Real Name: Pete Sligo

Identity/Class: Human (Pre-Modern era)

Occupation: Illegal fight promoter

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Godzilla, Ralph McGee, Vinny McGee, Simple Simon, Straight Dave, the Mafia

Enemies: Night Raven

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Gladiator Club, Manhattan, New York, 1980s

First Appearance: Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3 (May, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Neat Pete Sligo was a reasonably clever entrepreneur and a skilled pickpocket. He was also a charismatic speaker and master of ceremonies. He was small, and probably not a very capable fighter.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3 (fb)) - At the Big Boy's Bar at the Kentucky Derby (probably in the early 1980s), Neat Pete Sligo was stealing the wallet from a man named Straight Dave as the latter ranted about his horse (named "Gladiator") and about the Romans betting on real gladiators fighting one another. Realizing that there was probably still an audience for that kind of entertainment in the modern day, Neat Pete set about establishing the Gladiator Club in New York City. He paid the Mafia for the use of the space below the Golden Belt Boxing Club and for their noninterference, and began abducting homeless people for use in the fights. Three months later, the club was open for business.

(Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3) - In the winter of 1984, Neat Pete's procurers, Ralph and Vinny McGee, brought to the Gladiator Club a couple of new fighters in the form of the immortal vigilante Night Raven and the gentle giant Simple Simon, who along with Simon's mother had been squatting in an abandoned warehouse. Pete announced the fight - Simple Simon vs. The Man In The Mask - and watched as the giant apparently crushed Night Raven to death.
   That night, as Neat Pete was counting the proceeds from the fight, he heard a door open, and turned to find Night Raven, who had faked his death and disposed of the McGees and Godzilla before coming back for Neat Pete. Night Raven killed Neat Pete and left his forehead branded.

Comments: Created by Jamie Delano.

    The Kentucky Derby is run in May. 1984's wouldn't have taken place yet by the time this story takes place. It's not at all clear how long the club had been in operation, but it still seems relatively small and new, to me, so I would assume the Kentucky Derby at which Neat Pete robbed Straight Dave was no earlier than 1980 or so, and could easily have been the 1983 race.

    Night Raven apparently headed back to New York after believing Yi Yang was dead; The City is not specifically identified by name in this story, but the East River is.

    Ralph and Vinny were able to abduct Night Raven because he had been dosing himself into comas with strychnine in an attempt to escape the outside world.

Profile by LV!

Clarifications: Neat Pete Sligo, the illegal fight promoter, has no known connection to

Neat Pete's doorman Godzilla is presumably named after

He has no known connection to

Neat Pete's thugs Ralph and Vinny McGee have no known connection to



Godzilla (real name unrevealed) was the doorman at the Gladiator Club. He was monstrously large and strong, said very little, and was ultimately killed by Night Raven on his way to confront Neat Pete Sligo.

--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3


Ralph and Vinny McGee

Ralph and Vinny McGee were brothers who were employed by Neat Pete Sligo to round up homeless people to fight in his underground death-matches. In their final collecting trip in the winter of 1984, they abducted Night Raven and Simple Simon from their derelict warehouse. They were both killed and thrown into the East River by Night Raven when he recovered from his self-imposed trance as they prepared to dispose of his body.

The McGees were both large, solidly-built men who were probably skilled fighters. They carried electric cattle prods on their trips to acquire fighters for Neat Pete.

--Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3

Mighty World of Marvel II#12/3 (May, 1984)

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