Real Name: Harlan Hackbarth

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-148611/"New Universe") Paranormal human

Occupation: Clinic staffperson, manipulator

Group Membership: The Clinic for Paranormal Research

Affiliations: CIA, Receptor (Tracy Speck), Reinforcer (Dexter Charne), Philip Nolan Voigt

Enemies: Charlotte Beck, Lenore Fenzl, Stephanie Harrington, Dave Landers, Randy O'Brien, Scuzz (Dennis Cuzinski), Jeff Walters

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Ultimate Paranormal

Base of Operations: The Clinic for Paranormal Research, Wisconsin, USA (Earth-148611)

First Appearance: D.P.7 I#1 (November, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Harlan styled himself "the ultimate paranormal." He had the power to regulate the bodily processes of all people around him; it unknown how far his body could reach but he demonstrated at least a 20 foot span. At several times, he was seen monitoring his subjects over a video camera; it is possible that the visuals of his victims allowed him to reach out with his power beyond his normal line-of-sight. Harlan could use this power to cause people to fall asleep, suffer headaches, allergic reactions, cut off their blood circulation, regulate their pain or pleasure sensations, regulate their adrenaline or fatigue levels, or affect their optic nerve.

Harlan's abilities were particularly effective when used alongside his allies Receptor and Reinforcer. Collectively, they were able to manipulate and control most of the subjects in the Clinic.

Height: 6'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 175 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Light blond

History: (D. P. 7. I#1 (fb) - BTS) - Harlan Hackbarth was one of the individuals who became a paranormal following the White Event caused by the Star Brand. After Philip Nolan Voigt took control of the Clinic for Paranormal Research in Wisconsin, Harlan was one of the paranormals he recruited for his staff. Because of his power to regulate bodily processes, Harlan dubbed himself "Regulator," joining with fellow paranormal staffers Reinforcer and Receptor to subtly use their powers to control the paranormals in the Clinic. Voigt had an arrangement with the CIA to send his most promising paranormals to serve in the agency and Harlan and the other staffers were to keep watch for such individuals.

(D.P.7. I#1) - Harlan was standing in the lobby of the Clinic when the paranormals Dave Landers and Randy O'Brien arrived together to meet with Dr. Jane Semple. On seeing how large Dave was, Harlan mused to himself that he might be a "good candidate," referring to the CIA program. After the duo were assigned to Therapy Group C, Harlan met with Voigt, Charne and Speck in Voigt's office to monitor the group through video cameras. Speck noted that "Randy O'Connell" was giving off static and hiding information from them. Harlan was eager to manipulate the truth out of him and asked Voigt for permission to begin "regulating" him. Voigt agreed.

Over the next several days, Harlan used his powers to influence Randy, forcing him to go sleep. Randy didn't realize anything was amiss but when Harlan later broke up a conversation between Dave and Randy about why the therapy groups were isolated from each other, Randy's suspicions about Harlan only grew. That night, Randy sent his "Antibody" self out to explore the Clinic and learn whether he was right to be suspicious. As Regulator, Reinforcer and Receptor were not entirely aware of how Randy's power worked and hadn't seen it exit his body through the video cameras, the Antibody was able to spy on the trio as they monitored the therapy groups. Receptor noted that the more Reinforcer and Regulator used their powers on Randy, the more resistant he became. Regulator suggested Reinforcer stop being subtle with his powers but Reinforcer was afraid that if he pushed too hard, Randy would suffer permanent mental trauma. Although Voigt had plans for Randy because of his unusual power, Harlan wanted Randy to be expelled from the Clinic before he learned "too much." Failing that, Harlan suggested they move Randy to the intensive care ward under sedation so that they could condition Randy 24 hours a day instead of only during his sleep. Suddenly, Receptor noted that Randy's static level was down, meaning the Antibody was loose. Annoyed, Harlan announced that he intended to give Randy an asthma attack so he could begin his plan to put him in the intensive care ward. Outraged, the Antibody dragged Harlan's chair away from him, letting him fall to the ground. Realizing the Antibody had overheard their conversation, Harlan immediately set after Randy.

Harlan burst into Randy's room and used his power to make Randy unconscious. As he carried him down the hallway, Dave burst out of his room, having been informed of Harlan's actions by the Antibody. Harlan simply gave Dave stomach cramps to get him out of the way. Dave roused the rest of Therapy Group C and when the Clinic's security team intervened, they began to believe Dave's story. Dave led Charlotte Beck, Lenore Fenzl, Stephanie Harrington, Scuzz and Jeff Walters to the lab where Harlan was holding Randy. Unfazed, Harlan unleashed his power on all six of them, giving Charlotte a headache, Scuzz an allergy attack, cut Walters' circulation in his legs, set off all of Dave's pain receptors, overloaded Stephanie's pleasure button and put Lenore's optic nerve "on the blink." To ward of Randy's Antibody, Harlan told the creature he would give Randy a massive coronary if the creature came near him. While Harlan was focused on the Antibody, however, Dave, although wracked by pain, rose to his feet and struck Harlan in the face. The effects of Harlan's power faded once he was unconscious and the entire therapy group fled the Clinic.

