Creations of Mark Gruenwald

Acba the Watcher (Quasar#25)

Acid Queen of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Acts of Vengeance

Adametco (Adamantium manufacturers)

Aegir (Giant) - by Will U

African Gods - by Will U

Agonistes of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa character)

Aldebron (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Alioth (Avengers foe)

"Allo" (Saur-Lords)

American Eagle of Earth-712 (Golden Agency member) - by Norvo

Americop (Captain America foe)

Anachronauts (Kang's agents) - by Gauntlet: Dark Rider

Anaconda (Serpent Society/Six Pack members) - by SQUEAK

Angel of Vengeance (Quasar ally)

Angler (Quasar foe)

"Anky" (Saur-Lords)

Anomaly (Quasar foe)

Anthropomorpho (Dimension of Manifestations)

Anti-Body of New Universe (Randy O'Brien)

Anti-Claus of Earth-8336 (Santa Claus/Son of Santa foe)

Ape X of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Apocryphus (Anachronauts)

Aqualung of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Aquanoids (Guardians of AIM Island) - by Prime Eternal

Araki imposter (Skrull, Avengers foe)

Armadillo (Captain America character) - by Madison Carter

Asp (Serpent Society/BAD Girls Inc. member) - by SQUEAK

Ast (Time-Keepers)

Aviles, Armando (Bantam foe)

Ballantine, Kayla (Quasar's girlfriend)

Bantam (Captain America ally) - by Prime Eternal

Beaumont, Eugene (dream machine inventor)

Beauty (Weird Sisters)

Bekk (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Bill ?? (Cross-Technologies)

Black Knight (Sir Raston)

Black Mamba (Serpent Society/BAD Girls Inc. member) - by SQUEAK

Black Panther's Engagement Party (Marvel Swimsuit Special event) - by Proto-Man

Black Racer (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Blazing Skull (Jim Scully)

Blistik (Captain America foe)

Blitzkrieger (German super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

Bloodstain (Scourge Inc. member)

Bludgeon (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Blue Marvel (Quasar foe)

Bollix of Earth-712 (Whizzer foe) - by Prime Eternal

Bombshell (Death-Throws/Femizons) - by Chadman

Bongert (Sweat Shop)

Boomslang (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Boulder (Outcasts)

Brahma (Hindu god) - by Will U

Brain Leeches (Xandarian creatures) - by Prime Eternal

Brand's mutagenic equipment (used by Serpent Society & Brand Corporation)

Brannex, Allesandro (AIM leader, Super-Adaptoid) - by SQUEAK

Bronek (Creator of the Sentry)

Bront (Saur-Lords)

Burge, Mr. (Alicia Masters' art dealer) - by Prime Eternal

"Buried Alien" (Fastforward)

Bushmaster (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

”Buzz-Saw” (Power Tools)

Caduceus (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Calculus (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Caprice (Scourge Inc. member)

Captain Forsa (Brazilian super-hero, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

Captain Universe (Contest of Champions) - by Proto-Man

Caregiver (Elder of the Universe)

Cat (Shroud ally) - by Prime Eternal

Cerebrac of Earth-712 (Master Menace's robot) - by Prime Eternal

Charm (Weird Sisters)

Chimera (Superia's Femizons)

Chosen Ones of Earth-8208 (Young Gods)

Chthon (the Other, Elder God, author of the Darkhold) - by Patrick D Ryall

Claus, Maria of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa's mother)

Coachwhip (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Coal Tiger (Impala foe) - by Ronald Byrd

Codabac (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Combo Man (promotional character)

Commission for Superhuman Activities (U.S. government organization) - by Prime Eternal

Commission on Superhuman Activities (U.S. government organization) - by Prime Eternal

Committee on Superhuman Activities (U.S. government organization) - by Prime Eternal

Copperhead (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Cosmic Commandos (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Cottonmouth (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Council of Godheads (chiefs of Earth's pantheons)

Council of Order (Crystar characters) - by David Lawrence

Crooked Man (Shroud foe) - by Prime Eternal

Cruz (Power Broker Inc.)

