Creations of Mark Gruenwald

Acba the Watcher (Quasar#25)

Acid Queen of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Acts of Vengeance

Adametco (Adamantium manufacturers)

Aegir (Giant) - by Will U

African Gods - by Will U

Agonistes of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa character)

A.I.D.A. of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb's computer) - by Prime Eternal

Alchemists of Lemuria (led by Atra, creators of Serpent Crown)

Aldebron (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Alfie (Mrs. Lennox's dog)

Alioth (Avengers foe)

"Allo" (Saur-Lords)

American Eagle of Earth-712 (Golden Agency member) - by Norvo

Americop (Captain America foe)

Anachronauts (Kang's agents) - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Anaconda (Serpent Society/Six Pack members) - by SQUEAK

Angel of Vengeance (Quasar ally)

Angler (Quasar foe)

"Anky" (Saur-Lords)

Anomaly (Quasar foe)

Anthropomorpho (Dimension of Manifestations)

Anti-Body of New Universe (Randy O'Brien)

Anti-Claus of Earth-8336 (Santa Claus/Son of Santa foe)

Antilia (Atra's daughter)

Ape X of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Apocryphus (Anachronauts)

Aqualung of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Aquanoids (Guardians of AIM Island) - by Prime Eternal

Araki imposter (Skrull, Avengers foe)

Armadillo (Captain America character) - by Madison Carter

Asp (Serpent Society/BAD Girls Inc. member) - by SQUEAK

Ast (Time-Keepers)

Atra (Lemurian alchemist, creator of Serpent Crown) - by Donald Campbell

Auron (former Inhuman leader) - by Chadman

Avadar (Inhuman geneticist) - by Chadman

Aviles, Armando (Bantam foe)

Azur (Inhuman, Karnak & Triton's mother) - by Chadman

Ballantine, Kayla (Quasar's girlfriend)

Bantam (Captain America ally) - by Prime Eternal

Beaumont, Eugene (dream machine inventor)

Beauty (Weird Sisters)

Bekk (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Bill ?? (Cross-Technologies)

Black Knight (Sir Raston)

Black Mamba (Serpent Society/BAD Girls Inc. member) - by SQUEAK

Black Panther's Engagement Party (Marvel Swimsuit Special event) - by Proto-Man

Black Racer (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Blazing Skull (Jim Scully)

Blistik (Captain America foe)

Blitzkrieger (German super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

Bloodstain (Scourge Inc. member)

Bludgeon (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Blue Marvel (Quasar foe)

Bob ?? (construction worker under Jack Johnson)

Bollix of Earth-712 (Whizzer foe) - by Prime Eternal

Bombshell (Death-Throws/Femizons) - by Chadman

Bongert (Sweat Shop)

Boomslang (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Boulder (Outcasts)

Brahma (Hindu god) - by Will U

Brain Leeches (Xandarian creatures) - by Prime Eternal

Brand's mutagenic equipment (used by Serpent Society & Brand Corporation)

Brannex, Allesandro (AIM leader, Super-Adaptoid) - by SQUEAK

Bronek (Creator of the Sentry)

Bront (Saur-Lords)

Burge, Mr. (Alicia Masters' art dealer) - by Prime Eternal

"Buried Alien" (Fastforward)

Bushmaster (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

”Buzz-Saw” (Power Tools)

Caduceus (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Calculus (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Caprice (Scourge Inc. member)

Captain Atlas (Att-Lass; Kree, Avengers foe) - by Markus Raymond

Captain Forsa (Brazilian super-hero, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

Captain Universe (Contest of Champions) - by Proto-Man

Caregiver (Elder of the Universe)

Cat (Shroud ally) - by Prime Eternal

Cerebrac of Earth-712 (Master Menace's robot) - by Prime Eternal

Charm (Weird Sisters)

Chimera (Superia's Femizons)

Chosen Ones of Earth-8208 (Young Gods)

Chthon (the Other, Elder God, author of the Darkhold) - by Patrick D Ryall

Claus, Maria of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa's mother)

