full body RYPEL

Real Name: Unrevealed; possibly Rypel (see comments; if so, this would presumably be his last name)

Identity/Class: Human mutate (pre-modern and modern eras)

Occupation: Scientist, ruler;
    would-be genocidist

Group Membership: Leader of the crew/staff of Hydropolis (including GarverJeremy, Messenger, and at least 56 others)

Affiliations: None;
    formerly Garver

Enemies: Creach, Garver, Hulk (Bruce Banner), Jeremy, Sheila Marks, Simons, over 25 other abductees; surface society in general

Known Relatives: Jeremy (brother)

Aliases: Creator of the New Coming, Master of the New Order (probably more a descriptor than an actual title); if Rypel is not part of his real name, it would be an alias

Base of Operations: Unrevealed;
    formerly Hydropolis on the ocean floor in proximity to the Bermuda Triangle

First Appearance: Hulk#22 (August, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Rypel had the scientific genius to mastermind the construction of the domed underwater city of Hydropolis as well as a plan to desrtoy North America and instigate worldwide devastation via retaliation. He also has the knowledge and means to mutate his brother, Jeremy, into an amphibious humanoid.

    Having undergone experimentation by his scientist brother, Jeremy, that allegedly affected his insanity, it is unclear whether Rypel has any superhuman abilities or any actual disabilities (see comments

    He is presumably an expert in oceanography and marine biology, though the nature and extent of his training are unrevealed. 

    Rypel carried some type of high-tech pistol able to kill with a single shot; it appeared to be an energy blaster, but beyond that, it's nature is unclear.

    Rypel controlled approximately 60 scientists, guards/enforcers, and other staff and had access to multiple homing torpedos, numerous nuclear weapons, the immense Leviathan seacraft, and all of the technology within Hydropolis.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'; he is not seen in comparison of known height; Jeremy is not seen in clear comparison to Banner or the Hulk, but it appears that he could a solid foot or more taller than Bannner; plus, even in comparison to Jeremy, both are significantly crouched or almost squatting; he is only a couple inches taller than the more elderly Garver)
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 195 lbs. based on the presumed height)
Eyes: Apparently brown (the only close-ups show the pupils only, while other, more distant or virtually squinting shots, make it clear he indeed has irides (plural of iris), you just can't see for certain color they are)
Hair: None (or black, partially shaved; see comments); black eyebrows

History: face
(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) <30 years before the main story> - Scientists Rypel and his brother, Jeremy, wanted to do something big, something to rock the establishment, to jar the whole world; they wanted to do what no one had ever done before, that would revolutionize thinking, methodology, and technique.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Rypel decided that the surface world had become too spoiled, and that the sea would eventually be spoiled as well. He and Jeremy decided to create a new world in the ocean's unspoiled depths.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - For 30 years, Rypel spent untold millions of dollars to create the city Hydropolis on the ocean floor, mining the ocean floor for materials and fishing and cultivating the sea for sustenance. 

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Jeremy and Rypel began to experiment on each other. <According to Jeremy>, Jeremy's experiments made Rypel crazy.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Eventually, while Jeremy had anticipated a relatively simple operation on himself (an attempt to install a simple gill system in a human being), Rypel transformed him into an amphibious creature, though his intellect and coherence suffered somewhat.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - While Jeremy was pleased with what they had done and wanted to reveal it to the rest of the world and watch the impact of the discovery, at some point, Rypel decided to to destroy the surface society, and he began kidnapping boaters via his massive Leviathan craft to help increase those present within his new society.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Rypel planned to destroy North America by a series of charges set on the west coast under the San Andreas fault, and in several spots on the East Coast. A pair of trigger torpedos, one launched at each coast, would activate the charges. The resultant explosions would split the crust and sink huge portions of the continent. The USA was to then misguidedly retaliate against the Soviets (see comments), with escalations destroying the rest of the surface societies

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Leviathan swalled a series of boats, and brought them and their passengers -- totaling 23 kidnappees -- to Hydropolis.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Rypel had not visited Jeremy in a long time.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Rypel's men set the East and West Coast charges as planned.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - The Leviathan swallowed a small boat containing the drug smugglers Creach and Simons.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Leviathan returned to Hydropolis, and Rypel was informed that they had captured a pair of drug smugglers.

