Real Name: Unrevealed, possibly none

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Mojoverse) construct

Occupation: Adventurer, reality traveler;
    former student, slave

Group Membership: Exiles (Rebecca "Becky" Barnes of Earth-86315, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Captain America/Peggy Carter of Earth-86315, Iron Lad/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-18651, Khan/Kamala Khan of Earth-81111, King/T'Challa of Earth-18136, Valkyrie of Earth-22681);
    formerly Adorable X-Babies ("Colossus," Cyke, "L'il Rogue," Nighty-Nightcrawler, "Kitty Pryde," Stormy, plus analogues of Adam-X, Albert, Anarchist, Angel/Archangel, Anole, Armor, Aurora, Banshee, Battering Ram, Beak, Beast, Bird-Brain, Bishop, Bling!, Blink, Bloke, Boom Boom, Box, Cable, Caliban, Callisto, Cannonball, Captain Britain, Catseye, Chamber, Rusty Collins, Corsair, Cypher, Daken, Danger, Dark Phoenix, Darwin, Dazzler, Dead Girl, Deadpool, Domino, Doop, Dust, Electric Eve, Elixir, Elsie-Dee, Fantomex, Feral, Feron, Forge, Emma Frost, Gambit, Gateway, Gin Genie, Glob Herman, Graymalkin, el Guapo, Havok, the Horn, Husk, Icarus, Iceman, Indra, Martha Johansson, Joseph, Jubilee, Juggernaut, Kylun, Lacuna, Lady Mastermind, Leech, Legion, Lifeguard, Litterbug, Loa, Longshot, M, Artie Maddicks, Maggott, Magik, Magma, Magneto, Marrow, Match, Maverick, Meggan, Mercury, Micromax, Mimic, Mirage, Mister Sensitive, Morph, Multiple Man, Mystique, Nezhno, Northstar, la Nuit, Omega Sentinel, Onyxx, Penance, Phat, Pixie, Plazm, Polaris, Postman, Prodigy, Professor X, Psylocke, Quicksilver, Random, Dr. Cecilia Reyes, Rictor, Rockslide, Sabretooth, Shard, Shatterstar, Siryn, Skids, Skin, Sluk, the Spike, Spyke, Squid-Boy, Stacy X, Stepford Cuckoos, Strong Guy, Rachel Summers, Sunfire, Sunspot, Surge, Synch, Thunderbird, Trance, U-Go Girl, Venus Dee Milo, Vivisector, Vulcan, Warlock, Widget, Wildchild, Pete Wisdom, Wolf Cub, Wolfsbane, X-23, X-Cutioner, X-Man, Xorn, Zeitgeist)

Affiliations: Adorable X-Babies, Elendil of Earth-22681, Exiles, Gabe Jones of Earth-86315, Morph (Kevin Sydney of Earth-1081), Namor of Earth-71853, Nocturne (Talia Wagner of Earth-2182), Sandra, the Unseen (Nick Fury);
    formerly Nandy, Spiral (Rita Wayword), Veech;
Earth-18136 natives: Billy, Dr. Moira MacTaggert;
Earth-38191 natives: Black Cat and her Forty Thieves, Hakeem Strange;
Earth-66881 natives: Blackbeard (Benjamin Grimm), Cassius, Capt. Mercedes Knight, Scarlet Falcon (Sam Wilson);

Enemies: Br'er Rabbit, Captain Kangaroo, Exiles (Captain/Steve Rogers of Earth-35429, Iron Prince/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-14181, Khan/Kamala Khan of Earth-81111, Killmonger/Shuri of Earth-52191, Thor of Earth-19110, X-2/3rds of Earth-24530), Forbush Man (Irving Forbush of Earth-665), Hawkeye of Earth-99062, Little Rascals (Alfalfa, others), Magnus Gang of Earth-18136 (Maestro Wyngarde, Erik Magnus, Pete Maximoff, Mister Toad, Wanda) Mister Rogers, Pastor Xavier of Earth-18136, Planet Terry, Red Skull of Earth-86315, Royal Roy (Delroy al-Kashir), Spider-Ham (Peter Porker of Earth-8311), the Time-Eater (Nathaniel Richards divergent counterpart), Top Dog, the Watchers (Acitua, others), X-Babies (Colossus, Cyclops, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Storm, Wolverine);
Earth-38191 natives: Caliph Doom, Cyclopses, Doombots, Mephisto;
Earth-66881 natives: Admiral Gyrich, the Juggernautical;

