Real Name: Sister Marie Eisner (original last name unknown)

Identity/Class: Human (18th + 19th Century)

Occupation: Nun

Affiliations: former ward of Father Eisner

Enemies: Dracula

Known Relatives: parents (unnamed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:
    Cologne, the German Rhineland (@ 1740-1823)

First Appearance: Tomb of Dracula II#4/3 (April, 1980)

Powers/Abilities: Marie had no special fighting skills, though she was quite courageous and determined. She was trained in Catholicism.


(Tomb of Dracula II#4/3 (fb)) <1748> - Dracula slew Marie's parents, but was soon after captured by villagers under the direction of Father Eisner. Eisner staked Dracula, but had a heart attack from the stress and soon lay near death in a hospital. Desperate to save the priest, the young Marie pulled the stake from Dracula's skeleton, resurrecting him. Using a cross to hold him at bay, she promised that he could have her if he would grant Father Eisner immortal life. Dracula pretended to do as she asked, but when he returned and tried to seduce her, she asked him about Father Eisner, and Dracula showed her the old man's heart which he had torn from his chest. Marie, though terrified, held Dracula off with his cross, refusing to accept him. Dracula told her that he would return for her one day and that she would beg him for life.



(Tomb of Dracula II#4/3) <1823> - Marie was taken, near death, to the Reichenbach Clinic. Learning of her condition, Dracula confronted her on her death bed, taunting her and offering her a second chance at "life." When she refused him again, Dracula grabbed her and attempted to force her to acknowledge him as her lord and master. Instead, she placed her cross necklace around his neck, causing him to leap out the window in pain until the necklace was ripped from his body. Furious, Dracula returned to her room, only to see have her curse him with her last breath and then die right before his eyes, preventing him from transforming and enslaving her.

Comments: Created by Roger McKenzie and John Buscema.


Father Eisner

A Catholic priest, he led the capture of Dracula. When Dracula tried to use his own religious beliefs against him, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone," Eisner replied, "I do cast stones demon. I cast still your foul heart forever!" pounding a stake into his chest as he did so. Dracula survived long enough to burst his bonds, leap at Father Eisner, and threaten him, causing him to have a heart attack. After learning the Father Eisern was dying, young Marie revived Dracula with the promise that he would grant the priest eternal life. Dracula instead tore the heart of Eisner's chest and brought it back to Marie. Marie survived and later took the last name Eisner in his honor.

--Tomb of Dracula II#4/3 (3/4(fb, dies)

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