Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: human, would-be conqueror

Occupation: Ruler of an army of mindless servants, caretaker of the spider; former military leader

AFFILIATIONS: uses a giant, unnamed spider
Frankenstein monster, Leftenant

BASE of OPERATIONS: Castle Frankenstein I, Ingolstadt, Bavaria, @ 1898

FIRST APPEARANCE: Frankenstein Monster#6 (October, 1973)

POWERS: None. The Colonel maintained some political power, in addition to controlling a small army of mind-sapped servants, and his giant spider. He was once a skilled military leader, and he retained much of his fighting and swordsmanship skills. He was apparently very fond of his heavy, no peripheral vision, steel helmet. He also likely had that "strength of a madman" thing going on.



HISTORY: The exact history of the man known only as the Colonel is unknown. He was apparently a colonel in the German military, based in Ingolstadt in the mid to late 1800s. At some point he left the military, and went into hiding in the original Castle Frankenstein (which had been abandoned for two decades by Jason von Frankenstein). He discovered a giant spider, and learned that the spider fed on the wills of humans. The Colonel began to capture men, have the spider siphon their spirits, and create a small army of mindless servants.



(FM#6)-At the close of the 19th century, the Frankenstein monster returned to Ingolstadt in search of the last surviving von Frankenstein. He entered the depths of Castle Frankenstein, where he observed an army of zombie-like men throwing a man into a pit for a man in a royal costume (The Colonel). The Monster assumed the man to be a von Frankenstein and attempted to kill him, but was subdued by his mindless servants. When the Monster awakened, the Colonel explained that he planned to use his giant spider to enslave the Monster, and add him to his growing army of mindless servants.
A current member of the military, a man known as the Leftenant, tracked the disappearances of the villagers to Castle Frankenstein, where he found the Monster, the Colonel, and the Spider. The Leftenant attempted to subdue the Colonel, but as they battled, the Castle began to flood. The rising waters allowed the giant spider to escape its pit, and the Leftenant fled. The Colonel attempted to control the spider, which saw him only as prey, and advanced on him. However, the waters suddenly shattered the walls, freeing the Monster, but drowning the mindless servants, as well as the Colonel (who was weighed down by his heavy steel helmet).

COMMENTS: Created by Gary Friedrich and Mike Ploog.

The spider could easily be a descendent of the Hyborian era spider-god, Omm.

Bavaria, I believe, became part of West Germany, which is now Germany, once again.

The original
Castle Frankenstein, in Ingolstadt (first seen in this story), should be differentiated from:
The second
Castle Frankenstein, in which the majority of the stories have taken place,
first seen in Frankenstein Monster#10

The spider was a creature of unknown origins (see comments). Presumably, the Colonel found it within the long-abandoned Castle Frankenstein, but how it got there, and what is was living off of before the Colonel began feeding it is unknown.
It fed not on flesh, but on the spirit. Its victims were left mindless zombies, who were then controlled by the Colonel. When it escaped its pit, it felt no loyalty to the Colonel, and attempted to make him its next meal. The floodwaters separated them, but the spider could swim, and so it targeted the last "surviving" man present, the Frankenstein monster. The Monster, however, swam underneath the spider, and bound it in heavy chains. The spider sank to the bottom of the flooded chamber, where it apparently drowned.





The Leftenant was a member of the Bavarian military in Ingolstadt. He followed the trail of missing villagers to Castle Frankenstein. He initially assumed the Frankenstein monster to be to blame, until discovering the Colonel and his Spider. After a brief struggle with the Colonel, who had him at a disadvantage, he fled the castel to escape the escaped Spider and the flooding chamber.




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