(of Earth-18136)

Real Name: T'Challa

Identity/Class: Alternate reality (Earth-18136) human mutate (Wakandan) (18th century)

Occupation: Adventurer, reality traveler;
    former gunslinger, prince

Group Membership: Formerly the Exiles (Becky Barnes of Earth-86315, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Captain America/Peggy Carter of Earth-86315, Iron Lad/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-18651, Nocturne/Talia Wagner of Earth-2182, Valkyrie of Reality-22681, Wolvie)

Affiliations: Elendil of Reality-22681, Exiles, Dr. Moira MacTaggert, Morph (Kevin Sydney of Earth-1081), Shuri, Spider-Man (Miles Morales of Earth-1610), T'Chaka;
    Reality-616 natives: Sandra, Shift, the Unseen (Nick Fury, Sr.), the Watchers (Ulana, others);
    Earth-38191 natives: Black Cat and her Forty Thieves, Hakeem Strange

Enemies: Exiles (Captain/Steve Rogers of Earth-35429, Iron Prince/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-14181, Khan/Kamala Khan of Earth-81111, Killmonger/Shuri of Earth-52191, Thor of Earth-19110, X-2/3rds of Earth-24530), King Victor, the Magnus Gang (Erik Magnus, Pete Maximoff, Mister Toad, Wanda, Maestro Wyngarde), rogue Watchers of Reality-616 (Acitua, others), Marshall Stone, Pastor Xavier;
    Earth-38191 natives: Caliph Doom, Cyclopses, Doombots, Mephisto

Known Relatives: T'Chaka (father, deceased), unidentified mother (deceased), Shuri (sister)

Aliases: "Captain Sinbad," "Dear Brother," "Mister King," "My King," "Sinbad the Sailor"

Base of Operations: An unidentified town in the American Old West;
    formerly the Bahamas, Earth-616; Wakanda

First Appearance: Exiles III#6 (October, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: King has enhanced strength and speed due to his ingestion of Wakanda's Heart-Shaped Herb.

He is also a trained healer and an extremely skilled shooter.

In battle, King wears a Vibranium mesh shirt and cloak that can absorb the impact of bullets with no damage. He also carries a firearm that shoots Vibranium bullets that cannot be affected by magnetism. He also carries healing aids in his shirt pockets.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 200 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (Exiles III#8 (fb)) - Born the prince of the nation of Wakanda, a hidden kingdom of knowledge and beauty, T'Challa's mother died when he was very young and he was raised by his father T'Chaka to one day become king.

(Exiles III#10 (fb) - BTS) - The savage despot King Viktor nearly conquered Wakanda, unfortunately making T'Challa familiar with the dictator. At some point in his young life, T'Challa once came upon his sister counting stars in the sky. When he informed her that it was an impossible task, his sister revealed that was why she enjoyed it.

(Exiles III#8 (fb)) - While still young, T'Challa witnessed his father gunned down by the gunslinger Erik Magnus, who sought to steal Wakanda's treasures.

(Exiles III#7 (fb) - BTS) - After his father was killed, T'Challa, no longer a child, was administered the Heart-Shaped Herb that enhanced his strength.

(Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS) - T'Challa was given the title of king.

(Exiles III#8 (fb)) - T'Challa forsook his throne and nation as king to find Erik Magnus. Despite knowing that, according to Wakada's ways, he could never again return to his homeland, T'Challa nonetheless boarded a boat departing Wakanda.

(Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS) - T'Challa spent years traveling and searching for Erik Magnus, traversing oceans and deserts and witnessing both horrors of the spirit and wonders of the mind.

(Exiles III#7 (fb) - BTS) - T'Challa ultimately traveled a long way from his home in search of Magnus to avenge his father's death.

(Exiles III#6 (fb) - BTS) - T'Challa arrived in a small American town and, while Dr. Moira MacTaggert noticed King was a foreigner, he nonetheless opted to go after the criminal Magnus Gang. Not long after, the local townspeople began to nickname T'Challa King. Hoping to acquire allies in his mission, King began trying to rustle up a posse to help him take down the Magnus Gang.

(Exiles III#7 (fb) - BTS) - Keeping his reasons for hunting the Magnus Gang personal, King quickly learned the Magnus Gang were no ordinary thieves. He continued trying to gather together a posse to take the Magnus Gang down but the townspeople were too frightened to join him and he eventually relented to take on the Magnus Gang alone.