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "Buddy," "Creature," "Friend Wolvie," "Little Friend," "Little Guy," "Little Man," "Little One," "My Friend," "My Little Friend," "You Ridiculous Pest," "You Wannabe Wolverine"

Base of Operations: Mobile throughout the Multiverse;
    formerly Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters, Earth-32518;
    formerly Mojoverse

First Appearance: X-Babies I#1 (December, 2009)

Powers/Abilities: Wolvie possesses a protoplasm-like body capable of withstanding intense physical injury without permanent injury. For example, being punched by a superhumanly strong opponent only succeeded in contorting his body and when incinerated, he simply popped right back to his normal form. However, Wolvie was once scratched by Adamantium claws.

Additionally, Wolvie is capable of interacting with reality in cartoony, comic book-like terms, such as utilizing comic book-style translation brackets to understand and speak directly with others speaking different languages. He has also been shown to move a boat by utilizing cartoon-like physics to kick his feet like an outboard motor.

He also has superhuman senses (especially smell and hearing) and short claws that can extend from his knuckles at will.

Height: 3'0" (by approximation)
Weight: 28 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Unrevealed (see comments)

History: (X-Babies I#1 (fb) - BTS) - The Mojoverse's Mr. Veech usurped Mojo's control and took over, replacing Mojo's X-Babies program with a kinder, gentler "Adorable X-Babies" show that taught wholesome lessons starring a group of newly-created toddler-aged X-Babies including Wolvie and others.

(X-Babies I#1) - Wolvie and the rest of the Adorable X-Babies filmed an episode entitled "Stormy's Green Thumb," in which Wolvie and his teammate Cyke learned from Stormy about how to grow vegetables from seeds. Despite thinking vegetables were yucky, Wolvie nonetheless used his claws to dig a hole for Cyke to put the seeds in and Stormy used her powers to make it rain. Once the vegetables had been harvested, Wolvie found that he actually enjoyed fresh vegetables after eating corn. Wolvie was later seen flying through the air with a balloon.

(X-Babies I#3) - Another episode of "The Adorable X-Babies" aired, showing Wolvie front and center on television screens outside of Mr. Veech's Mojoworld tower. Eventually, the true, grade school-aged X-Babies located Veech, who released Wolvie and the Adorable X-Babies to defend himself. Veech quickly ordered Wolvie and the Adorable X-Babies to punish the true X-Babies, with the X-Babies' Rogue squaring off against Wolverine. Taking a punch from Rogue, Wolvie's jaw contorting out of shape, only to immediately mold back to its normal shape with no damage whatsoever. He eventually had the X-Babies' Rogue nearly defeated before he joined the other Adorable X-Babies in ganging up on the X-Babies' Kitty Pryde. The X-Babies' Wolverine soon arrived with other freed captives and he slashed Wolvie and the Adorable X-Babies into protoplasmic ribbons, only to have Veech use his power to restore the Adorable X-Babies to normal as well as create new Adorable X-Babies from protoplasm.

(X-Babies I#4) - Joining a virtual army of protoplasmic Adorable X-Babies, Wolvie and several other feral-like Adorable X-Babies attacked Top Dog, who revealed several cybernetic devices that knocked aside Wolvie and his allies. As the battle progressed, the X-Babies' Rogue absorbed the powers of Spiral and used them to open a teleportational portal that sucked in Wolvie and the entirety of the Adorable X-Babies.

(Exiles III#2 (fb) - BTS) - The Adorable X-Babies arrived in the cartoon-like alternate reality of Earth-32518, where they, now freed from Veech's control, settled and formed Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters.

(Exiles III#8 (fb)) - After gorging himself on donuts, Wolvie woke up with his claws covered in thick, red jam. Living at Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters, Wolvie enjoyed picnics and storytime with his friends.

(Exiles III#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Adorable X-Babies' Professor X sometimes made Wolvie eat broccoli, which Wolvie found disgusting.

