Real Name: Rose O'Hara

Identity/Class: Human (19th century)

Occupation: Former servant, office worker

Affiliations: James Howlett (later Wolverine), John Howlett, Smitty (Brendan Smith)

Enemies: Dog, Thomas Logan

Known Relatives: Hazel (aunt), unidentified parents (deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Coalville in British Columbia, Canada;
   formerly Alberta, Canada

First Appearance: Wolverine: The Origin#1 (November, 2001)

Powers/Abilities: None

History: (Wolverine: The Origin#1 (fb) ) - At one time in the late 1800's, while Rose was a young girl, her parents both died of influenza. Her Aunt Hazel had connections with a servant on a wealthy estate owned by the Howlett family, and Rose was sent to live there (at the age of 12 according to the Wolverine Files) to be a servant and serve as a companion to James Howlett, a sickly boy who would one day be called Wolverine.

(Wolverine: The Origin#1) - Rose arrived at the estate and was met with kind, open arms by John Howlett. She established a fondness of John Howlett and a dislike of his father, much like everyone else on the estate. Over time, she, James Howlett, and young worker,  Dog, became the best of friends for a long time. Over time however, Dog became cruel and distant like his father, Thomas Logan, the groundskeeper at the estate. When Christmas rolled around, Rose was sad because she missed her parents, and John cheered her up  by giving her a new dress like her mother used to on Christmas.

(Wolverine: The Origin#2) - One day, Rose was sexually assaulted by Dog, but slapped him and ran away while James told his father. After Thomas Logan was fired, he and Dog sneaked into the estate to steal money and John's wife, Elizabeth. They threatened Rose into helping them, possibly by showing them around the mansion. However, John discovered Thomas, and Thomas killed him. Upon seeing his father die, James manifested his mutant powers for the first time, killing Thomas as Rose watched on.

(Wolverine: The Origin#3) -  James' mother threw him out of the house, and Rose accompanied him, looking for shelter for the both of them. Later, the authorities thought that Rose and James committed the murders, and James' grandfather gave Rose and James some money and told them to leave forever and never come back. Rose's aunt wouldn't take her and James in, so they left looking for refuge. The two of them boarded a train headed for British Columbia, Canada, figuring nobody would follow them there. After they arrived, they happened upon a quarry where they went to work, having their salaries paid in food. Her job was to organize affairs in the camp office.

(Wolverine: The Origin#4)  - Whenever Rose tried to talk to James about what happened in Alberta, he wouldn't let her, no matter how hard she tried, but she was afraid to force the issue because of its traumatic nature. However, she became pleased with the progress James was making at the camp, quickly becoming a leader there. She became very friendly with Smitty, the director of the camp.

(Wolverine: The Origin#5) -  Eventually, she became engaged to Smitty, which upset James very much because he loved her as well. Smitty wanted to start a new life with Rose away from the quarry. 

(Wolverine: The Origin#6) - To afford train tickets, Smitty signed up for a series of fights inside a steel cage in which the winner gets $200. James also signed up for an opportunity to fight with Smitty. Rose tried to convince Smitty not to fight James, because James could kill him, but Smitty didn't believe it and went to fight anyway. James eventually threw the fight when he realized that Smitty truly loved Rose, and that if he did, he would allow them to be happy. Rose ran to say goodbye to James, but when she got there, he was about to kill Dog, who had tracked him down to kill him. Rose ran to James and tripped as he pulled back his clawed hand, and accidentally impaled her on it. She dropped to the ground dead.

(Wolverine II#176) - Wolverine seemingly died. In the afterlife, he met a red-headed spirit that Logan assumed was Jean Grey. After Logan returned to life, the spirit removed her hood and called him James. It was Rose.

Comments: Created by Paul Jenkins and Andy Kubert

The first time that Wolverine lost a woman he loved. It most definitely would not be the last. In fact, I can barely keep track of all the times Wolvie has loved and lost.
    --Also, this goes a little ways in explaining why Wolverine always had a thing for Redheads...then again, who doesn't?

Wolverine II#176 may have just been a delusion, but it was not clarified as such. Thanks to Gerald Kirby for contributing this appearance.

Thanks to Wolframbane for the information from Mike W. Barr's Wolverine Files (April, 2009), which was published by Gallery Books. The Wolverine Files were apparently the first place where Rose's last name was revealed.


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