(Exiles III#6) - After the reality-hopping Exiles battled the Magnus Gang and one of their own, Iron Lad, was captured, Dr. Moira MacTaggert suggested the Exiles seek out King, having heard of King's attempts to gather a posse together. Almost right at the moment the Exiles leader Blink asked Dr. MacTaggert where they could find King, King approached and admitted that while the townsfolk called his King, his name was actually T'Challa.

(Exiles III#7) - Admitting he had heard the Magnus Gang had been giving the Exiles trouble, King properly introduced himself and was introduced to the Exiles in turn. After explaining that he had attempted to gather a posse to take on the Magnus Gang but the townspeople were too frightened, King was told that the Exiles would act as his posse if he would accept their help. Happy to have assistance, King accepted but before he could brief the Exiles on the Magnus Gang, the Exile Wolvie interrupted and exclaimed that King smelled like spices and bedtime. Realizing that Wolvie could smell the Heart-Shaped Herb that enhanced his strength within his bloodstream, King was impressed at Wolvie's senses and remarked that Wolvie's talents may end up proving useful. He then informed the Exiles that the Magnus Gang based themselves in the desert outside of town and admitted he wasn't sure how many men they had on their side. When Blink replied that it didn't matter if the Gang had a hundred men, they were rescuing Iron Lad, King commended Blink on her boldness without bravado and commented that he had found the right allies. King then suggested they follow the wagon trails to the crossroads and track the Magnus Gang from there and warned Blink against teleporting them there, as her teleportation powers seemed to attract the Magnus Gang. King then informed the Exiles that they would leave at dawn and suggested they try to get some sleep and prepare for their travels.

The next morning, King and the Exiles rode out to the crossroads then ventured towards the Magnus Gang's hideout, only to met with an ambush from Pete Maximoff. Pulling up his cloak, King deflected the bullets fired by Pete and Blink easily took down Pete. Wolvie then sensed the Magnus Gang nearby, forcing the Gang, disguised by Maestro Wyngarde's illusions, to reveal themselves and attack. While Wolvie and Valkyrie were defeated, King faced off against Maestro Wyngarde himself, who generated illusions of himself and gloated that King could not tell which was the original. Easily noticing that only the original Maestro spoke, King shot Maestro in the chest, possibly killing the criminal. King then pointed his gun towards the Magnus Gang's Wanda until Blink's former Exiles teammates Morph (of Earth-1081) and Nocturne (of Earth-2182) appeared. Unsure if the two were friends of Blink's or not, King hesitated to attack and the brainwashed former Exiles attacked and captured both King and Blink. While captured, King commented that he thought the two former Exiles were Blink's friends and Blink insisted that they had to be controlled somehow before the telepathic Pastor Xavier appeared and forced the two to sleep. When he awoke, King was taken with the other Exiles before Pastor Xavier, who killed Valkyrie's flying horse Elendil, prompting a direct attack on Pastor Xavier. While Pastor Xavier was focusing his abilities on Valkyrie, his hold on the Magnus Gang and Blink's former teammates faltered and the Magnus Gang's leader, Erik Magnus, ordered his team to flee but King ordered Magnus to stay behind. Revealing himself to Magnus as the son of T'Chaka, a man Erik Magnus had once killed, King proclaimed that he had come a long way to kill Magnus in return. Allowing the rest of the Magnus Gang to go free, King further announced that Erik Magnus would die alone and Magnus quickly recognized King from years earlier. The two then participated in a gun duel, where Erik gloated that he killed nearly every man he had ever dueled before firing on King. King immediately fired back, killing Erik Magnus, then remarked that Magnus had underestimated Wakanda, as he had a gun that fired Vibranium bullets that Magnus could not affect magnetically and a bulletproof shirt that Magnus could not shoot through. King then proclaimed that his family was finally avenged. He then stood silent over Erik Magnus' corpse as Blink was forced to kill Pastor Xavier to rescue her teammate Iron Lad.

(Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS) - King was taken from his reality by a tribunal of rogue alien Watchers from Reality-616 and held for trial for crimes against the timestream.