(Exiles III#2) - When the reality-hopping Exiles arrived on Earth-32518, Wolvie quickly saw them and rushed to introduce himself to his potential new friends. Inviting them to come with him if they wanted pie, Wolvie used his superhuman sense of smell to track his way back to the pie and led the Exiles onto the grounds of Xavier's Playtime Fun School, announcing it as the best place to be. Wolvie then explained that someone had stolen the Adorable X-Babies' pies and, shrugging off Valkyrie of the Exiles' remarks that they were there to stop the destruction of the Multiverse, Wolvie ran off into the woods to continue his search for the pies. Soon finding L'il Magneto in the woods with the pies, Wolvie learned L'il Magneto planned to eat all of the pies himself but the Exiles' Blink forced L'il Magneto to drop the pies. A crying L'il Magneto then apologized to Wolvie for taking the pies and Wolvie forgave L'il Magneto, assuring him they were still friends before the reality-devouring Time-Eater arrived on Earth-32518 and seemingly erased L'il Magneto from existence. Upon seeing the Time-Eater, Wolvie proclaimed it a monster and announced that he was scared. Blink informed Wolvie that they were all scared and assured Wolvie they would take care of him. The Time-Eater then began devouring Earth-32518 as Blink's Tallus teleported the Exiles away, with Wolvie in tow.

As the Exiles arrived on Earth-616's moon headquarters of the Unseen, Wolvie asked what had happened to L'il Magneto and admitted he didn't like his current situation. Thinking the Unseen to be another monster at first, Wolvie demanded to know what the Time-Eater had done to Earth-32518 and his friends. When the Unseen explained that, if not stopped, the Time-Eater would devour all realities, Iron Lad suggested they might be able to stop the Time-Eater before it digested the realities it had devoured and thereby save the realities, prompting a happy Wolvie to announce the Exiles as his new friends. Wolvie then watched as Watchers appeared in the Unseen's base and sentenced him to annihilation for violating the Watchers' oath of non-interference by assisting the Exiles. When the Watchers prepared to execute the Unseen, Wolvie jumped in the way of the blast but Blink jumped in front of Wolvie, absorbing the blast with her Tallus and knocking Wolvie out of the line of fire. Unfortunately, the blast shattered the Tallus, randomly sending Wolvie and the other Exiles flying throughout the Multiverse.

(Exiles III#3) - Following a harrowing journey through the Multiverse, Wolvie and the Exiles found themselves deposited onto Earth-18753, a world ruled by cyborg dinosaurs waging war on mammals. Finding the world "icky," Wolvie investigated nearby tall grass as the Exiles discussed recent events with the Unseen and the Watchers. Wolvie soon alerted a small group of the cyborg dinosaurs, who proclaimed the Exiles to be milk-drinking intruders and attacked the group. While the Exiles battled the cyborg dinosaurs, Wolvie hid behind a rock and announced that the dinosaurs were too scary. At one point, Wolvie's teammate, Khan, ran past as Wolvie cried about being scared, prompting Khan to sarcastically remarked on how Wolvie was supposed to be chosen to save the entire Multiverse. Blink assured Khan that if the Tallus brought Wolvie there then it had to be for a reason as the Time-Eater arrived on Earth-18753 to devour it as well. The Tallus immediately reacted, sending Wolvie and the other Exiles to the psychedelic Earth-71853, where they witnessed Earth-68151's Nick Fury briefly pass through that reality before disappearing. While the Exiles investigated more of Earth-71853, Wolvie picked flowers and presented them to Valkyrie. As the group continued investigating, Wolvie got on Valkyrie's shoulders as the Exiles met Earth-71853's hippie Namor and he watched in amazement as Namor offered the Exiles anything they needed to be copacetic. When the Time-Eater arrived on Earth-71853, the Tallus pulled Wolvie and the other Exiles into another reality as Earth-71853 was seemingly destroyed.

Arriving on Earth-86315, Wolvie watched as Earth-86315's Captain America (Peggy Carter) asked if the Exiles were the special agents sent to help kill the Red Skull. Wolvie asked what the word "kill" meant but he was quickly shushed by Khan as Captain America revealed the mission to stop the Red Skull from unleashing an atomic bomb. When Captain America finished, she announced that they would be leaving in one hour and suggested if anyone had to use the bathroom, they should go ahead and do it. Wolvie immediately raised his hand and proclaimed that he had to tinkle. Earth-86315's Gabe Jones then led Wolvie to the bathroom as the other Exiles discussed their plan on Earth-86315. Shortly after, Wolvie and the Exiles accompanied Captain America, "Becky" Barnes and Gabe Jones onto a plane, where Wolvie told Gabe Jones that his trumpet playing was "pretty." Gabe replied that it was music one played when they were about to kill people, prompting a confused Wolvie to again ask what the word "kill" meant. The two groups soon landed and rushed out to battle the Red Skull's soldiers with Wolvie running around randomly until he took cover behind Blink. Soon realizing that Captain America and the Commandos wished to die alongside the Red Skull, Blink teleported the Exiles, Cap, Gabe and Becky to the ground, leaving the Red Skull with dynamite that soon exploded. Captain America immediately ordered everyone to report and Wolvie exclaimed that he was "okie dokie."

