Real Name: Lewis Haywerth

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Military advisor to the Commission on Superhuman Activities

Group Membership: Commission on Superhuman Activities, Control (Colonel Edward Harrison, General Thaddeus E. Ross, General Cecil B. Slinkard, Howard Stark, Bolivar Trask), U.S. Military

Affiliations: Battlestar/Bucky, Captain America/U.S. Agent, Felix Caridad, G.I. Max, Gladstone, Iron Monger, Kingpin, Lt. Michael Lynch, Nuke, Power Broker, Power Broker Inc.

Enemies: Captain America (Steve Rogers), Nomad

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Commission Headquarters, Washington, D.C.

First Appearance: Daredevil I#232 (July, 1986)

Powers/Abilities: General Haywerth is an intelligent leader and manipulator, backed up by the resources of the military and U.S. government.

History: (Conspiracy#1-2 (fb)) - General Haywerth was allegedly a member of a secret organization called Control, which was determined to manipulate the entire superhuman population of the United States. However, over time Control became compromised, and its resources were used to fund villains such as Ultron and the Mad Thinker. Control apparently broke up, and Haywerth was assigned by the President to the Commission on Superhuman Activities.

(Wolverine II#18(fb)) - Haywerth loaned Nuke to President Caridad in Tierra Verde to put down a rebellion.

(Daredevil I#232-233) - General Haywerth was placed in charge of reviving the super-soldier project for the government, and oversaw the creation of Nuke, a super-soldier controlled by drugs. He allowed the Kingpin to make use of Nuke in an attempt to destroy Daredevil, and took Nuke back into custody after Daredevil had defeated him. Captain America confronted Haywerth about Nuke, and made it clear to Haywerth that he did not approve of the government's actions. While Haywerth attempted to rehabilitate Nuke, Nuke broke free and went on a rampage. Haywerth's men ultimately slew him during the resulting firefight, despite the best efforts of Captain America and Daredevil to save Nuke's life.

(Captain America I#331) - Haywerth was involved in another attempt to create a super-soldier, this time employing the Power Broker to create the superhuman G.I. Max for the government. Unfortunately, G.I. Max was slain while battling Captain America. Haywerth joined the rest of the Commission in demanding that Captain America appear before them, and employed the FBI to locate him.

(Captain America I#332) - Haywerth joined the Commission in confronting Captain America, revealing to him that the Captain America identity was the property of the government, and demanded that he either become their operative, or surrender his shield and uniform. After considering their offer for an evening, Steve Rogers chose to turn over the costume and uniform, and walked out.

(Captain America I#333) - As the Commission argued over whom to assign the Captain America identity to, General Haywerth updated them on the super-soldier projects, revealing how Steve Rogers had been involved in the deaths of G.I. Max and Nuke. Ultimately, the Commission chose John Walker, the Super-Patriot, to be their new Captain America, with Lemar Hoskins as the new Bucky.

(Captain America I#334) - General Haywerth met with Commissioner Rockwell and Dr. Cooper on John Walker to learn if his training would be complete in time for their plans.

(Captain America I#335) - General Haywerth congratulated Walker and Hoskins upon the successful completion of their training.

(Captain America I#344) - General Haywerth joined the Commission in confronting D-Man, Diamondback and Nomad, who had all been taken captive by Walker and Hoskins.

(Captain America I#345) - General Haywerth observed as Steve Rogers turned himself over to the Commission, only to be thrown into prison.

(Captain America I#347-348, 350) - Sikorski joined with other members of the Commission in being increasingly alarmed at John Walker's actions as Captain America, and repeatedly attempted to have him removed, only to be blocked by the President, and by Commissioner Rockwell. Finally, they attempted to have Rogers reclaim the identity, only for him to refuse, until Walker convinced Rogers that he was the man best suited to the job.

(Captain America I#382/2 (fb)) - General Haywerth met with Walker and the two of them planned to have him fake his death so that they could establish a new cover identity for him. Haywerth also had Walker's memories altered to remove the memory of his parents' death.

(Captain America I#352) - Haywerth joined the Commission for a meeting with Battlestar, hoping to keep him onboard as an operative, but he departed their employ to investigate Walker's death.

(Captain America I#354) - General Haywerth prepared to introduce the rest of the Commission to Walker in his new identity as the U.S. Agent by having Gladstone of Stane International provide him with the Iron Monger, which he provided to a Guardsman to use in a training exercise. Haywerth revealed to the Commission how he had faked Walker's death while Walker successfully defeated the Iron Monger.

(Captain America I#358/2) - General Haywerth contacted the U.S. Agent at the Avengers Compound to inform him that the Power Broker's life was being threatened by an assassin, who proved to be a Scourge. The U.S. Agent was sent to protect the Commission's interest in the Power Broker.

(Punisher: No Escape) - General Haywerth joined the Commission in appointing the U.S. Agent to apprehend the Punisher, but he wound up siding with the Punisher against the Maggia, and disobeyed his orders.

(Nomad I#1-3) - General Haywerth met with the Commission as they determined how to oppose Nomad, who was interfering with the government's plan to sell its S.I.C.C.A.E.L. super-gun to Cuba.

(Captain America I#380/2, 382/2) - General Haywerth was confronted by the U.S. Agent, who had learned that the Commission had altered his memories. Haywerth allowed the U.S. Agent to regain all of his memories, but altered events to make him think he had asked them to remove the memory of his parents' death.

(Avengers West Coast#69 (fb)) - General Haywerth contacted the U.S. Agent as the Avengers altered their charter to become U.N. affiliated, and informed Walker that the Commission could no longer force the Avengers to accept him as a member.

(Thunderbolts I#21 (fb)) - Haywerth joined the Commission in meeting with Hawkeye when he sought their approval to reform the Thunderbolts into heroes. They refused his request, and threatened to charge him as an accessory after the facts to their crimes.

(Thunderbolts I#26) - General Haywerth joined with the Commission in deciding to spring Abner Jenkins from prison in order to use him as an agent to investigate Justin Hammer's interest in Omega-32.

(Fantastic Four III#27) - General Haywerth attended a meeting with the Commission as they determined how to react to the supposed wedding of Dr. Doom and the Invisible Woman.

Comments: Created by Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli.

The character General Standish, another military representative in the Commission, may actually be the figure in military dress seen in some of Haywerth's appearances listed above, as they have a virtually identical appearance.

by Prime Eternal

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