(Hulk#22) - Rypel was pleased as drug smugglers would not be missed and thus would be perfect subjects for experimentation; he further noted that even if they were missed, the timing of a rrecent storm provided a perfectly rational explanation for their disappearance. Garver countered that there had been too many hits lately for his taste, and that they were just attracting attention to themselves with all of the disappearances they had caused. Reminding Garver that this was why their location in the Bermuda Triangle was so perfect, Rypel nonetheless assured him that this would be the last boat they would capture, as he had decided that they would make the break tomorrow. Garver argued that their numbers were far too few to cut themselves off from the outside world, but Rypel returned that they really only needed two, an Adam and an Eve, and they already had their Adam (meaning Jeremy).

    When Garver wondered whether Rypel had told him yet, Rypel explained that he felt it was better if his brother did not know: Without sharing the guilt, he would be better able to look to the imperatives of the future. Garver countered that this would be better for Rypel but not for Jeremy; however, when Garver threatened to act to prevent this, they were distracted when Messenger reported that the storm currents had shifted the north mooring plates, disloding and possibly damaging one of their charges. Unwilling to take chances so close to their plans, Rypel ordered that the charge be expelled immediately and sent as far from there as possible.

    Garver argued against this, worrying of the consequences if the charge detonated, but Rypel told him it didn't matter, as all of the other charges had been set, and tomorrow they would be triggered into a chain reaction; by the time the authorities investigated one random open sea detonation, it would be too late.

    Garver stormed off, stating that if Rypel wouldn't tell his brother, he would; but Rypel fatally shot Garver in the back of the head with his high-tech pistol. He then ordered Messenger to remove Garver's body on his way out and to expulse the nuclear charge as ordered.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - Ten minutes later, the torpedo carrying the nuclear charge was fired.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) -  Eventually, three miles offshore from Bermuda, the torpedo struck the coral reef and detonated, and the resultant shockwave led to a hurricane-like circular water surge. This caused a massive wave to strike the shore of Bermuda, where Bruce Banner was enjoying a therapeutic vacation with Dr. Sheila Marks.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - Leviathan captured the floating survivors knocked out to sea by the wave, including the Hulk who was subdued by the craft's electrified prod, although nearly depleting Leviathan's power in the process.

(Hulk#22) - Rypel was incredulous when his men reported these events, but was pleased to hear that though the Leviathan had taken some serious hits, it had remained fully functional. Hoping to incorporate the Hulk's strength, toughness, and endurance into his experiments, Rypel ordered the crew to bring their newest abductees to Hydropolis.

(Hulk#22 (fb) - BTS) - Shortly after his capture, the Hulk reverted to Banner.

(Hulk#22) - Leviathan delivered the captives to Hydropolis. The captives were then released, and Rypel was distraught to find the Hulk absent until one of his technicians explained that he had probably reverted back to his normal form. Rypel then introduced himself as the creator of Hydropolis and "the master of the new order," after which he detailed his plans.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - After Rypel left them, Banner and Marks escaped, subdued a pair of the guards and then, wearing the guards' uniforms, explored Hydropolis. Bannner met Jeremy,

(Hulk#22) - Sheila infiltrated a technician meeting wherein Rypel outlined his specific plans to destroy America.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - Banner altered the torpedos' electronic homing systems so they would turn back and destroy Hydropolis, and then he and Sheila raided the armory, freed the other prisoners and led them to overtake the guards and escape Hydropolis before the torpedos returned.