Cmar Har (S.H.I.E.L.D. (NOT a group featuring Nick Fury!), R'malk'i race)

Coachwhip (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Coal Tiger (Impala foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Codabac (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Combo Man (promotional character)

Commission for Superhuman Activities (U.S. government organization) - by Prime Eternal

Commission on Superhuman Activities (U.S. government organization) - by Prime Eternal

Committee on Superhuman Activities (U.S. government organization) - by Prime Eternal

Copperhead (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Cosmic Commandos (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Cottonmouth (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Council of Godheads (chiefs of Earth's pantheons)

Council of Order (Crystar characters) - by David Lawrence

Crooked Man (Shroud foe) - by Prime Eternal

Crowley of Earth-712 (cat, pet/familiar of Arcanna Jones)

Cruz (Power Broker Inc.)

Crystar the Crystal Warrior (Crystalium) - by David Lawrence

C.S.A. (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Dakkamite Elect (Power Platoon)

Dampyre (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Daydreamer (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Dead Ringer (Captain America foe)

Deathlok robot (Roxxon)

Death-Throws (Captain America/Hawkeye foes) - by Chadman

Deathunt 9000 (Anachronauts)

Deathurge (Messenger of Death, Avengers/Doctor Strange/Great Lakes Avengers, etc. foe) - by Norvo

Defensor (Contest of Champions) - by Prime Eternal

Delubric Consortium (Kang foes) - mentioned by Gruenwald

Digger (Outcasts)

Doctor Decibel of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Dr. Anson Harkov (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Pons Indenbaum (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Margaret Mayfair (Project: PEGASUS)

Doctor Oratz (former head of Dallas, Texas hospital burn ward)

Dore, Adrienne of Earth-712 (American Eagle's wife)

Dougie ?? (Starkesboro's Night Patrol)

Dream Demon (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dream Machine (Beaumont's invention)

Drill (Power Tools)

Druidic church (Starkesboro, Massachusetts)

Druid's vestry (Starkesboro, Massachusetts)

Earl (Sweat Shop)

Earth-8208 (Earth-Prophet; Bizarre Adventures)

Earth-19828 (Marvel Production Crew Existed in This Reality and the Marvel Editorial Crew Did, Too, What if? world) - by Proto-Man

Earth-23848 (Earth-Aunt May Became a Super Hero: The Astounding Ant-Aunt)

Earth-24848 (Earth-Aunt May Became a Super Hero: Auntie Freeze)

Earth-24388 (Earth-Aunt May Became a Super Hero: The Invincible Golden Oldie)

Earth-24883 (Earth-Reed Richards Had Not Invented Unstable Molecules)

Earth-34828 (Wonder Man Were a Woman--& Power Man Were a Girl, What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Earth-82816 (Galactus Ate the Earth, What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Black Bolt Got the Hiccups (What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Cyclops's Energy Beams Came Out of His Ears (What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Him Had Married Her (What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Korvac conquers the Universe (What If? world)

Earth-Quasar Lost Cosmos in Collision (Quasar#30)

Earth-The Watcher Grew Hair (What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Thor Had a Swedish Accent (What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Ed ?? (Cross-Technologies)

Edda the Watcher (Quasar#25)

Egma the Watcher (Quasar#25)

Einu the Watcher (Quasar character)

El Condor (South American super-hero, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

Epoch (cosmic being, daughter of Eon) - by Prime Eternal

Ergon (xt, Consortium members) - by Donald Campbell

Explorer (Elder of the Universe)

Fabrikant (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Falon (Maelstrom's Minions)

Fangs (Viper's team) - by Prime Eternal

Fanto (Cosmic Commandos)

Fastforward (Quasar ally) - by Snood, Daevanator & Mike Castle

Fath (Mourners)

Father Time (Elder of the Universe, Captain America foe) - by Proto-Man

Feldspar (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Femizons (Superia's allies)

Farber, Jake (FBI agent)

Farrow, Martin (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Fer-de-Lance (Serpent Society) - by Prime Eternal

Figillulli (Galactic Marathon racer) - by Darc_Light

Flaherty (Sweat Shop)

Fonabi (NOT Terminus' race) - by Donald Campbell

Fooferah (Galactic marathon)

Foxfire of Earth-712 (Olivia Underwood, Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Frost (Power Broker Inc.)