Crystar the Crystal Warrior (Crystalium) - by David Lawrence

C.S.A. (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Dakkamite Elect (Power Platoon)

Dampyre (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Daydreamer (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Dead Ringer (Captain America foe)

Deathhunt 9000 (Anachronauts)

Deathlok robot (Roxxon)

Death-Throws (Captain America/Hawkeye foes) - by Chadman

Defensor (Contest of Champions) - by Prime Eternal

Delubric Consortium (Kang foes) - mentioned by Gruenwald

Digger (Outcasts)

Doctor Decibel of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Dr. Anson Harkov (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Pons Indenbaum (Project: PEGASUS)

Dr. Margaret Mayfair (Project: PEGASUS)

Dore, Adrienne of Earth-712 (American Eagle's wife)

Dream Demon (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Dream Machine (Beaumont's invention)

Drill (Power Tools)

Earl (Sweat Shop)

Earth-8208 (Earth-Prophet; Bizarre Adventures)

Earth-19828 (Marvel Production Crew Existed in This Reality and the Marvel Editorial Crew Did, Too, What if? world) - by Proto-Man

Earth-23848 (Earth-Aunt May Became a Super Hero: The Astounding Ant-Aunt)

Earth-24848 (Earth-Aunt May Became a Super Hero: Auntie Freeze)

Earth-24388 (Earth-Aunt May Became a Super Hero: The Invincible Golden Oldie)

Earth-24883 (Earth-Reed Richards Had Not Invented Unstable Molecules)

Earth-34828 (Wonder Man Were a Woman--& Power Man Were a Girl, What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Earth-82816 (Galactus Ate the Earth, What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Black Bolt Got the Hiccups (What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Cyclops's Energy Beams Came Out of His Ears (What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Him Had Married Her (What if? humour) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Korvac conquers the Universe (What If? world)

Earth-Quasar Lost Cosmos in Collision (Quasar#30)

Earth-The Watcher Grew Hair (What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Earth-Thor Had a Swedish Accent (What if? humor) - by Proto-Man

Ed ?? (Cross-Technologies)

Edda the Watcher (Quasar#25)

Egma the Watcher (Quasar#25)

Eihu the Watcher (Quasar#16)

El Condor (South American super-hero, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

Epoch (cosmic being, daughter of Eon) - by Prime Eternal

Ergon (xt, Consortium members) - by Donald Campbell

Explorer (Elder of the Universe)

Fabrikant (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Falon (Maelstrom's Minions)

Fangs (Viper's team) - by Prime Eternal

Fanto (Cosmic Commandos)

Fastforward (Scarlet speedster)

Fath (Mourners)

Father Time (Elder of the Universe, Captain America foe) - by Proto-Man

Feldspar (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Femizons (Superia's allies)

Farber, Jake (FBI agent)

Farrow, Martin (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Fer-de-Lance (Serpent Society) - by Prime Eternal

Figillulli (Galactic Marathon racer) - by Darc_Light

Flaherty (Sweat Shop)

Fooferah (Galactic marathon)

Frost (Power Broker Inc.)

Galactic Roadrunner (Quasar character) - by Darc_Light

Galactic Marathon (Runner's interstellar race) - by Darc_Light

Gaston (Serpent Society butler)

Geometer (Quasar foe)

G.I. Max (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Globe of Souls (used by Enchantress) - by Chadman

Glom (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Golddigger (Scourge)

Golddigger (Captain America foe)

Grapplers (Thing foes) - by Nyssane

Gronk (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Grosgumbeekians (alien race)

Gruenwald, Mark (The Master of the Obscure!) - by Prime Eternal

Gypsy Moth (Night Shift, Spider-Woman foe) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Gzoom (Galactic marathon)

Hallsy (Serpent Society mechanic)

Halstan, General (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Hammerhand (Power Broker Inc.) - by Prime Eternal

Hardball (Imperial Guard) - by Prime Eternal

Helio (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Helter Skelter of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Heyatt (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Highnote (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

