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Real Name: Ulan Bator (see comments)

Identity/Class: Human, citizen of Mongolia (pre-modern era)

Occupation: Criminal, would-be world leader

Group Membership: His Mongol forces

Affiliations: Bator's concubine, Peg-Leg Martin

Enemies: Mary Carmody, Eternal Brain (Professor William Carmody), Jim Fitzpatrick

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None;
    nicknames/other loose references "My lord" (used by the Emperor's concubine), "you brute" (used by Mary Carmody), "Sire" (used by Peg-Leg Martin)

Base of Operations: A palace in Mongolia

First Appearance: Red Raven Comics I#1/7 (1940)

Powers/Abilities: The Emperor of Mongolia possessed no known superhuman powers. He commanded a large contingent of native Mongol forces that followed him out of a loyalty instilled by fear. The Emperor had access to advanced technology, including paralyzing gas, electric torture needles and a number of explosives called "destructobombs," which he carried on his person. Bator  traveled via super fast rocket ships. The Emperor didn't merely lust after conquest, he also had a taste for women, having assembled a personal harem at his palace in Mongolia. He regarded females as little more than pretty flowers ready for the taking.

Height: 5'6" (by approximation)
Weight: 190 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Bald

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(Red Raven Comics I#1/7 (fb) - BTS) - At some point in the 1970s, the criminal Ulan Bator managed to consolidate a considerable powerbase for himself in his native land of Mongolia through the use of advanced weapons technology. Gathering forces and female admirers and concubines he formed into a harem, Bator started calling himself "Emperor of Mongolia."

    Dreaming of global influence, Bator partnered with American gangster Peg-Leg Martin, teasing him with his ideas for a global crime syndicate. Bator also became aware and fell for Mary Carmody, daughter of the famous American scientist William Carmody.

(Red Raven Comics I#1/7 - BTS) - Circa 1980, Bator ordered his associate Peg-Leg and his men to bring Mary to him so he could add her to his harem. Peg-Leg complied and abducted Mary, though during this incident her father was fatally wounded. Mary's fiancÚ, Jim Fitzpatrick, was able to save Professor Carmody's brain using techniques he himself had adapted and augmented from Charles Lindbergh's original theories on synthetic organs.

(Red Raven Comics I#1/7) - When Martin presented Mary to Bator, the Emperor thanked him and his men for their work, referring to Carmody a flower. This angered one of his concubines and she slapped Mary, who responded by defiantly calling the woman a beast. Amused by Carmody's fire, the Emperor laughingly called her a hot tempered lass, quite the spirit and the flower of his harem. He proceeded to prove his point by forcing himself on her, seizing the girl in his arms and smothering her with kisses. Shocked and outraged, Mary slapped him, which angered Bator so much he was ready to kill her.

(Red Raven Comics I#1/7 - BTS) - At the same time, Jim Fitzpatrick finished his work on William Carmody's conserved brain, even hooking up a telepathic receptor of Carmody's design that gave the bodiless brain vast mental powers. Carmody immediately began scanning the globe telepathically for his daughter.

(Red Raven Comics I#1/7) - Before Bator could retaliate, he and his followers were shocked to "hear" the booming, commanding voice of William Carmody ordering them to leave Mary alone. Instinctively complying, the Emperor had Mary temporarily locked away in private quarters. Carmody then informed Jim Fitzpatrick where he could find Mary and ordered him to fly the Carmody rocket ship to Mongolia and free his daughter while he would guide and aid him telepathically. Shortly after setting down, Jim was overcome by Bator's forces and knocked out by the paralyzing gas used by the Mongols. However, as Jim came to and found Peg-Leg Martin ready to kill him using electric needles, the Eternal Brain used his powers of telepathic suggestion to turn Bator's men against him and Peg-Leg.

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(Red Raven Comics I#1/7) - Bator, joined by Peg-Leg, decided to beat a hasty retreat. They figured they'd lay low for a while in Turkestan before returning to Mongolia. Bator was forced to use his destructobombs to clear a path to his ship. En route over the Atlantic, he and Peg-Leg were overtaken by the Carmody's rocket piloted by Jim and Mary. Even though the Emperor managed to slightly damage their navigational controls, the Carmody craft proved superior when it blasted Bator's vessel to pieces, presumably killing both Peg-Leg and the Emperor Ulan in the process.