Galactic Roadrunner (Quasar character) - by Darc_Light

Galactic Marathon (Runner's interstellar race) - by Darc_Light

Gary ?? (Starkesboro's Moonchildren)

Gaston (Serpent Society butler)

Geometer (Quasar foe)

G.I. Max (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Gleason's Gym (Las Vegas gym where Right-Winger & Left-Winger practiced)

Globe of Souls (used by Enchantress) - by Chadman

Glom (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Golddigger (Scourge)

Golddigger (Captain America foe)

Gral (former Inhuman leader) - by Chadman

Grapplers (Thing foes) - by Nyssane

Gronk (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Grosgumbeekians (alien race)

Gruenwald, Mark (The Master of the Obscure!) - by Prime Eternal

Gypsy Moth (Night Shift, Spider-Woman foe) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Gzoom (Galactic marathon)

Hagen (Nibelung Clan, Siegfried/Thor foe)

Hallsy (Serpent Society mechanic)

Halstan, General (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Hammerhand (Power Broker Inc.) - by Prime Eternal

Hardball (Imperial Guard) - by Prime Eternal

Helio (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Helter Skelter of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Henri ?? (Slug employee)

Heyatt (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Highnote (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

High Technician (Captain America foe) - by Markus Raymond

The Hub (Charter headquarters) - by Prime Eternal

Hujah (xt, served as Thanos-Thralls) - by Donald Campbell

Hutchinson (tax auditor)

Huyenneyuh (Grosgumbeekians)

Ice Princess (Inuit, cold-projecting Femizons member) - by Norvo

Iceworm (Jack Frost foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ika (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Inhuman scientists (Mr. Fantastic allies)

Immortus, Marcus (Revelation's son)

Impala (Bad Girls INC) - by Prime Eternal

Indigo of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Indra (Hindu God, impersonated Shiva at least once) - by Will U

Insidio (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Iron Monger (U.S. Agent sparring partner) - by Prime Eternal

Iron Moth of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb foe) - by Future

Jack O' Lantern (no, not, not EITHER of the Mad Jacks...yeah, that guy...the other one!)

Jackpot (Howard the Duck foe) - "suggested" by Gruenwald

Jeffries, Dr. Lionel (Thor character) - by Prime Eternal

John ?? (Starkesboro's Moonchildren)

Johnson, Jack (Right-Winger's father)

Jones, Andrew of Earth-712 (Arcanna son, Squadron Supreme character)

Jones, Benjamin of Earth-712 (son of Arcanna Jones, potential mystic)

Jones, Drusilla of Earth-712 (Arcanna's eldest daughter, Squadron Supreme character)

Jones, Katrina of Earth-712 (Arcanna's daughter, Squadron Supreme character)

Jones, Philip of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme character, Arcanna's husband)

Judan (bizarre alien species, associated with Universal Church of Truth and the Runestaff dimension) - by Donald Campbell

Judicator (Elders of the Universe)

Kalibar (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Karsov, Maria (Olympic athlete)

Keener (Serpent Society associate)

Kenny ?? (Serpent Society clerk)

Kid Reaper (Quasar's death avatar) - by Mike O

Knickknack (Death-Throws) - by Chadman

Kodabak (xt, porcine humanoid aliens, Avengers character) - by Donald Campbell

Korath (Inhuman, Gorgon's father)

Korath the Pursuer (Kree Starforce) - by Stunner

Korda, Vladimir (ULTIMATUM, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Korvac of Earth-Korvac conquers the Universe

Koth (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Kowalski (Grapplers manager)

Kreeg (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Krugarr (Mourners)

Kryad (Cosmic Commandos)

Kyle, Robby (Olympic athlete)

"Lady Lioness" (New Men, Sir Lyan's wife)

"Lady Panthera" (New Men, Sir Lepard's wife)

LaGraves (Sweat Shop)