High Technician (Captain America foe) - by Markus Raymond

The Hub (Charter headquarters) - by Prime Eternal

Hutchinson (tax auditor)

Huyenneyuh (Grosgumbeekians)

Ice Princess (Superia's Femizons)

Iceworm (Jack Frost foe) - by Prime Eternal

Ika (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Inhuman scientists (Mr. Fantastic allies)

Immortus, Marcus (Revelation's son)

Impala (Bad Girls INC) - by Prime Eternal

Indigo of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Indra (Hindu God, impersonated Shiva at least once) - by Will U

Insidio (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Iron Monger (U.S. Agent sparring partner) - by Prime Eternal

Iron Moth of Earth-712 (Tom Thumb foe) - by Future

Jack O' Lantern (no, not, not EITHER of the Mad Jacks...yeah, that guy...the other one!)

Jackpot (Howard the Duck foe) - "suggested" by Gruenwald

Jeffries, Dr. Lionel (Thor character) - by Prime Eternal

Judicator (Elders of the Universe)

Kalibar (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Karsov, Maria (Olympic athlete)

Keener (Serpent Society associate)

Kenny ?? (Serpent Society clerk)

Knickknack (Death-Throws) - by Chadman

Korath the Pursuer (Kree Starforce) - by Stunner

Korda, Vladimir (ULTIMATUM, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Korvac of Earth-Korvac conquers the Universe

Koth (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Kowalski (Grapplers manager)

Kreeg (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Krugarr (Mourners)

Kryad (Cosmic Commandos)

Kyle, Robby (Olympic athlete)

LaGraves (Sweat Shop)

Land of Legends (Captain America story) - by Proto-Man

Landar (Star Masters ally) - by Prime Eternal

Landers, Dave of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Landslide (Outcasts)

Lavour (Crystar foe) - by David Lawrence

Leaman (Sweat Shop)

LeBron, Claude (Olympic athlete)

Letha (Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

Limbic Infundibula (xd, Avengers characters) - by Donald Campbell

Locus (Thor foe) - by Prime Eternal

Lord Votan (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Lynch (Power Broker Inc.)

Macross (used Terminus armor)

Madcap (Nomad foe, general annoyance of the MU) - by Madison Carter & Prime Eternal

Maelstrom (Fantastic Four/Avengers/Inhumans/Eternals foe) - by Prime Eternal

Maelstrom's Minions (lackeys of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Magma Men (Crystar foes) - by David Lawrence

Malachon (Crystar foe) - by David Lawrence

Mangler (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Marty (Sweat Shop)

Mason, John (Mutator)

Mastodon (Dave Landers)

Mathers, George (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Max the Axe (Daredevil foe) - by Prime Eternal

McNulty, Elwood (FBI)

M'Daka (Avengers support crew) - by Prime Eternal

Metallurge of New Universe

Micawber, Tristan (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Mindsinger (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Mink of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

Misfit (Night Shift) - by Prime Eternal

Mr. Keeshan (Cross-Technological, Avengers character) - by Proto-Man

Mist Mistress (Resistants, Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Miximixum (Galactic Marathon)

Moltar (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Moondancer (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Moonglow of Earth-712 (Melissa Hanover, Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Moonstalker (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Moon Thruster (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Moranis (Sweat Shop)

Morfex (Star Masters) - by Prime Eternal

Mourning Star (Mourners' vessel)

Mourners (aliens)

Mouse (Shroud ally) - by Prime Eternal

Mutator of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Mysteria (Superia's Femizons)

Nadar (Inhuman, Mr. Fantastic ally) - by Spidermay

Nanna (Asgardian goddess) - by Will U

Needle (Night Shift member) - by Madison Carter

Nefarius (Avengers foe) - by Norvo

Night Shift (criminal/vigilante team) - by Madison Carter

Nordstrom, Ned (U.S. Agent character) - by Prime Eternal

Norfolk, Mary-Lyon (old girlfriend of John Walker) - by Prime Eternal

Nth Command (Captain America foes) - by SQUEAK

Nth Man (formerly known as Mysterium)