The groups then decided to celebrate their victory over the Red Skull and, at the party, Wolvie asked Gabe Jones what his plans were now and when Gabe mentioned getting a piece of his mom's sweet potato pie, Wolvie professed his love for pie. Announcing that he could practically smell the pie, Wolvie soon corrected himself and exclaimed that he instead smelled danger. Valkyrie commented that Wolvie worried too much but Iron Lad quickly corroborated Wolvie's story, explaining that his armor's sensors were picking up damage to the bomb, which subsequently exploded.

(Exiles III#4 (fb) - BTS) - The Exiles were shunted to Earth-66881, where Wolvie awoke on a beach alongside the other Exiles.

(Exiles III#4) - A happy Wolvie greeted Blink when she awoke and when Blink and Khan discussed their equally dystopian home realities, a crying Wolvie proclaimed that he missed his world, where he got to play and eat cake, and where he had a lot of friends. He then quickly apologized for crying but both Blink and Khan admitted it was nice for them to remember what it was like to be like Wolvie. Blink soon realized that she was missing her Tallus but the discussion was soon interrupted when a young man named Cassius ran from the trees and onto the beach. After learning that the year was 1760 A.D. on Earth-66881 and defeating the British troops chasing Cassius, the Exiles were soon met by Cassius' ship captain, Blackbeard, formerly known as the Fantastic Four's Thing. Blackbeard agreed to help Wolvie and the Exiles locate the Tallus in exchange for their assistance against the slaver Admiral Gyrich and the Exiles were welcomed aboard Blackbeard's ship, where Wolvie witnessed slaves being freed by Blackbeard's crew and remarked on how putting chains on people was mean. During the subsequent battle against Admiral Gyrich, Wolvie freed Gyrich's slaves as the other Exiles, Blackbeard's crew, the Scarlet Falcon and pirate Capt. Mercedes Knight fought Gyrich's agent, the Juggernautical. When Khan asked how Wolvie was able to understand the Swahili-speaking slaves, Wolvie replied that it was easy, as he simply used the "bracket thingies." Eventually, the allies defeated Gyrich and the Juggernautical and during the subsequent celebratory party, Blink reminded Blackbeard about the Tallus and he agreed to take them to the Rainbow Whirlpool, where the Tallus apparently resided. Once there, Iron Lad brought Wolvie and the Exiles into an air bubble generated by his armor and the group ventured into the Whirlpool to retrieve the Tallus, which Wolvie smelled immediately and informed the Exiles that they needed to go straight down. Blink soon located the Tallus and teleported to it, allowing the Exiles to depart Earth-66881, shortly after arriving on Earth-18854's moon inside the Time-Eater's fortress. Finding several Watchers they had encountered earlier dead, Wolvie asked if that's what the word "kill" meant but Blink had Wolvie turn his head away from the Watchers, feeling as if he shouldn't see such a sight.