(Exiles III#8) - While the Exiles were on trial by the rogue Watchers on Earth-616's Moon, King was brought out to give his accounting of his life as testimony. Admitting he didn't understand a lick of what was going on, King asked if he was on the Moon and if the rogue Watchers were enemies of the Exiles. He also expressed concern to Blink that the rogue Watchers planned to kill them all, as he had been around the Old West long enough to know a hanging court when he saw one. Blink apologized that their actions had gotten King involved and tried to convince the Watchers that King was not a member of the Exiles but the rogue Watchers pointed out that King was in the company of the Exiles when the Exiles were apprehended. King then agreed to give his life story and after recounting the story, King commented that he had seen many things in his years and denounced the trial as a farce. He then remarked that he had said enough and appeared ready to receive the rogue Watchers' verdict. King was then placed among the other Exiles to await the rogue Watchers' verdict. While the rogue Watchers convened, Blink suggested they fight against the Watchers despite the Watchers having suppressed their powers and King agreed to help, joining the Exiles and feeling as if the rogue Watchers were truly evil. Nocturne's powers to affect probability allowed her to generate a hex bolt despite the power dampeners, however, and when the Watchers returned, Blink led a revolt against them and Nocturne's hex bolt restored the Exiles and King's powers as they fought. Before they could defeat the rogue Watchers, King and the Exiles were whisked away from the scene.

(Exiles III#9) - Waking up on Earth-38191 alongside Wolvie, King found himself amazed to have been among the stars one moment and in a ship's cabin at sea the next. Wolvie explained that they had jumped realities, which sometimes made him have to go pee-pee, and King suggested they seek out more information before they were interrupted by one of the shipmates, who referred to King as Captain Sinbad the Sailor. Going above deck, King was informed that land had been spotted and they ventured onto an island, where King suggested to Wolvie that they might find the other Exiles. Upon stepping foot on the island, however, King and Wolvie found themselves ambushed by a group of giant Cyclopses. King immediately ordered the ship's crew back to the boat but he lost a few men in the escape. When the Cyclopses destroyed the main ship, King led the men in the lifeboats and hours later, they docked at what appeared to be land in hopes of finding food, only to quickly discover that the "land" was actually a giant fish that ate several more men. The only two survivors of the crew, King and Wolvie escaped on a shard of the destroyed boats, which they used as a raft. Wolvie rescued King, put him on the raft and kicked his cartoon-like legs to create enough thrust to get them away from the fish. Soon regaining consciousness, King thanked Wolvie for saving him from drowning and commented that he owed Wolvie his life. The naive Wolvie asked how someone could owe a life and instead suggested King could owe him an ice cream instead. The two Exiles were soon after spotted in the waters by Blink and Iron Lad, who were on a flying carpet, and moments after that, Valkyrie and Earth-86315's Captain America arrived in their own boat. Happy to have regrouped with the Exiles, King soon learned that Captain America's partner Becky Barnes had been kidnapped by bandits but before any rescue plans could be made, Becky showed up, having defeated the bandits. When Blink mentioned that they still needed to find Nocturne, King pointed out that Blink's Tallus device was activating and despite Blink insisting she had not activated the Tallus herself, King and the rest of the Exiles were transported to Nocturne, who had been forced into the role of Shahrazad, reading stories to the insane Caliph Doom.

(Exiles III#10) - King quickly agreed with the other Exiles in wondering what was going on with Nocturne and Caliph Doom. Upon learning that Nocturne's role of Shahrazad, wife of Caliph Doom, had meant her targeted for death by the Caliph, King recognized Caliph Doom as a counterpart to his own reality's King Viktor and announced that the Caliph must be stopped. Caliph Doom responded by firing on the Exiles, drawing King and the Exiles into battle against the Caliph and his Doombots. The Exiles were swiftly overwhelmed by Doombots but when Blink spotted the flying carpet that had earlier provided transportation, she teleported King and the rest of the Exiles onto the carpet to escape. King and the Exiles were soon taken to a nearby oasis, where the thief Black Cat and mystic Hakeem Strange sought to ally with them against Caliph Doom. As Black Cat led the Exiles in her encampment, she spoke of her father being publicly beheaded and King commented that no child should see a parent slain. Wolvie nearly chimed in about King's past and his own father but King asked Wolvie to be silent. The Exiles continued discussing the Caliph with Black Cat and when the Exiles' Captain America admitted she had been happy to leave behind the British monarchy, King remarked that a true king was more than the throne beneath him, name or bloodline. He then revealed that, while he had given up his throne and birthright, he still held himself to a kingly standard and he expressed a desire to help the people overthrow Caliph Doom in any way he could. Captain America agreed with King but opted to leave the decision to help up to the Exiles leader, Blink. Blink soon agreed that the Exiles would help the people against Caliph Doom but she was interrupted by a loud noise that sent King and the other Exiles running towards the sound to investigate. Finding the oasis under attack by Caliph Doom and his enslaved new ally, the djinn Mephisto, King and the Exiles were set upon by mechanical creatures created by the Caliph. During the ensuing battle, Blink teleported the Caliph's hand from his arm, forcibly removing the Ring of Solomon that controlled Mephisto and Mephisto took the repentant Caliph Doom into the depths of his fiery realm while the Exiles watched. Following the battle, Nocturne opted to stay on Earth-38191 to help repair the damage done by Caliph Doom and Blink summoned King and the others to her moments before her Tallus transported them away. As they jumped realities, Captain America wondered aloud why the Tallus had brought them to Earth-38191 and King responded that it had brought them to people who needed their aid. The Exiles soon arrived on Earth-616 and when Iron Lad suggested that Earth-616 was like a hub world equally distant from each of the Exiles' home realities, King became intrigued at the idea of some sort of grand design guiding the Exiles. Moments later, King sensed someone approaching and the Exiles turned to find themselves facing another group of Exiles lead by former member of Blink's Exiles, Khan of Earth-81111.

