crashing through window - mostly full body - profile MORGAN DAWKINS

Real Name: Morgan Dawkins

Identity/Class: Human vampire
    possibly pre-modern era

Occupation: Predator

Group Membership: Vampires of Earth

Affiliations: None revealed

Enemies: Horace Grimstone

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed; possibly Bronx, New York (see comments)

First Appearance: Vampire Tales#7/2 (October, 1974)

bat-formPowers/Abilities: Like most vampires, Dawkins has superhuman strength (typically enhanced human) and required regular blood meals to survive; further, feeding on a human victim would turn that victim into a vampire, depending on the extent of the feeding and other circumstances. Many vampire victims take three days to revive as a vampire, but Dawkins' victim Grimstone revived in less than 24 hours.
    He presumably had the standard vampire vulnerabilties, including religious icons (presumably proportional to the strength of the wielder's faith), garlic, sunlight, and a wooden stake through the heart.

    Dawkins also demonstrated the ability to transform into a bat, an ability that is often ascribed to vampires with greater than average abilities.

    While many vampires are unable to enter a building unless he or she has been invited, Dawkins dove through and shattered the window without any such invitation. Perhaps Grimstone's strong desire to be a vampire was sufficient to call to him?


    Dawkins was not observed to speak; he may be mute for some reason, but most likely he simply chose not to speak in the five panels in which he appeared.

Height: Approximately 5'9"
Weight: Approximately 140 lbs.
Eyes: Red (original color unrevealed)
Hair: Reddish brown

biting Grimstone(Vampire Tales#7/2) - Morgan Dawkins suddenly burst through the window of the blood storage room, grabbed the room's guard, Horace Grimstone, and then bit into his neck and drank a large volume of blood via his jugular vein. Satisfied, Dawkins turned into a bat and flew off into the night.

(Vampire Tales#7/2 - BTS) - Drawn by the sound of shattering glass, hospital staff members rushed in and found Grimstone. Recognizing his severe anemia, they quickly prepared somed blood transfusions for him. Though they would have been in time to save Grimstone, the guard had delusions of being a vampire and had been drinking a unit of blood each night and replacing it with iodine-colored water. Grimstone died, but revived that night as a true vampire.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench and Billy Graham.face - black & white

    Dawkins' real name was revealed and he had a nicely refurbished image in the Vampires: The Marvel Undead handbook. I'm including the original, unrefurbished image for your viewing enjoyment.

    While unconfirmed, it may be that Dawkins' story took place at the time it was published, rather than being part of the sliding time scale...that would put it in October, 1974, or 26 years before the transformation of the Fantastic of 2015, anyway. That would be my preference.

    Dawkins would presumably have been destroyed by the Montesi Formula, in Dr. Strange II#62, but would also presumably have been restored via the prophecy spell in Blade III#12.

    Grimstone worked at Metropolitan General Hospital in the Bronx, but it is unconfirmed that Dawkins had a base around there. It's possible some trip brought him a great distance. Maybe Dawkins lives in Oxford, Pennsylvania...who knows!

    This story, like a few others, uses the terms blood and plasma interchangeably. However, plasma is the protein rich fluid in blood...plasma by itself doesn't have any significant numbers of red or white blood cells, and wouldn't be used to transfuse someone who was anemic (unless you were trying to replace clotting factors, though modern medicine generally uses cryoprecipitate for that).
    They also have all of their blood stored at room temperature, which decreases the time period over which it can be stored and used dramatically...blood is a great medium for bacterial growth.
    Iodine is generally brown...dilute iodine could maybe make water look like plasma, which is straw-colored, but anything dark enough to look like blood would have been really brown, rather than dark red. Perhaps this iodine was colored more red for some reason.
    Oh well...comic book science...

Profile by Snood.

Morgan Dawkins
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images: (without ads)
Vampire Tales#7/2, pg. 7 (crashing through window);
        pg. 8, panel 1 (unrefurbed face);
            panel 2 (biting Grimstone's neck);
            panel 4 (bat-form)

Vampire Tales#7/2 (October, 1974) - Doug Moench (writer), Billy Graham (artist), Marv Wolfman (editor)

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