(Exiles III#5) - When the Time-Eater attacked the Exiles, promising to destroy the Tallus and become a single entity existing as the Multiverse itself, Wolvie commented that Kang's intended existence sounded really lonely. Earth-68151's Nick Fury was soon brought into the fray by Blink's Tallus and he helped Wolvie and the Exiles escape the Time-Eater by teleporting away. Appearing elsewhere in the Time-Eater's fortress, the Exiles discussed how to stop the Time-Eater and Iron Lad suggested they might be able to stop the Time-Eater by getting the present time Tallus back to when Blink had first encountered it, which would cause a time paradox that may restore the realities devoured by the Time-Eater. When Iron Lad informed the other Exiles the ensuing paradox would also prevent them from returning to their own home realities, an emotional Wolvie ran off, crying that he wanted to go home and that he missed his friends. Realizing they didn't have time to go after Wolvie, the Exiles let him be for the time being and Nick Fury set off into other realities with Blink and Khan in an attempt to get the Tallus back to Earth-616's moon while Iron Lad and Valkyrie held off the Time-Eater in his fortress. Returning to the Exiles in time to see the Time-Eater down Iron Lad and Valkyrie, Wolvie ordered the Time-Eater to be nice. The Time-Eater responded by incinerating Wolvie, only to have the cartoon-like Wolvie immediately pop back into existence. Announcing himself back, Wolvie was again incinerated by the Time-Eater, only to return moments later, asking the Time-Eater if he was missed. Remarking that he saw a "grumpy who needs a friend," Wolvie prepared to hug the Time-Eater but the Time-Eater instead trapped Wolvie in an energy cage, promising to figure out how to destroy Wolvie later. From his cage, Wolvie witnessed Iron Lad and Valkyrie return to the fight as the Time-Eater summoned divergent temporal counterparts of himself to fight the two Exiles. When Valkyrie suggested he flee, Wolvie summoned forth courage enough to bust out of his cage and he exclaimed that the Time-Eater was a bully who needed to be stopped. Wolvie, Iron Lad and Valkyrie were soon joined by Blink and several alternate reality counterparts and allies from realities restored to existence by Blink's successfully created temporal paradox. Joining with Wolvie and the others, Blink and her allies successfully dissipated the Time-Eater and while her allies were subsequently returned to their home realities, Wolvie and the Exiles were transported to Earth-616's moon, where Wolvie immediately recognized the Unseen's home.

Having seemingly lost Khan while attempting to create the temporal paradox, Blink ignored the Unseen's words and transported Wolvie and the other Exiles to Jersey City, where they all held a funeral for Khan. Blink then announced that the Exiles had earned themselves a vacation and she transported Wolvie and the others to the Bahamas, where Blink introduced her friends to Sandra, the Earth-616 counterpart to Blink's aunt.

(Exiles III#6) - A week later, Wolvie dozed at the Exiles' vacation home in the Bahamas as Blink talked with Sandra. When some johnnycakes were later made, a hungry Wolvie asked Sandra if he could have more despite having eaten more than a dozen already and Sandra allowed him to eat more, prompting Wolvie to ravenously eat them all before laying on the table with a full belly. Wolvie later joined the Exiles on the beach, where made a sand castle while the others sunbathed. Soon overhearing the Exiles discussing Blink's idea to travel the Multiverse to find her missing former teammates, Wolvie joined and volunteered himself alongside the other Exiles to help Blink. When the Tallus proved dormant, Wolvie suggested replacing the Tallus' batteries but when the Exiles all touched the Tallus, it activated, sending Wolvie and the other Exiles to Earth-18136's Old West. Wolvie then happily proclaimed that it was cowboy time and marveled at the many "cute horsies." The team then entered a tavern to learn more about Earth-18136 and Wolvie walked right up to a group of men playing cards, excitedly asking if he join their game.

When mutant criminals Pete Maximoff and Mr. Toad threatened a girl in the tavern, Blink and the other Exiles got involved, with Wolvie extending his claws at Mr. Toad in an attempt to appear threatening. After defeating Pete and Mr. Toad, the Exiles were invited to Dr. Moira MacTaggert's Apothecary, where they learned that Blink's former teammates, Earth-2182's Nocturne and Earth-1081's Morph, had been there and captured by the Magnus Gang. Pete and Mr. Toad soon returned with the Magnus Gang and a fight ensued between the Gang and the Exiles, with Wolvie battling Mr. Toad and demanding the Gang leave his friends alone. The Exiles quickly defeated the Magnus Gang but Mister Magnus captured Iron Lad and the group departed, leaving behind a crying Wolvie and an angry Blink and Valkyrie. Wolvie then announced that he could track the Magnus Gang due to the Gang being "smelly" but Dr. MacTaggert suggested the Exiles seek out the man called King, who had been readying to attack the Magnus Gang himself. Before MacTaggert could lead the Exiles to King, however, King found them and introduced himself as T'Challa.

