with artificial intelligence, Doom replied that Reed's option of using artificial intelligence was ridiculous as he revealed to the Surfer the captive Mad Thinker, working tirelessly on an army of robots. Doom then remarked that if Galactus could have been halted using artificial intelligence, he would have already found a way to do so. He then assured the Silver Surfer that he was no Reed Richards and the Surfer agreed. In 2009, following Galactus' defeat at the hands of Reed Richards and his family, Dr. Doom led Latveria in attacks on their neighboring countries as the world seemingly returned to normal.

(Fantastic Four: Life Story#6) - Having spent much of the peacetime before Galactus creating an army of robots, Dr. Doom began conquering his neighboring countries. In 2014, Doom conquered Sokovia and had his robots welcome his new "subjects" to his new empire before sending the civilians to camps. Shortly after, Doom met with Ulysses Klaue from the World Bank, who provided Doom with Vibranium. In 2016, after Dr. Doom's Doombots were defeated in Symkaria by a group of young heroes and older heroes who came out of retirement, Dr. Doom ordered his ranking general and minister of defense executed and he angrily announced that the captive Mad Thinker's services were no longer needed.

Activating an explosive in the Thinker's collar, Doom quickly learned that the Mad Thinker had been replaced by an android and he admitted that he probably should've foreseen that fact. When his new minister of defense arrived, Doom ordered him to activate all Doombots in preparation of the destruction of the only remaining opposition to his proposed empire. Taking the full army of Doombots with him to Symkaria, Dr. Doom attacked the heroes, only to be downed by the arriving Captain America's shield. In retaliation, Dr. Doom sent his Doombots out to randomly destroy as much of the world as possible but the Doombots were ultimately shut down by Franklin Richards and the real Mad Thinker, who had escaped Doom's captivity inside one of the Doombots.

Comments: Created by Mark Russell and Sean Izaakse.

    Some of the heroes we see Dr. Doom fighting that are not identified include Falcon, Redwing, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) and the Wasp. They likely used the same aliases as their Earth-616 counterparts but they were not identified by name in their appearances.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-21766's Doctor Doom
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Fantastic Four: Life Story#2, p4, pan6 (Victor von Doom, unmasked headshot)
Fantastic Four: Life Story#2, p23, pan2 (Victor in early armor)
Fantastic Four: Life Story#3, p16, pan2 (Victor in prison uniform)
Fantastic Four: Life Story#5, p14, pan6 (Dr. Doom with wine goblet)

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