Nth Projector (Nth Command items)

Nyborn/Nygorn (Starblaster, Quasar foe)

O'Brien, Matthew (Hangman foe) - by Prime Eternal

O'Brien, Randy of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Ocam the Watcher (Quasar#16)

Oddball (Death-Throws, Elton Healy) - by Chadman

Ogeode (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

O’Hara (Sweat Shop)

Ojo Macabra (South American super-hero, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

Omnivore (Quasar foe)

Onslaught (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Origin (Quasar ally)

Otmu the Watcher (Quasar#15)

Outcasts (Mole Man allies)

Overrider (Captain America foe)

Overshadow (Philip Nolan Voigt)

Paragon (Kismet foe)

Para-Troop of New Universe (DP7 villains) - by Prime Eternal

Peregrine (French superhero) - by AvatarWarlord72

Perun (Russian god) - by Will U

Phaeder (Maelstrom's father) - by Prime Eternal

Phobius (minion of Maelstrom) - by Prime Eternal

Pinball of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

Pit Bull of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Poundcakes (Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

Power Platoon (Dakkamites)

Prisma-Crystal (mystical item, Crystar story) - by David Lawrence

Prophet of Earth-8208

"Pter" (Saur-Lords)

Pucci (Sweat Shop)

Puff Adder (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Purple Haze of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Quant, Sally (Waxman victim)

Quantum Banders (Thanos creations)

Quill (Resistants) - by Patrick D Ryall

Raa (Anachronauts)

Ramis (Sweat Shop)

Ramrog (servant of Lord Votan)

Rattler (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Redstone of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme character) - by Norvo

Red Wolf (Wildrun)

Red Zepplin (costumed wrestler) - by Prime Eternal

Ree (Protector of the Universe)

Remnant of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme foe) - by Norvo

Resistants (mutant rights activists) - by Patrick D Ryall

Revelation (Ravonna counterpart)

Riddley, Hiram (Captain America fan) - by Prime Eternal

Riddley, Holly (Hiram's mother) - by Prime Eternal

Ringleader (Death-Throws) - by Chadman

Rock Python (Serpent Society member) - by SQUEAK

Rockwell, Douglas (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Rodriguez, Maria Bonita (Armadillo's wife)

Rossi, Brad (Olympic athlete)

Rugar (Shi'ar, Lilandra ally) - by Chadman

Ruger (Cosmic Commandos)

Rust (Resistants) - by Prime Eternal

Rustler of Earth-712 (Whizzer foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sammish, Adrian (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Sanderson, Orville (Commission on Superhuman Activities) - by Prime Eternal

Santa Claus of Earth-8336 (Son of Santa's father)

Sardan (Mourners)

Saur-Lords (Captain America foes)

Sawbones (costumed wrestler) - by Prime Eternal

Scavenger Units (Nth Command)

Schutz Heilgruppe (German super-hero team) - by Prime Eternal

Scourge of the Underworld (vigilante organisation) - by Madison Carter

Sgt. Simmons (John Walker's drill sargeant) - by Prime Eternal

Sea Witch (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Seeker of Earth-8208

Serpent Citadel (Serpent Society HQ)

Serpent Saucers (Serpent Society vehicles)

Serpent Society (Captain America foes) - by SQUEAK

Serpent Squad (Thing foes) - by SQUEAK

"Serpent Squad" (Viper agents, Captain America foes) - by SQUEAK

serpentine First Lady (Snake Men)

serpentine President of the Unites States (Serpent Men)

Shadowoman (Shock Troop/Secret Defenders) - by Prime Eternal

Shamrock (Irish super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

Shelton, Howard of Earth-712 (husband of Squadron Supreme's Power Princess) - by Norvo

Shen (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Shiva (Hindu god) - by Will U

Shock Troop (Dr. Druid's team) - by Prime Eternal

Sidereus (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sidewinder (Voelker, former Serpent Society leader) - by SQUEAK

Silencer (Hawkeye foe) - by Prime Eternal

Sir Raston (Anachronauts)