(Exiles III#7) - Learning that King sought the Magnus Gang for his own reasons and that he had been attempting to gather together a posse to take down the Magnus Gang, the Exiles decided to work with him for their mutual goals and Wolvie commented that King smelled nice like spices and bedtime. Amazed that Wolvie could smell the Heart-Shaped Herb in his bloodstream, King remarked that Wolvie's talents might prove useful against the Gang. An hour later, Wolvie rode with Valkyrie on her steed Elendil while King and Blink led the way towards the Magnus Gang's hideout. When they came to a crossroad, Wolvie used his senses and pointed them in the right direction before asking Blink if Iron Lad had been hurt or killed. Blink hoped for the best as Wolvie picked up the Gang's scent. Pete Maximoff ran up to the group at superhuman speed but Blink defeated him and Wolvie announced that the Gang was right where they stood as the Magnus Gang dropped their illusion and revealed themselves. The Gang then went on the attack, with Mr. Toad binding Wolvie with his tongue and Wanda Maximoff downing Valkyrie. Wolvie was then captured along with the other Exiles and he was held in captivity as leverage to keep Blink and Valkyrie was raising their hands against the Magnus Gang's controller, the telepathic Pastor Xavier. When the Exiles managed to defeat Xavier, the Magnus Gang fled, freeing Wolvie and Iron Lad, who regrouped with the other Exiles as Blink's newly-freed former teammate Morph was killed by a mental blast unleashed by the dying Xavier. Upon seeing the deceased Xavier, Morph, Elendil (who had been earlier felled by Xavier) and Mr. Magnus (who lost a shootout with King during the battle against Xavier), Wolvie began crying.

Hours later, Wolvie and Iron Lad found Valkyrie in the local saloon and Wolvie commented that she smelled like spoiled grape juice and tears. Iron Lad apologized for the loss of Elendil and Wolvie remarked that Elendil was a "good horsie" but Valkyrie asked to be left alone. Still trying to help, Wolvie reminded Valkyrie that they were friends but a remorseful Valkyrie yelled for Wolvie to leave her alone, prompting an apologetic Wolvie to run off crying. Blink then entered the saloon and told Valkyrie she would later feel bad about making Wolvie cry.

(Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS) - Wolvie was captured along with the other Exiles by a splinter group of rogue Watchers to be placed on trial for their perceived crime of aiding the Unseen intervene in multiple timelines.

(Exiles III#8) - The captured Wolvie and the other Exiles watched as Blink was lead into the trial to give her testimony. Recognizing the Watchers as the "same bighead people that were bothering us before," Wolvie was told by Iron Lad that they were alien Watchers, who were supposed to be impassive observers of the Multiverse. When one of the Watchers proposed the Exiles for annihilation, a confused Wolvie didn't understand the word but events soon turned to Blink, who gave her testimony via displayed memories. Nocturne refused to give her testimony but Valkyrie volunteered and when Valkyrie's memories came to the death of Elendil, she mustered the courage to attack the Watchers, much to Wolvie's surprise. Iron Lad quickly calmed Valkyrie and gave his own testimony, remarking to the Watchers that he had learned the value of working together over strength and Wolvie agreed, commenting that togetherness was the best. The Watchers then turned their attention towards Wolvie, who smiled and exclaimed how the memory display device tickled his brain. Displaying memories of his time at Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters, Wolvie explained how he was never really a baby and his earliest memory was waking up with his claws covered in thick, red jam. He continued, explaining the fun he had with his former teammates, how the Time-Eater arrived on Earth-32518 and how he joined the Exiles to escape Earth-32518 in order to save it. Frowning, Wolvie then remarked on how he had since learned about dying but also about saving people. He then declared that he was tired of talking and asked if he could be done with his testimony. Wolvie then sniffled as Earth-86315's Captain America and "Becky" Barnes were led in to give their testimony. After their testimony, the Watchers brought in King, prompting an excited Wolvie to greet King as he was led in. The Watchers then convened to come up with a verdict and Blink spoke with Wolvie and the others about fighting if the trial did not go in their favor. Wolvie promised to assist if they had to fight and the Exiles prepared to work together as the Watchers returned.

When the Watchers proclaimed the Exiles guilty, Nocturne managed a hex bolt despite the Watchers' power inhibitors and her hex granted Wolvie and the others their powers back. Wolvie then joined in the attack on the Watchers but during the attack, Blink's Tallus activated and teleported the Exiles away.