Comments: Created by Robert Louis Golden (pencils), other creators have not been revealed.

    Does anyone remember Mongolia being ruled by a criminal emperor named after the capital Ulan Bator? That name was revealed in the Eternal Brain entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z I#4. For my money, the "Emperor of Mongolia" wasn't so much the actual ruler of the country, but more like a local warlord with sorely overestimated dreams of grandeur.

    The Eternal Brain's origin story may have been published in 1940, but the introductory caption to his tale mentions it's half a century after Charles Lindbergh had experimented with artificial organs (a heart). This is a reference to Lindbergh's 1938 book The Culture Of Organs which he started researching as early as 1930. Both John Byrne and the Eternal Brain's OHOTMU entry have confirmed the Brain's introductory tale takes place in 1980.

Profile by Norvo.

The Emperor of Mongolia should not be confused with

Peg-Leg Martin

The balding Peg-Leg Martin was already a known gangster dreaming of further greatness when he joined forces with Ulan Bator, the self styled "Emperor of Mongolia." Tempted by promises to get in on the ground floor of a world wide crime syndicate, Peg-Leg was more than willing to lead some of his men to kidnap professor William Carmody's daughter Mary, whom Bator fancied. Professor Carmody was lethally wounded by a stray bullet while trying to prevent Mary's abduction, and Peg-Leg knocked her fiancÚ, Jim Fitzpatrick, out before rushing back to Bator's castle in Mongolia. There, he presented Mary to Bator who was most taken with her beauty and tried to rape her. Peg-Leg was witness to the disembodied power of the Eternal Brain (Carmody's brain preserved through artificial means and augmented by telepathic projectors) ordering the Emperor to stop. When Jim Fitzpatrick tried to rescue Mary, only to be overcome, gassed and imprisoned by Mongol forces, Peg-Leg was in Jim's cell when he woke up. Explaining his motives for joining with Bator, Martin was unprepared for Jim's desperate attempt to fight back. Once again overcome by Mongol soldiers and helpless, the annoyed Peg-Leg decided Fitzpatrick deserved a slow, horrible death and ordered a pair of electric needles to be delivered to his cell. Revealing these torture devices would be injected into the skin, Martin was about to follow through when the Eternal Brain's massive telepathy caused the Mongol forces to rise up against both the Emperor and Peg-Leg. Shooting his way towards Bator's throne room, Martin and the Emperor then headed for the royal rocket ship. On the way there, the Eternal Brain tried to control them, only to have the villains resist his influence. Bator and Peg-Leg boarded the ship and took off for Turkestan where they planned to lay low for a while. Chased by Fitzpatrick and the newly freed Mary Carmody in their own airship, Martin and Bator only managed to slightly damage their adversaries' navigation rudder before succumbing to their superior firepower.

-- Red Raven Comics I#1/7



Emperor's concubine

The Emperor of Mongolia enjoyed the pleasure of an extended harem. Chief among them was a raven haired concubine who considered herself Ulan Bator's true significant other. When Ulan seemed overly smitten with the newly arrived American girl Mary Carmody, the woman instantly resented the blonde girl her lover nicknamed "a flower." She walked up to Mary and slapped her in the face, assuming Carmody was trying to steal her lord's love. In response, Mary called the concubine a "beast." The fate of Bator's principal lady of pleasure, or the other women in his harem following his apparent death, have not been revealed.

--Red Raven Comics I#1/7


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Red Raven Comics I#1, p61, pan1 (main image)
Red Raven Comics I#1, p61, pan3 (closeup)
Red Raven Comics I#1, p66, pan4 (dies)
Red Raven Comics I#1, p63, pan1 (Peg-Leg Martin)
Red Raven Comics I#1, p61, pan2 (Emperor of Mongolia's concubine)

Red Raven Comics I#1/7 (August 1940) - Robert Louis Golden (pencils), other uncredited

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