Real Name: Reston Balance

Identity/Class: Human;
   Victorian era;
   UK citizen 

Occupation: Victorian adventurer (see comments);
    former school head boy and sporting champion

Group Membership: Formerly Rugby School rugby team, Rugby School cricketing team

Affiliations: Rugby headmaster, Rugby students

Enemies: Unidentified Hindu dwarf

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Stirling Worth

Base of Operations: Formerly Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire, England 

First Appearance: Zip! The Comic for the Eighties! dummy issue (circa 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Reston Balance was a star athlete and expert boxer, cricketer, rugby player and runner.

Height: Unrevealed
: Unrevealed
Unrevealed (but light colored)

 History: (Zip! The Comic for the Eighties! dummy issue (fb)) - At Rugby, Reston Balance was head boy and chief recordbreaker at boxing, rugby and running on the spot. In 1875 on his last day, he headed across the quad to collect 5 his headmaster had borrowed from him when he spotted a dwarf in turban and loincloth removing a plaque of the school crest from over a hall door. Suspecting the man was not a student, Reston confronted the man and demanded he explain what he was doing, but the man responded by biting Reston's bowling hand, endangering his perfect cricketing record.

(Zip! The Comic for the Eighties! dummy issue (fb) - BTS) - Balance went on to become a shamelessly dishonorable adventurer and womanizer in adulthood.

(Tim Quinn online interview) - Reston was the Great Victorian adventurer, Sexton Blake, Sherlock Holmes and Lord John Roxton rolled into one, just the champ to have at your side during a Zulu uprising. Reston's first true adventure began when someone began bumping off members of the Royal Family, leaving Reston trying to stop them before Queen Victoria became a victim.

(Zip! The Comic for the Eighties! dummy issue) - As an elderly man, many years later, Balance regaled listeners with his history, unashamedly identifying himself not only as a "great Victorian adventurer" but also a cad and a bounder.

 Comments: Created by Tim Quinn and Geoff Campion.

    Reston Balance is another of Marvel UK's "lost" characters, very much in the vein of George MacDonald Fraser's antihero Harry Flashman. Per Tim Quinn: "Round about 1980, together with my cartooning partner Dicky Howett, I was asked by Marvel UK to put together the dummy for a weekly humour/adventure comic in the style of DC Thomson and IPC." This was 'Zip! The Comic for the Eighties!' The strip was going to be called either Stirring Stories featuring Reston Balance or Stirring Stories featuring Stirling Worth; since the dummy uses the former, I've used that one here. Other stories in Zip! included The Devil Wants You, wherein Satan grew bored with Hell's humdrum life and came to Earth to collect souls to torment himself, with hilarious consequences, and Debbie Drake of the SAS, about a 12 year old SAS member. Tim retains the rights to all the characters and has since revived Debbie character for the digital comic Aces Weekly. There's nothing within the short sample story that would prevent Reston existing within 616, but Marvel not owning him means he is unlikely to ever resurface there.

    I'm ASSuming the short man who bit Reston was Hindu given he was wearing a turban.

Profile by Loki.

Reston Balance has no known connections to:

images: (without ads)
Zip! dummy issue, Reston Balance story, pan1 (main image)
Zip! dummy issue, Reston Balance story, pan2
(young, boxing)
Zip! dummy issue, Reston Balance story, pan7 (being bitten)

Zip! dummy issue (circa 1980, never officially published) - Tim Quinn (writer, editor), Geoff Campin (art)

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