(Exiles III#9) - Arriving on Earth-38191, where residents are assigned roles in stories based on "1,001 Arabian Nights," Wolvie found himself stuck in the role of Sinbad's barber with King known as Sinbad himself. Waking King up, Wolvie explained the concept of jumping realities and informed King that sometimes, it made a person have to go "pee-pee." King realized they were both at sea when a ship crewman checked on them and suggested Sinbad and his barber come above deck to see the land they had found. Deciding to accompany Sinbad's crew to the island, King and Wolvie hoped to find the other Exiles but instead found themselves and Sinbad's crew under attack by giant Cyclopses. Retreating back to their boats, Wolvie and King witnessed the Cyclopses destroy some of the boats and Wolvie exclaimed "those poor men" as they made their way back to Sinbad's main ship. Hours later, Wolvie and King were informed that land was again found but this time, the "island" was actually a large sea creature and the duo was tossed into the sea, where Wolvie saved King by getting him onto a broken piece of the ship and kicking his legs in a cartoon-like motion to mimic an outboard motor. Finally on dry land, King thanked Wolvie for saving his life and when he remarked that he owed Wolvie his life, a smiling Wolvie claimed it was silly to owe a life and instead suggested King could owe him an ice cream. A flying carpet-riding Iron Lad and Blink soon found King and Wolvie and regrouped with them as Valkyrie and Captain America arrived in a boat. Wolvie immediately hugged Valkyrie and before Captain America could mount a rescue mission for "Becky" Barnes, who had been kidnapped by bandits, "Becky" came walking up to regroup with the Exiles, commenting to Captain America that there was no need to trouble herself on "Becky"'s account. Blink's Tallus then activated on its own, teleporting Wolvie and the other Exiles to Nocturne, who had been assigned the role of Shahrazad, storyteller to her murderous husband, Caliph Doom in Earth-38191's case.

(Exiles III#10) - When Caliph Doom appeared in-person, each of the Exiles asked Nocturne to provide some explanations with Wolvie added that she should also provide pie. The Caliph demanded to know who the Exiles and when Wolvie exclaimed that they came from the moon, Blink tried to better explain but Caliph Doom accused her of lying. Caliph Doom then attacked, prompting Wolvie and the others to defend themselves and press an attack of their own. The Caliph soon sent an army of Doombots after the Exiles and they fought back, with Wolvie demanding the "meanies" leave the Exiles alone. Eventually, the Exiles became overwhelmed and when Blink noticed the magic carpet that had assisted them earlier, she teleported Wolvie and the others onto the carpet and the Exiles made their escape. Iron Lad noticed that the carpet had grown to accommodate the larger Exiles team and Wolvie reminded him that it was magic before the carpet deposited the Exiles into a nearby oasis. Wolvie immediately got off the carpet and started sniffing around, soon hugging a large palm tree in the oasis as the Exiles to recent off-and-on dependability of Blink's Tallus. The conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Earth-38191's Black Cat and Hakeem Strange, who wished to work with the Exiles against Caliph Doom. As Black Cat led the Exiles to her bandit village, Wolvie asked if she had any cake or pie but Black Cat explained that the Caliph's greed had taken nearly all food. Wolvie proclaimed the Caliph Doom a meanie and, smelling a sadness on Black Cat, he asked if she wished to talk about Caliph Doom's hurting her. When Black Cat revealed that Caliph Doom had her father killed, Wolvie admitted the death was sad and began to tell Black Cat about King losing his father but King quickly shushed Wolvie, who apologized. The Exiles soon decided to help Black Cat and Hakeem Strange against the Caliph but the Caliph found them first, having used the Ring of Solomon artifact to summon the djinn Mephisto. When the Caliph ordered the Exiles to join him or perish, Wolvie and "Becky" Barnes hurled rocks at the Caliph and Wolvie called the Caliph a bully.

Unable to have Mephisto attack the Exiles directly as long as Blink had the Tallus, the Caliph summoned robots to battle the Exiles but during the battle, Blink teleported to the Caliph's side then teleported away while holding the Caliph's hand with the Ring of Solomon, severing the hand. Wolvie immediately cheered at the sudden disappearance of the Caliph's robots and subsequently watched as the now-freed Mephisto prepared to take the Caliph into his fiery depths for punishment of his sins. Before departing, the Caliph tried to atone for his sins by designating Nocturne the Khalifa to rule in his place. Deciding to retire as an Exile for awhile, Nocturne accepted the position as Khalifa and Blink's Tallus soon activated, teleporting Wolvie and the other Exiles to their next designation: Earth-616's present day New Jersey. Once there, the Exiles learned that while Earth-616 was not any of their homes, it was a reality equidistant from each of their home realities and Wolvie whined that it was taking too long to get back to a home he wished to return to. Attempting to comfort Wolvie, Captain America kneeled down and spoke to Wolvie about how brave he had been recently and how she wasn't so brave at his age. King soon sensed someone approaching and Wolvie and the other Exiles were surprised to see their seemingly dead former teammate Khan leading her own team of Exiles.