(Exiles III#11) - While Blink attempted to talk to Khan, King realized that Khan's Exiles were a team of counterparts to Blink's team. Earth-52191's Killmonger and Earth-14181's Iron Prince grew impatient and Khan's team attacked Blink's team. Killmonger immediately leaped at King and Killmonger scoffed at the idea that King would give up his title as Wakandan king to play American cowboy. Killmonger then announced that once she got rid of King, she would return to her own reality, where she ruled over all. King responded by asking who Killmonger was to speak so familiarly to him and Killmonger revealed herself as a counterpart to King's own sister Shuri. Shocked, King became distracted and Killmonger blasted him in the face, downing the gunslinger and gloating that King would soon dead like the T'Challa from Killmonger's home reality. The unconscious King was then tossed into a pile with his other downed teammates but the barely conscious Blink managed to teleport them all away to a nearby small island. Regaining consciousness, King attempted to help heal Blink by pulling out an healing aid from his pocket and he asked how Blink knew their attacker. Upon hearing that Khan was a former teammate, King commented that he noticed a pattern of old teammates who wanted Blink dead. The team discussed Khan's Exiles' motivations until Blink realized Khan would likely go after the Earth-616 counterpart of her aunt Sandra. Teleporting to Sandra's vacation home in the Bahamas, King and the Exiles found Sandra being held hostage by Khan's Exiles and despite Khan attempting to bring in Blink's team peacefully, Khan's Exiles attacked Blink's Exiles once more. When Blink realized the two teams were too evenly matched, she suggested her team switch opponents to battle someone who wasn't their own counterpart and King teamed with Iron Lad against Reality-19110's Skele-Thor. During the fight, Iron Lad realized Skele-Thor's lightning had created a kinetic bond that was holding his skeleton together and he suggested King fire one of his Vibranium bullets into Skele-Thor's left eye socket while he infused the bullet with his armor's repulsors. King had no trouble doing as instructed and when the bullet penetrated Skele-Thor's eye socket, the kinetic bond was broken and Skele-Thor collapsed to the ground in a heap of bones. Eventually, Khan gave up fighting her former teammates and King watched as Khan's Tallus activated and teleported her entire team away. With Khan's Exiles team gone, Blink decided the Exiles to take the fight back to the rogue Watchers on the Moon, who had assembled Khan's team with promises of depositing her Exiles into brighter alternate realities. King and the other Exiles readied themselves as Blink teleported them to the Moon.

(Exiles III#12) - Confronting the rogue Watchers, the Exiles were told that the lives of Khan's Exiles were a small price to pay for the danger Blink's team presented, prompting King to question the danger. When the rogue Watchers mentioned that the timestream had arranged events so that Blink's Exiles would appear there at that time to be condemned for their crimes, Valkyrie attacked the rogue Watchers in anger and King commented that it appeared the time for talk was over. Blink agreed and King joined the Exiles in an assault on the rogue Watchers, only to have themselves thrust into alternate realities in which they each lived out their worst nightmares. King was forced into the role of Earth-31291's King T'Challa, who failed to protect Wakanda from the invaders at the cost of his sister Shuri's life. Blink eventually broke free of her torturous reality and Iron Lad helped her free the other Exiles from their realities, though he was forced to remain behind to seal the realities. Emerging from Earth-31292, King joined the Exiles in again attacking the rogue Watchers but their attack was interrupted by other Watchers, who took their rogue brethren into custody. Returning to the Bahamas, King joined the other Exiles in holding a candlelight vigil for the lost Iron Lad. The next morning, King got up early and had coffee with the counterpart to Blink's aunt Sandra, with whom he shared stories of the Exiles' adventures. The Exiles then discussed their future and King opted to remain with Blink and the other Exiles, sharing more adventures with his friend Wolvie.