Lamprey of Earth-712 (Donald McGuiggin, Squadron Supreme member/foe) - by Proto-Man

Land of Legends (Captain America story) - by Proto-Man

Landar (Star Masters ally) - by Prime Eternal

Landers, Dave of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Landslide (Outcasts, Subterreanean protector) - by Loki

Larry ?? (Slug employee)

Lavour (Crystar foe) - by David Lawrence

Leaman (Sweat Shop)

LeBron, Claude (Olympic athlete)

Left-Winger (Hector Lennox, Captain America (John Walker) foe) - by Proto-Man

Lennox, Mrs. (Left-Winger's mother)

Lenny ?? (Slug employee)

Letha (Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

Limbic Infundibula (xd, Avengers characters) - by Donald Campbell

Locus (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Lord Votan (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Lynch (Power Broker Inc.)

Lyons, Phil (Vagabond's brother, Nomad foe)

Lyons, Priscilla (Vagabond/Scourge, Captain America/Nomad/USAgent character)

Macross (used Terminus armor)

Madcap (Nomad foe, general annoyance of the MU) - by Madison Carter & Prime Eternal

Maelstrom (Fantastic Four/Avengers/Inhumans/Eternals foe) - by Prime Eternal

Maelstrom's Minions (lackeys of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Magma Men (Crystar foes) - by David Lawrence

Magnar (Rynda's father, Black Bolt's grandfather)

Malachon (Crystar foe) - by David Lawrence

Mander (Inhuman, Karnak & Triton's father)

Mangler (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Marty (Sweat Shop)

Mason, John (Mutator)

Mastodon (Dave Landers)

Mathers, George (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Max the Axe (Daredevil foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mayor Seward (Starkesboro, Massachusetts, Captain America character)

McNulty, Elwood (FBI)

M'Daka (Avengers support crew) - by Prime Eternal

Metallurge of New Universe

Micawber, Tristan (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mike ?? (Starkesboro's Moonchildren)

Milena (Inhuman, Gorgon's mother) - by Chadman

Mindsinger (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Mink of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

Misfit (Night Shift) - by Prime Eternal

Mr. Keeshan (Cross-Technological, Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Mist Mistress (Resistants, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Miximixum (Galactic Marathon)

Moltar (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Moonchildren (Starkesboro, Massachusetts, Captain America foes)

Moondancer (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Moonglow of Earth-712 (Melissa Hanover, Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Moonstalker (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Moon Thruster (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Moranis (Sweat Shop)

Morfex (Star Masters) - by Prime Eternal

Mourning Star (Mourners' vessel)

Mourners (aliens)

Mouse (Shroud ally) - by Prime Eternal

Mutator of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Myran (former Inhuman king) - by Chadman

Mysteria (Superia's Femizons)

Nadar (Inhuman, Mr. Fantastic ally) - by Spidermay

Nanna (Asgardian goddess) - by Will U

Needle (Night Shift member) - by Madison Carter

Nefarius (Avengers foe) - by Norvo

Night Shift (criminal/vigilante team) - by Madison Carter

Night Patrol (Starkesboro's security, Captain America foes)

Nightshade's laboratory (Starkesboro, Massachusetts)

Nordstrom, Ned (U.S. Agent character) - by Prime Eternal

Norfolk, Mary-Lyon (old girlfriend of John Walker) - by Prime Eternal

Nth Command (Captain America foes) - by SQUEAK

Nth Man (formerly known as Mysterium)

Nth Projector (Nth Command items)

Nyborn/Nygorn (Starblaster, Quasar foe)

Oblivion Plague (Watchers/Quasar story, conceived by Maelstrom)

O'Brien, Matthew (Hangman foe) - by Prime Eternal

O'Brien, Randy of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Ocam the Watcher (Quasar character)

Oddball (Death-Throws, Elton Healy) - by Chadman

Ogeode (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

O’Hara (Sweat Shop)

Ojo Macabra (South American super-hero, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

Omnivore (Quasar foe)

Onslaught (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Origin (Quasar ally)

Ortega, Nicol (Slug employee)