(Hulk#22) - After the torpedos were launched at Rypel's command, Sheila and the other escapees rushed in, explaining that the torpedos had been sabotaged and that they had to escape in a submarine within 10 minutes. Unwilling to give up on his plans, Rypel fled. As none of the former prisoners were willing to shoot Rypel, Sheila instead guided them to round up the technicians and get to the subs.
    As Banner tried desperately to convince Jeremy to trust and come with him, Rypel rushed in and -- warning of the threat to the creation of a new race of intelligent life -- told Jeremy they were now prisoners, and that Jeremy must kill Banner. A fearful Banner became the Hulk who swiftly over-powered Jeremy. Recalling anger-therapy recently used to calm himself by Sheila, the Hulk convinced Jeremy that he should re-direct his anger towards Rypel, the one who really wanted to hurt him.

    Admitting he could now see that his brother was at fault, Jeremy got out of the water, and told Rypel that while he could not think right anymore, his own experiments on Rypel had also failed, driving Rypel crazy. Despite Rypel's denial and pleas they they were brothers, Jeremy wrapped his hands around his neck and strangled him.

    Jeremy lamented having apparently killed his own brother, but the Hulk convinced him to flee Hydropolis.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - The undersea city was destroyed, presumably along with Rypel's body as both Jeremy and the Hulk had left it behind, and the Hulk and the other inhabitants and former prisoners all escaped.

(Hulk#22 - BTS) - The freed prisoners planned to inform the US Coast Guard about Rypel's planted charges.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Ron Wilson, and Alfredo Alcala.

    Jeremy only referred Rypel as his brother. Maybe it was just that Jeremy had a hard time thinking, but I wonder if Rypel was his real name, after all. Rypel is an odd name. I don't think it means anything, but it could have been meant to sound like "repel," although it could also have been supposed to sound like Rye-pell, or Rye-pull...or maybe ripple...that's aquatic...or it could have been an homage to Ted C. Rypel...I can't find much information, but he was associated with the Outer Limits and wrote at least one comic book...

    The three ridges on Rypel's head seem to me like they could be precurors to Jeremy's dorsal fine and bilateral ridges, meaning he may have had some preliminary development for aquatic life...but it's also not 100% clear that they are not just part of his hairstyle (I think they were ridges, rather than hair). For that matter, I had initially assumed Rypel to be of African descent, but his darker complexion and facial features may have been altered from his original appearance by Jeremy's experimentation.

    I sadly pulled the central 4 pages from my issue of the rare Hulk magazine to review and scan these issues, so I hope you enjoy the related profiles. Comics are meant to be read and enjoyed! Of course, when your children are ready to sell your collection, they may not appreciate that!

    Bermuda Triangle...In the early days of the Appendix, I did a profile focusing on the Bermuda Triangle time warp associated with the series Skull the Slayer; it needs a major update/overhaul, but it does discuss many of ther other characters/events associated with the Bermuda Triangle.

    Rypel refers to the Soviets in  his plot. Per the bibliography for the Hulk in World War Hulk: Gamma Files, Hulk#22 took place -- along with multiple other adventures -- between Incredible Hulk#244 and #245, which were published in 1980, which would amount to occuring something like 7 years ago "Marvel time." Working from 2016, that would put Rypel as having started his plans around 1979, which was well before the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Rypel just -- ensconced in his undersea society -- didn't take note of the change and refer to it as Russia in the main story; but, eventually, the sliding time scale will make that problematic. Even when the timescale slides forward far enough (around 2028, where Rypel's 30 years of planning would have started around 1991), Rypel's a kook and could just have referred to the older name...or, you could take it as a topical reference.

Profile by Snood.

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images: (without ads)
Hulk#22, story page 13, panel 7 (face),
        page 14, panel 1 (full, partial oblique);
            panel 5 (gun);
        page 39, panel 8 (strangled by Jeremy)

Hulk#22 (August, 1980) - Doug Moench (writer), Ron Wilson (penciler), Alfredo Alcala (inker), and Lynne Graeme (editor)

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