Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human spirit;
formerly: Normal human (17th or 18th century);
(sorry, no date was given)

Occupation: Pirate Captain

Group Membership: Her own crew

Affiliations: Her crew, Namor

Enemies: Ghosts of English seamen;
formerly: Every vessel crossing her path

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Sargasso Sea in the South Atlantic
Formerly: Mobile throughout the ocean

First Appearance: Marvel Fanfare I#43 (April, 1989)

Powers/Abilities: While still alive she possessed all the skills a pirate ship captain needed.
She was also versatile in the use of sabres, pistols and other weapons of her time.
In death she still possessed the same abilities, but she couldn't change her situation and only Namor could give her a short time off of her cursed afterlife.

(Marvel Fanfare I#43 (fb) - BTS) - It is assumed that a few hundred years ago Patience and her crew died in battle against British seamen who lured them into a trap in the Sargasso Sea. After the sinking of both ships they had to relive the battle and their deaths over and over again.

(Marvel Fanfare I#43) - One day after exploring the Sargasso Sea and nearly dying in the poisoned water, Namor rose to the surface and witnessed Patience's battle against a British ship. Patience and her pirates seemed victorious, but suddenly the situation turned against them when the British seamen revealed that they only feigned defeat to lure Patience into a trap. Namor saved Patience from death, destroyed the British ship, brought her back to her own ship and then pushed it away from the British foes. Soon thereafter Namor and Patience fell in love and Namor became a pirate. They battled side by side and plundered several ships. At night they told their tales to each other and one night she gave Namor an earring as a token of her love and to convince him that this was all real. On another night Namor left the ship to scout a new course and Patience knew that he wouldn't return. Namor was back in the Sargasso Sea and found Patience's ship and her skeleton on the ground. He still wore her earring, but he wasn't sure that his adventures at her side had really happened.




Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo, Mike Mignola & P. Craig Russell.

   The whole flashback is an assumption on my side based upon the battle seen in the story itself, but it is logical. Pirates die, cursed to relive their deaths on the sea by whatever reason or magic. Probably the waters of the Sargasso Sea are cursed.

   Possibility#2: Namor traveled through time, but why would Patience know that she wouldn't see him again if this was the case. (hate it!)

   Possibility#3: This was all an illusion caused by the poisoned waters, but the earring Namor still wore at the end of the story speaks against it. (hate it even more!)

Having seen these entries, I thought I'd toss out my two cents: The Sargasso Sea is practically synonymous with the Bermuda Triangle so Namor's experience with Patience can be read any such way. It's very similar with several true stories set from Alabama to Austria to China: Guests stays overnight with hosts only to return and find out that they might have actually been ghosts. Sidebar, I wonder of Patence's family could be ancestors of Jessica Drew. The way she was depicted certainly suggests it. -- Will U.

Profile by Markus Raymond

Patience Drew has no known connection to:

Patience Drew body shot: Marvel Fanfare I#43, cover
Patience Drew head shot: Marvel Fanfare I#43, p12, pan4

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