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Real Name: Heyatt

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Crystalium) human weapon user

Occupation: Captain in the Royal Guard

Group Membership: Royal Guard

AffiliationsCrystar, Kalibar, Koth, Moltar, Stalax, Warbow

Enemies: Forces of Chaos, Chaos Demon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Galax and the surrounding countryside

First Appearance: Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#8 (May, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Heyatt was a member of the Royal Guard, and was well-versed in swordplay, battle tactics and basic survival skills. In combat, he wielded twin blades.


(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior #8 (fb)) – During a lull in the First Chaos War, Captain Heyatt heard disturbing reports of a monster attacking the outlaying region. Taking the matter to the twin princes, a war party was formed. Heyatt thought about his friend Koth and his marriage to the Lady Ranilla, and about her safety, as her village was one of the ones being attacked. Encountering not only a Chaos Demon, but also a small host of Chaos servants, a pitched battle broke out. The surviving villagers and troops were split into two groups. They followed the plan that Heyatt and Koth's forces were to head back to the villages while Crystar and Moltar’s troops were to head toward the sea in an attempt to cut off the Chaos Demon. While fighting, Heyatt failed to see the chief demon among the Chaos forces and believed the princes to be heading into a trap. Heyatt ordered half of the men to go and aide Koth, while he rushed back for the princes. He found them under siege by the demon. Rushing into battle with the monster, Heyatt slew the demon, but as he turned around to check on the princes, another demon launched a spear that struck him in the heart. He died before Crystar and Moltar.

(Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior #8) – On the anniversary of that dark day, Crystar and Moltar both swore never to fight each other, no matter what, out of respect for their friend.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Ralph Macchio, John Romita, Jr., and Jim Shooter. Concept expanded on by Mary Jo Duffy and Ricardo Villamonte.

Extra special thanks to Madison Carter for clarifying this question- yes, Crystar and all related characters are in fact Marvel owned and created. You might remember these guys from the Remco toy line, but the toys were a tie-in to the comic and not vice versa.

Profile by David Lawrence.

Heyatt has no known connections to:

Chaos Demon

The Chaos Demon was a foul and large beast with fangs, talons and a fish tail. Its tremendous strength and lifeforce were connected to the red crystal stuck in its chest. It died when Heyatt cut it out.









--Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#8

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Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#8, p6, pan4 (main image)

p19, pan1 (Chaos Demon)

Saga of Crystar the Crystal Warrior#8 (September, 1984) - by Mary Jo Duffy (plot/script), Ricardo Villamonte (pencils), Dave Simons (inks), Bob Harris (editor)

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