Otmu the Watcher (Oblivion Plague, Quasar character)

Outcasts (Mole Man allies)

Overmind of Scarlet Centurion's 40th century (apparently Earth-712)

Overrider (Captain America foe)

Overshadow (Philip Nolan Voigt)

Paragon (Kismet foe)

Para-Troop of New Universe (DP7 villains) - by Prime Eternal

Peregrine (French superhero) - by AvatarWarlord72

Perun (Russian god) - by Will U

Phaeder (Maelstrom's father) - by Prime Eternal

Phobius (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Pinball of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

Pit Bull of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Pit-Wolves (Starkesboro's wolf people, Captain America allies)

Pommerschen, New Troy home of Earth-712 (Arcanna & Philip Jones home)

Poundcakes (Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

Power Platoon (Dakkamites)

Prisma-Crystal (mystical item, Crystar story) - by David Lawrence

Prophet of Earth-8208

"Pter" (Saur-Lords)

Pucci (Sweat Shop)

Puff Adder (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Purple Haze of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Quant, Sally (Waxman victim)

Quantum Banders (Thanos creations)

Quill (Resistants) - by Patrick D Ryall

Raa (Anachronauts)

Ramis (Sweat Shop)

Ramrog (servant of Lord Votan)

Rattler (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Redstone of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme character) - by Norvo

Red Wolf (Wildrun)

Red Zepplin (costumed wrestler) - by Prime Eternal

Ree (Protector of the Universe)

Regulator of New Universe (Harlan Hackbarth, paranormal, D.P.7 character) - by Prime Eternal

Remnant of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

Resistants (mutant rights activists) - by Patrick D Ryall

Revelation (Ravonna counterpart)

Rickert (Slug employee)

Riddley, Hiram (Captain America fan) - by Prime Eternal

Riddley, Holly (Hiram's mother) - by Prime Eternal

Right-Winger (Jerome Johnson, Captain America (John Walker) foe) - by Proto-Man

Ringleader (Death-Throws) - by Chadman

R'malk'i (xt, sentient alien plants) - by Donald Campbell

Rock Python (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Rockwell, Douglas (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Rodriguez, Maria Bonita (Armadillo's wife)

Rossi, Brad (Olympic athlete)

Rugar (Shi'ar, Lilandra ally) - by Chadman

Ruger (Cosmic Commandos)

Rust (Resistants) - by Prime Eternal

Rustler of Earth-712 (Whizzer foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ryas (planet of the Druffs, Silver Surfer/Adam Warlock stories)

Ryvain (Inhuman historical figure)

Sammish, Adrian (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Sanderson, Orville (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Santa Claus of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa's father)

Sardan (Mourners)

Saur-Lords (Captain America foes)

Sawbones (costumed wrestler) - by Prime Eternal

Scarlet Centurion of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe)

Scavenger Units (Nth Command)

Schiffman, Mitch (former Slug employee)

Schutz Heilgruppe (German super-hero team) - by Prime Eternal

Scourge of the Underworld (vigilante organisation) - by Madison Carter

Sgt. Simmons (John Walker's drill sargeant) - by Prime Eternal

Sea Witch (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Seeker of Earth-8208

Serpent Citadel (Serpent Society HQ)

Serpent Saucers (Serpent Society vehicles)

Serpent Society (Captain America foes) - by SQUEAK

Serpent Squad (Thing foes) - by SQUEAK

"Serpent Squad" (Viper agents, Captain America foes) - by SQUEAK

serpentine First Lady (Snake Men)

serpentine President of the Unites States (Serpent Men)

Shadowoman (Shock Troop/Secret Defenders) - by Prime Eternal

Shamrock (Irish super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

Shelton, Howard of Earth-712 (husband of Squadron Supreme's Power Princess) - by Norvo

Shen (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Shiva (Hindu god) - by Will U

Shock Troop (Dr. Druid's team) - by Prime Eternal

Sidereus (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sidewinder (Voelker, former Serpent Society leader) - by SQUEAK

Silencer (Hawkeye foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sir Gote (New Men, Knights of Wundagore)

