Real Name: Shen

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Crystalium) human

Occupation: Warrior

Group Membership: Forces of Order

Affiliations: Forces of Order, Ambara, Alpha Flight (Shaman (Michael Twoyoungmen), Puck (Eugene Milton Judd), Northstar (Jean-Paul Beaubier)), Bekk, Crystar, Kalibar, Koth, Ika, Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner), Ogeode, Stalax, Dr. Strange (Stephan Strange), Warbow

Enemies: Lavour, Malachon, Moltar, Zardeth

Known Relatives: Ika (daughter), Ogeode (husband/lover)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Council of Order, Galax countryside

First Appearance: Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#7 (May, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Shen was a capable and competent warrior. She was an excellent swordswoman and had considerable talent with the bow. She carried as many weapons into battle as her frame would allow. She later wielded an enchanted sword that could slice though both magma and malachite and never dull.

History: (Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#7 (fb)- BTS) – The details of Ogeode’s and Shen’s courtship is unknown, save that the two did manage to produce one child (Ika). The relationship between the two was unusual, in that Shen apparently chose to stay with the Council of Order, possibly to act as their protector, while Ogeode and Ika left to stay within the city limits of Galax. What contact she had with her family during this time was limited.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#7) – As Crystar’s forces entered the Council of Order’s lands Shen was among the group to meet them. She showed pride at her daughter’s new form, complementing her on its new combat potential. Her reunion with Ogeode was spirited, but all the attention was mostly one-sided. She ignored Ogeode’s sarcasm and went about the business of greeting the new arrivals.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#8) – As Crystar took a day of mourning, Shen seethed over Bekk’s treatment of Ika. Offering to kill the offending councilman, Ogeode managed to talk her out of it. She begrudgingly agreed with him, but kept her eyes open all the same.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#9) – As debates raged throughout the Council, Shen rallied support for Ogeode. She also pointed out to Koth that “he is not old, he is Ogeode”, a statement that would not be explained until much later. When the disguised Zardeth and Malachon attacked, Shen helped lead the charge against the invaders and helped drive them off.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#10) –Shen left silently with Crystar’s forces. Later, as Crystar’s assembled troops met and battled with Moltar’s forces, Shen leapt into the thick of battle. Using a new sword forged by Ogeode, she easily cleaved both magma and malachite forces with no resistance and left a trail of broken bodies in her wake. She survived the battle and looked on silently when told of Koth’s death.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#11) – As battle plans were made, Shen finally explained to the group that Ogeode was not much older than Bekk. She easily held her own against the combined forces of the Molten Men and the Green Hill people. When the battle was finally over and Crystar triumphant, Shen proudly watched the joyous reunions between the previously splintered families and people. She stood closer to Ogeode and suggested that perhaps they could adjourn to someplace more private as Crystar was hailed as the new king.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, John Romita, Jr., and Jim Shooter. Concept expanded on by Mary Jo Duffy and Ricardo Villamonte.

It is implied that Shen was a dwarf or possible halfling (hobbit), but then again she may just be an extremely short human.

A running joke was how much Shen wanted to be with her husband, yet he couldn’t seem to stand to be on the same continent as her. So how did they meet anyway?

Extra special thanks to Madison Carter for clarifying this question- yes, Crystar and all related characters are in fact Marvel owned and created. You might remember these guys from the Remco toy line, but the toys were a tie-in to the comic and not vice versa.

Profile by David Lawrence

Shen has no known connections to:

Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#10, cover (main image)
Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#7, p19, pan2 (2nd image)

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Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#10 (November 1984) - Mary Jo Duffy (plot/script), Ricardo Villamonte (pencils), Ralph Macchio (editor)
Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#11 (February 1985) - Mary Jo Duffy (plot/script), Ricardo Villamonte (pencils), Ralph Macchio (editor)

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