(D.P.7. I#2) - As Harlan was being bandaged up from the injury he took from Dave's hit (suffering from fractured vertebrae in his neck along with bruises and an injured arm), Voigt burst into the infirmary to demand an explanation. Regulator, Reinforcer and Receptor quickly described the events of the evening. Despite his injuries, Harlan offered to help capture them but Voigt decided at that point to involve the CIA.

(D.P.7. I#9) - After all of the members of Therapy Group C except for Dave Landers had been retrieved, Regulator, Reinforcer and Receptor began an invasive attempt to rewrite their memories and make them compliant to the Clinic. Regulator's power was used to put them asleep so that they could be more easily conditioned. In their dream state, Therapy Group C imagined themselves in a volleyball contest against Therapy Group B, during which Harlan appeared as the game's referee. However, Randy O'Brien remained extremely difficult to control and he briefly fought his way back to consciousness. Regulator and Reinforcer were surprised but Regulator quickly used his power to send Randy back to sleep.

(D.P.7. I#10) - Regulator, Reinforcer and Receptor were continuing their work with Therapy Group C when Harlan caught the other two talking about him. Receptor had taken a dislike to Regulator, feeling he enjoyed to see their subjects rendered helpless. Just then, Voigt came to update them about the continuing hunt for Dave Landers. When Voigt complained that Receptor hadn't been helping them locate Landers, she angrily complained that she was being taxed to her limits by all the demands on her powers. Harlan stood up for Receptor as his own powers were being taxed and he would normally keep Receptor's adrenaline high and fatigue levels low. However, Voigt ignored his apology, reminding him he had work to do. Harlan was stunned by Voigt's lack of compassion and wondered what exactly Voigt's paranormal power was. Harlan offered to monitor the group on his own so that Reinforcer and Receptor could rest.

(D.P.7. I#11) - When Stephanie Harrington suddenly woke up at the Clinic and began using her power to increase other people's energy on Lenore Fenzl, Harlan intervened to stop her. He quickly made Stephanie fall asleep again then put Lenore back to sleep before she could fully rouse. Harlan took a moment to mock Receptor and Reinforcer for allowing Stephanie to awake while under their watch. He advised the orderlies to increase the sedative on Stephanie but they replied she was already taking an undiluted dose. Harlan noted that this wasn't the first time Stephanie had broken their control and that if she broke out one more time, he wanted to terminate her.

Sure enough, just a little later, Stephanie began fighting her way back to consciousness. Furious, Harlan ignored Reinforcer's warnings and went into the ward to terminate Stephanie. Harlan began using his power to squeeze Stephanie's heart until it burst but Reinforcer and Receptor both stepped in to stop him. Reinforcer tried to use his psychic power to cause mental trauma which would incapacitate Stephanie but because Harlan was linked to her nervous system by his own power, it caused feedback from Reinforcer's power to stun Harlan unconscious. Stephanie was now asleep but Harlan was likewise incapacitated.

(D.P.7. I#13) - When Voigt was driven out of the Clinic, Dave Landers went looking for Harlan after seeing the state Stephanie had been left in. Harlan was now himself a patient, still completely unconscious and on a respirator. Indignant, Dave removed the respirator and began to smother Harlan with his hand. Randy intervened with his Antibodies and fought Dave back, observing that Harlan had already paid for what he had done to Stephanie and that Stephanie's own powers were certain to help her recover.

(D.P.7. I#21) - As police officers raided the Clinic, Harlan was shown to be still comatose in his bed. The police raid forced the Clinic to close permanently, leaving Harlan's fate unknown.

Comments: Created by Mark Gruenwald, Paul Ryan and Romeo Tanghal.

Harlan also appears in a false memory Reinforcer created in D.P.7. I#12, showing how Scuzz, Jeff Walters, Lenore Fenzl and Charlotte Beck's memories of him had been altered so that they had forgotten he was a paranormal.

A headshot of Harlan is seen in "The Clinic - Personnel and Patients" in D.P.7. I#19.

A version of Harlan was also seen on Earth-15731 in Exiles I#72, the subprofile of which is seen below. --Proto-Man

This profile was completed 7/26/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Regulator should not be confused with:

Harlan Hackbarth of Earth-15731Harlan Hackbarth of Earth-15731

In the reality of Earth-15731, events diverged immediately after Therapy Group C left the Clinic. The group was delayed by an encounter with Proteus, allowing the badly-injured Harlan to lead Reinforcer, Receptor and armed Clinic staff in an attempt to retrieve the group on the Clinic's grounds when the reality-hopping Exiles suddenly appeared. The team of heroes quickly teleported away with all the members of Therapy Group C.

--Exiles I#72

images: (without ads)
D.P.7. I#11, page 8, panel 7 (Regulator, main)
D.P.7. I#1, page 23, panel 5 (Regulator using powers)
Exiles I#72, page 11, panel 1 (Earth-15731's Harlan)

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