Sir Raston (Anachronauts)

Skar (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Skeletron (Starblasters leader, Quasar foe)

Skimmers (Nth Command transporter)

Skullhuggers (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Skymax the Skrullian Skymaster of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Slug (Ulysses X. Lugman, Captain America/Nomad foe) - by Chadman

Snake Men (Slither-derived)

Solar Wind (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Son of Santa of Earth-8336 (Bizarre Adventures)

Space Oddity of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Splice (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Squadron City home of Earth-712 (Arcanna & Philip Jones home)

Ssith (Anachronauts)

Stalax (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Starblasters (Starblast foes) - by Prime Eternal

Star Masters (Quasar/Beta Ray Bill/Silver Surfer team) - by Prime Eternal

Stellung (Cosmic Commandos)

Stenth (Cosmic Commandos)

Stygian Starbender (first Protector of the Universe)

Styro (Saur-Lords)

Sullivan, Inger (Avengers’ lawyer) - by Prime Eternal

Superia (Captain America foe)

Super-Nova (Garthan Saal, Avengers/Nova/New Warriors character)

Super Olympics (charity event) - by Proto-Man

Super Powers Commission (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Sweat Shop (Captain America/Spider-Man foes) - by Prime Eternal

Symak (Inhuman, Agon's parent)

Talisman (Contest of Champions) - by Prime Eternal

Tanaka, Kenjiro (Quasar ally)

Tanith (Inhuman, Agon's parent)

Tenpin (Death-Throws) - by Chadman

Threkker (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Throk (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Time-Keepers (Thor, Avengers foes)

Titania (Davida DeVito, Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

Titanis (Eternals) - by Prime Eternal

Tone-Def (Captain America foe)

Torres, Manuel (Bantam ally)

Trantra (Protector of the Universe)

Trini (Bantam ally)

Truth (Weird Sisters)

Tyndar (Anachronauts)

Ualu the Watcher (Quasar character)

Un-Being (Quasar foe)

unidentified announcer (Galactic Marathon)

unidentified Axi-Tun (servant of Lord Votan)

unidentified fish of Earth-712 (Drusilla Jones' pet)

unidentified Galactic Marathon fans (R'malk'i race)

unidentified recruiter (Power Broker Inc.)

unidentified Watcher (Galactic Marathon)

Urg (Cosmic Commandos)

Varua (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Vaughn, Gilbert (Quasar's father)

Vesta (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal & Will U

Viracocha (Incan god) - by Will U

Voelker, Amelia "Amy" (Seth Voelker (Sidewinder) daughter)

Void-Eater (Spider-Woman foe) - by Prime Eternal

Voigt, Philip Nolan of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Vormund (German super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

Vort (Cosmic Commandos)

Vort (Time-Keepers)

Votan (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Voyager (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

War Dogs of New Universe

Warhead (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Watcher of Earth-The Watcher Grew Hair

Water Children (Aquarian cult, Quasar characters)

Water Witch (Outcasts)

Waxman (Spider-Woman (Drew) foe) - by Will U

Wayopex (Mourners)

Weird Sisters (Maelstrom's agents ) - by Prime Eternal

Werner, Wesley (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Wesley, William (SHIELD weapon tester)

Wheelies (Galactic marathon)

White Room (alien dimension) - by Prime Eternal

Wilburn (Sidewinder servant)

Wildrun (Anachronauts)

Wild Thing (Mutator)

Wipeout of New Universe (Para-Troop member) - by Prime Eternal

Witness of New Universe (DP7 character) - by Prime Eternal

Wolf Pit (Starkesboro, Massachusetts)

"Wompus" of New Universe (creature Dave Landers was mistaken for)

Wooly Bully of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Xenith (Star Masters) - by Prime Eternal

Xlyym (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Yu Huang (Chinese god) - by Will U

Zanth (Time-Keepers)

Zardeth (Crystar foe) - by David Lawrence

Zardok (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Zeta (Rynda's mother, Black Bolt's grandmother)

Zona Rosa (South American superhuman, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

List compiled by Prime Eternal

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