whelton_austin-werewolf-facewhelton-austin-werewolf-full-shadowsAUSTIN WHELTON

Real Name: Austin Whelton

Identity/Class: Human werewolf;
    pre-modern era (last seen active in 1973)

Occupation: Big game hunter

Group Membership: Unidentified hunting group

Affiliations: Formerly Tom Burke, Troy Ferman;
    the unidentified werewolf who transformed him could be considered an ally or an enemy

EnemiesTom Burke, Troy Ferman

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hunting cabin in an unspecified jungle location

First Appearance: Chamber of Chills#7 (November, 1973)

whelton_austin-werewolf-profile-shadowPowers/Abilities: Austin presumably shifted between human and werewolf form during a full moon (at least); his werewolf form was savage and more than willing to prey on others (even former allies).

    His werewolf form apparently possessed super-human strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, stamina, and senses; the limits of these abilities are unrevealed. 

    He was presumably vulnerable to silver and magical assaults, and possibly to wolfsbane, etc. He was resistant to injury from conventional injury, such as a lead and/or steel bullet.

    His bites and scratches transformed other into werewolves within minutes. If is unclear whether this is only true of those who survive his attacks, or whether his victims can return from death to become a werewolf. 

    Austin Whelton was otherwise an experienced big game hunter, skilled at tracking and in the use of a rifle. 

Height: Unrevealed (no one of known height for reference; he appeared comparable in height to two other hunters)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Apparently blue (seemed to have reddish sclera, with unclear iris color as a werewolf)
Hair: Light brown (darker brown as a werewolf)


(Chamber of Chills#7 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe hardcover#13: Werewolves entry) <1972> - Based out of their hunting cabin in an unspecified jungle location, Austin Whelton and Troy Ferman took the solid silver trophy in the annual big game hunting contest, bagging the largest cat in the competition's history. werewolf - shot

(Chamber of Chills#7 (fb) - BTS / Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe hardcover#13: Werewolves entry) <1973> - Despite Whelton and Ferman's championship, others questioned whether Tom Burke -- regarded by many as the greatest big game hunter and who had not competed due to being hospitalized following being mauled by a wolf (actually a werewolf) -- might have won had he been able to compete. Tired of Burke's ongoing ranking as the greatest despite their recent successes and seeking to hunt the most dangerous game (a human), Whelton and Ferman invited Burke to their hunting lodge with the plan to prove their superiority by hunting him.

(Chamber of Chills#7) - Though suspecting treachery, Burke traveled to the hunting lodge, where Whelton and Ferman greeted him, with Whelton noting that the big cats were out in force this season. After they revealed their true intentions, Burke called them mad, and Whelton noted that they were sick and tired of his being hailed as the greatest despite their trophy. After Whelton informed Burke they were going to lay the issue to rest by hunting him, they sent Burke -- at gunpoint -- running into the woods with a 10 minute lead.

(Chamber of Chills#7) - Seeing the depths of Burke's bootprints, Whelton noted how Burke must be running scared, but then they found Burke's boots laying on the ground, after which the tracks changed to non-human footprints. Hearing a howl, Whelton noted that there weren't wolves in the jungle, but Ferman told Whelton it must have been a werewolf that mauled Burke and that Burke was now a werewolf. Whelton was skeptical and accused Ferman of being hysterical and losing his nerve: "Shut up, you gutless old woman! I came out here to hunt Burke, and if a wolf gets in the way before I reach him...well, I've taken out wolves before!" Whelton ignored Ferman's insistence that this was not a normal wolf and told him to either be silent or to slink back to the outpost. Ultimately, Ferman rushed back to the outpost alone to fashion a silver bullet, while Whelton continued the hunt. 

    On his own, Whelton considered that he wanted to hunt the most dangerous game, which might actually be werewolf rather than man. He followed the tracks to a tree where they stopped, and in the darkness, he could only wonder if Burke was up in the tree; indeed, the werewolf Burke crouched in the tree above him.

    Ignoring Whelton's panicked efforts to explain the hunt as a joke, the werewolf growled as he leapt at Whelton, who fired his rifle at his attacker.

(Chamber of Chills#7 (fb) - BTS) - Whether the bullet struck him soldily or not, the werewolf Burke was unaffected and tore into Whelton, leaving him incapacitated.
(Chamber of Chills#7) -  Hearing the shot fired, Ferman rushed out and found the fallen Whelton. Believing Whelton to be dead, Ferman noted that Whelton had paid for not believing.

(Chamber of Chills#7 - BTS) - Having fashioned a silver bullet from the hunting trophy, Ferman vowed the werewolf would die for killing Whelton.

(Chamber of Chills#7 (fb) - BTS) - As Ferman rushed off following the werewolf tracks, Whelton revived as a werewolf and followed him.

(Chamber of Chills#7) -  As Ferman lost the werewolf's tracks in rocky ground, the werewolf Whelton growled at him from a tree above. Believing this werewolf to be Burke, Ferman warned him he had the means to kill him in his rifle, but the werewolf leapt at him nonetheless. Ferman fired and the bullet struck the werewolf in the chest; though the momentum carried the werewolf to crash into Ferman, its growl turned into a death rattle, and it transformed back to human before perishing. Horrified to see that Whelton had been this werewolf, Ferman realized what had happened, and as he heard howling in the distance, he lamented that he had not had time to make more than one silver bullet.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Ron Wilson, and Jack Abel.

    He is referred to as "Wheldon" on the cover.

    He received the first name "Austin" in the Werewolves entry in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe.

    During the time when Ferman and Whelton are hunting Burke side by side, there is confusion as to which man is which. The speech balloons sometimes don't point to the speaker clearly, but it becomes clear and consistent once they separate. The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe confirmed that Burke first turned Whelton into a werewolf, and that the Whelton-werewolf was shot by Ferman.

Profile by Snood.

Austin Whelton
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images: (without ads)
Chamber of Chills#7/2, pg. 2, panel 3 (human face);
        pg. 5, panel 1 (full body, in shadows);
        pg. 7, panel 5 (werewolf body, profile, shadows);
        pg. 8, panel 1 (werewolf full body, rear view);
            panel 2 (werewolf face)

Chamber of Chills#7 (November, 1973) - Doug Moench (writer), Ron Wilson (penciler), Jack Abel (inker); unlisted editor

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