(Exiles III#11) - Wolvie introduced himself to Khan's Exiles teammate, Earth-24530's X-2/3rds, and thanked her for bringing Khan back to them but he was soon kicked aside when Khan's Exiles announced their plans to replace Blink's Exiles. As a battle ensued, Wolvie attempted to stop X-2/3rds from fighting, suggesting they play instead. He then asked if she was his big sister but X-2/3rd told him to shut up and scratched him with her foot claw. Actually harmed, Wolvie asked why X-2/3rds was so mean but X-2/3rds responded by punching Wolvie in the stomach and asking why he was such a stupid baby. She then pounded Wolvie into the ground and considered Wolvie pathetic. The rest of Wolvie's Exiles were soon defeated but Blink managed to teleport them away before Khan could turn them over to the rogue Watchers that had assembled Khan's team. When Wolvie proclaimed Khan's team to be "bad guy Exiles," Iron Lad agreed and suggested Khan's team had been assembled specifically to take down Blink's team. Quickly realizing Khan's team would go after Blink's Earth-616 Auntie Sandra in order to hurt Blink, Wolvie and the Exiles teleported to Sandra's home to find her captured by Khan's team. A battle again erupted and Wolvie was again kicked by X-2/3rds before Wolvie joined Blink at her side to confront Khan, who tried to get Blink to understand how the Watchers had offered to reunite Khan with her daughter. Wolvie responded by admitting he was happy to see Khan alive and suggesting she not tell her daughter of her actions against Blink's Exiles. When Wolvie continued, stating that Khan did not want her daughter to think her mother was a bad person, Khan relented and gave up the fight. Khan's Exiles team then disappeared in a flash of Khan's Tallus device and Wolvie decided to join Blink and his teammates in confronting the rogue Watchers directly.

(Exiles III#12) - Arriving to confront the rogue Watchers, Wolvie and the Exiles were transported to damaged realities, where they lived out the lives of their alternate counterparts in an unending loop. Wolvie was trapped on Earth-19312, where his adult X-Men teammates yelled orders at him and he cowered at their loud, mean nature until Iron Lad managed to overload Blink's Tallus, redistributing temporal particles and freeing the Exiles at the cost of his own freedom. Happy to be freed, Wolvie announced that he had the scariest dream and the true Watchers quickly showed up to punish the rogue Watchers. Once all of the Watchers had departed, Wolvie asked Blink if Iron Lad was indeed lost to them and what they should do next. Blink suggested they leave the moon to say goodbye and the Exiles returned to Earth, where Wolvie joined the Exiles in paying tribute to their fallen comrades at Sandra's home. The next morning, Wolvie was happy to hear that Blink wished to continue adventuring to help those in the Multiverse who needed assistance.

Comments: Created by Gregg Schigiel and Jacob Chabot.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Wolvie has no known connections to:

Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters

Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters was the living space on Earth-32518 for the Adorable X-Babies. After arriving on Earth-32518, the Adorable X-Babies took up living there and spent time having fun together. When the reality-hopping Exiles arrived on Earth-32518, they appeared right in front of the Playtime Fun School, where Wolvie greeted them and brought them onto the School grounds for pie. The School was presumably destroyed when the Time-Eater seemingly devoured Earth-32518.

--Exiles III#2 (Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS, 2,

images: (without ads)
Exiles III#2, p9, pan1 (Wolvie, main image)
Exiles III#2, Mike McKone variant cover (Wolvie, headshot)
X-Babies I#1, p9, pan1 (Wolvie's original costume)
Exiles III#1, front cover (Wolvie leaping)
Exiles III#1, Jesus Saiz variant cover (Wolvie headshot with Khan)
Exiles III#2, p10, pan2 (Wolvie, emitting hearts from his chest)
Exiles III#5, p11, pan1-9 (Wolvie, continually returning to life after being incinerated)
Exiles III#5, p20, pan4 (Wolvie in vacation clothes)
Exiles III#6, p2, pan1 (Wolvie in giant sunglasses)
Exiles III#6, p3 pan3 (Wolvie licking his fingers)
Exiles III#7, front cover (Wolvie running into battle)
Exiles III#7, p18, pan5 (crying Wolvie with Iron Lad)
Exiles III#8, p9, pan5 (Wolvie smiling)
Exiles III#9, front cover (Wolvie hanging onto a flying carpet)
Exiles III#9, p17, pan2 (Wolvie in a hat)
Exiles III#2, p8, pan1 (Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters)

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