Skar (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Skeletron (Starblasters leader, Quasar foe)

Skimmers (Nth Command transporter)

Skullhuggers (Starblasters device) - by Prime Eternal

Skymax the Skrullian Skymaster of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme member) - by Norvo

Snake Men (Slither-derived)

Solar Wind (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

Son of Santa of Earth-8336 (Bizarre Adventures)

Space Oddity of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Splice (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Ssith (Anachronauts)

Stalax (Crystar character) - by David Lawrence

Starblasters (Starblast foes) - by Prime Eternal

Star Masters (Quasar/Beta Ray Bill/Silver Surfer team) - by Prime Eternal

Stellung (Cosmic Commandos)

Stenth (Cosmic Commandos)

Stygian Starbender (first Protector of the Universe)

Styro (Saur-Lords)

Sullivan, Inger (Avengers’ lawyer) - by Prime Eternal

Superia (Captain America foe)

Super-Nova (Garthan Saal, Avengers/Nova/New Warriors character)

Super Olympics (charity event) - by Proto-Man

Super Powers Commission (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Sweat Shop (Captain America/Spider-Man foes) - by Prime Eternal

Talisman (Contest of Champions) - by Prime Eternal

Tanaka, Kenjiro (Quasar ally)

Tenpin (Death-Throws) - by Chadman

Threkker (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Throk (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Time-Keepers (Thor, Avengers foes)

Titania (Davida DeVito, Grapplers member) - by Nyssane

Titanis (Eternals) - by Prime Eternal

Tone-Def (Captain America foe)

Torres, Manuel (Bantam ally)

Trantra (Protector of the Universe)

Trini (Bantam ally)

Truth (Weird Sisters)

Tyndar (Anachronauts)

Ualu the Watcher (Quasar#15)

Un-Being (Quasar foe)

unidentified recruiter (Power Broker Inc.)

unnamed announcer (Galactic Marathon)

unnamed Axi-Tun (servant of Lord Votan)

unnamed Watcher (Galactic Marathon)

Urg (Cosmic Commandos)

Varua (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal

Vaughn, Gilbert (Quasar's father)

Vesta (Olympian goddess) - by Alex K, Prime Eternal & Will U

Viracocha (Incan god) - by Will U

Voelker, Amelia "Amy" (Seth Voelker (Sidewinder) daughter)

Void-Eater (Spider-Woman foe) - by Prime Eternal

Voigt, Philip Nolan of New Universe - by Prime Eternal

Vormund (German super-hero) - by Prime Eternal

Vort (Cosmic Commandos)

Vort (Time-Keepers)

Votan (Star Masters foe) - by Prime Eternal

Voyager (Shi'ar Imperial Guard)

War Dogs of New Universe

Warhead (Captain America foe) - by Prime Eternal

Watcher of Earth-The Watcher Grew Hair

Water Children (Aquarian cult, Quasar characters)

Water Witch (Outcasts)

Waxman (Spider-Woman (Drew) foe) - by Will U

Wayopex (Mourners)

Weird Sisters (Maelstrom's agents ) - by Prime Eternal

Werner, Wesley (Commission on Superhuman Activities)

Wesley, William (SHIELD weapon tester)

Wheelies (Galactic marathon)

White Room (alien dimension) - by Prime Eternal

Wilburn (Sidewinder servant)

Wildrun (Anachronauts)

Wild Thing (Mutator)

Wipeout of New Universe (Para-Troop member) - by Prime Eternal

Witness of New Universe (DP7 character) - by Prime Eternal

"Wompus" of New Universe (creature Dave Landers was mistaken for)

Wooly Bully of New Universe (Para-Troop)

Xenith (Star Masters) - by Prime Eternal

Xlyym (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Yu Huang (Chinese god) - by Will U

Zanth (Time-Keepers)

Zardeth (Crystar foe) - by David Lawrence

Zardok (Starblasters) - by Prime Eternal

Zona Rosa (South American superhuman, Zeitgeist victim) - by Prime Eternal

List compiled by Prime Eternal

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