(Fantastic Four VI#25 - BTS) - Upon his resurrection, Reality-616 Watcher Uatu probed the mind of the former Unseen, Nick Fury, and learned of the Unseen's actions in arranging the formation of King's Exiles team and sending them traveling through various realities.

(Miles Morales: Spider-Man I#36 (fb) - BTS) - At some point, King was returned to his home reality. One day, King noticed a glowing doorway surrounded by Marshall Stone and his band of lowlifes and he began preparing to take Stone down.

(Miles Morales: Spider-Man I#35 - BTS) - When Earth-1610's Spider-Man (Miles Morales) and his allies Shift and Quantum attacked the Asset Analysis company, Miles learned of Asset's parent company, the Beyond Corporation, and their monitoring of other realities. After seeing a video image of his uncle Aaron, Miles decided to enter one of the Beyond Corporation's dimensional hub and experienced images of various beings from across the Multiverse including King.

(Miles Morales: Spider-Man I#36) - Tracking down his uncle Aaron's movements through the Multiverse as the Prowler, Miles and Shift traveled to Earth-18136 and defeated the Ragin' Rhinoceros, drawing the attention of King. Introducing himself, King sensed that Miles was looking for something and suggested they go for a ride, as they couldn't talk in the saloon where the Ragin' Rhinoceros was defeated. As they rode horses, King admitted his suspicions that Miles and Shift were not from his reality and when a surprised Miles asked if King knew about the Multiverse, King revealed that he knew a thing or two even if his knowledge was only rudimentary. Upon learning that Miles was looking for his uncle, another dimensional traveler, King explained how he had seen a glowing doorway on a nearby hilltop and he suspected Miles could also see it. Miles immediately expressed interest in investigating the doorway but King warned that the doorway was surrounded by the dirty Marshall Stone and his goons, criminals he had been preparing to take down. Miles willingly joined up with King to help take down Marshall Stone and his men and when Miles turned invisible to scout ahead, King was impressed at Miles' powers. Unfortunately, Miles' invisible presence was sensed by Marshall Stone and Stone attacked Miles, prompting Shift and King to jump in to assist against Marshall Stone. The monstrous Shift terrified Stone's men into fleeing and Miles soon spotted the doorway King had spoke about. Assuring Miles he could handle things from there, King suggested Miles and Shift enter the portal to continue their search for Miles' uncle Aaron.

Comments: Created by Saladin Ahmed and Rod Reis.

Thanks to Ron Fredricks for cleaning up the main image.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Earth-18136's King
should be distinguished from:


Shuri was the sister of T'Challa whom T'Challa once caught counting the stars in the sky. When T'Challa claimed counting the stars was an impossible task, Shuri admitted that was why she enjoyed it.
--Exiles III#10 - BTS (#11 - BTS,


T'Chaka was the father of T'Challa and he raised T'Challa to someday become king. When T'Chaka was murdered by Erik Magnus, who was attempting to steal Wakanda's treasures, T'Challa briefly became king before forsaking his title and country to track down Erik Magnus and avenge his father's death. After tracking Magnus to a small town, where he was nicknamed King, T'Challa fought Erik Magnus alongside the reality-hopping Exiles and he dueled Magnus, killing Magnus and avenging T'Chaka.
--Exiles III#7 - BTS (#8 (fb), #7 (fb) - BTS,

images: (without ads)
Exiles III#6, p20, splash page (King, main image)
Exiles III#7, p12, pan3 (King headshot, without hat)
Exiles III#8, p16, pan3 (young T'Challa, captured)
Exiles III#7, p4, pan2 (King deflecting bullets with his cloak)
Exiles III#7, p13, pan4-8 (King killing Erik Magnus)
Exiles III#10, front cover (King with the other Exiles)
Exiles III#12, p19, pan5 (King in civilian clothes)
Miles Morales: Spider-Man I#36, p7, pan1 (King, standing)
Exiles III#8, p16, pan2 (T'Chaka)

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