(of Reality-22681)

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Reality-22681) Asgardian

Occupation: Adventurer, reality traveler;
    former valkyrie

Group Membership: Exiles (Becky Barnes of Earth-86315, Blink/Clarice Ferguson of Earth-295, Captain America/Peggy Carter of Earth-86315, Iron Lad/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-18651, Khan/Kamala Khan of Earth-81111, King/T'Challa of Earth-18136, Wolvie)

Affiliations: Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-957), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-7946), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-8096), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-33629), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-51518), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-61741), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-95099), Blink (Clarice Ferguson of Earth-95120), numerous other Blink counterparts (see comments), Cobalt of Earth-81111, Elendil, Exiles, Nick Fury of Earth-68151, the Howling Commandos of Earth-86315 (Gabriel, Izzy, others), L'il Magneto, Morph (Kevin Sidney of Earth-1081), Namor of Earth-71853, Nocturne (T.J. Wagner of Earth-2182), Odin, Sandra of Earth-616;
Earth-18136 natives: Earl, Moira MacTaggert;
Earth-38191 natives: Black Cat and her Forty Thieves (Sayeed, others), Hakeem Strange;
Earth-66881 natives: Rebecca Barnes, Blackbeard (Ben Grimm), Cassius, Capt. Mercedes Knight, the Scarlet Falcon (Sam Wilson);

Enemies: Exiles (Captain/Steve Rogers of Earth-35429, Iron Prince/Nathaniel Richards of Earth-14181, Khan/Kamala Khan of Earth-81111, Killmonger/Shuri of Earth-52191, Thor of Earth-19110, X-2/3rds of Earth-24530), frost giants, Red Skull of Earth-86315, Surtur, the Time-Eater (Nathaniel Richards of Earth-6311 temporally divergent counterpart), rogue Watchers (Acitua, others);
    formerly L'il Magneto;
Earth-18136 natives: Magnus Gang (Maestro Wyngarde, Erik Magnus, Pete Maximoff, Mister Toad, Wanda), Pastor Xavier;
Earth-38191 natives: Caliph Doom, Mephisto;
    formerly Black Cat and her Forty Thieves (Sayeed, others);
Earth-66881 natives: Admiral Gyrich, Juggernautical

Known Relatives: Odin (creator), six unidentified sisters (see comments)

Aliases: Ali Baba (role forced into), "Asgardian," "Dr. Feelgood," "Heathen Girl," "Ma'am," "Muscles," "Sis," "Toots," "Val," "Valkyrie, Builder of Houses," "Whelp," "Wicked Girl"

Base of Operations: The Bahamas of Earth-616;
    formerly Asgard

First Appearance: (on a cover): Exiles III#1 (June, 2018);
    (in-story): Exiles III#2 (June, 2018)

Powers/Abilities: Valkyrie possesses the physical attributes typical to most Asgardians, including superhuman strength (presumably lifting 25 tons) and durability, providing resistance to conventional diseases and injury and rendering her skin bulletproof.

She also possesses limited enhanced resistance to telepathy and/or telepathic attack.

In battle, Valkyrie carries a spear and sword made from a metal capable of withstanding direct attacks from the fiery sword of Surtur without breaking.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 6'0")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 480 lbs.)
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Dark brown

History: (Exiles III#8 (fb)) - Long after the Asgardian All-Father Odin's children were slain, Odin struck the ground with lightning, creating seven infant girls who sprung forth from the ground in hopes that one might be worthy of the title of Valkyrie. Under Odin's watchful eye, the girls trained to fight together, often sparring against one another and hoping that they might be the one to become the lone defender of Asgard.

(Exiles III#9 (fb) - BTS) - While still a child, the darker-haired girl was given the winged horse Elendil as her companion and steed.

(Exiles III#8 (fb)) - Years later, Odin chose the dark-haired girl to become Valkyrie.

(Exiles III#3 (fb) - BTS) - The woman later known simply as Valkyrie forsook all other names when she was chosen as the lone defender of Asgard.

(Exiles III#4 (fb) - BTS) - Valkyrie was no stranger to the "wooing" of maidens.

(Exiles III#8 (fb)) - As Asgard's defender, Valkyrie fought all manner of threatening creatures including Frost giants and two-headed trolls.

(Exiles III#2) - Years later, Valkyrie was in the middle of a battle between the fire demon Surtur and his hordes when the reality-hopping Exiles Blink (of Earth-295), Khan (of Earth-81111) and Iron Lad (of Earth-18651) appeared. The Exiles quickly joined Valkyrie in battling Surtur until Surtur was forced to flee, promising Valkyrie she had not seen the last of him. Following the fight, Valkyrie thanked the Exiles for their assistance and introduced herself and her flying horse Elendil. Blink introduced the Exiles and revealed that they arrived in Valkyrie's reality to recruit help against the reality-devouring Time-Eater. Valkyrie admitted that she was born for such adventurous tasks but that she dared not leave her post as the lone defender of Asgard.

(Exiles III#2/Exiles III#8 (fb)) - Her proclamations were interrupted when the Time-Eater arrived in reality-22681 and began devouring it.

(Exiles III#2) - Despite Valkyrie's protests that she did not run from battle, Blink's Tallus device activated and transported the Exiles and their newest member, Valkyrie herself, to Earth-32518. Upon touching down in front of Xavier's Playtime Fun School for Gifted Youngsters, Valkyrie learned that the Time-Eater would be hot on their trail and she agreed to help the Exiles defeat the Time-Eater. The group was soon interrupted by the toddler Wolvie, who was tracking down missing pies. Upon hearing that someone had stolen the pies, Valkyrie announced it a foul crime but informed Wolvie that the Exiles' worries were greater than a matter of pies. Proclaiming Valkyrie to be silly, Wolvie ran off into the woods, soon finding the pies in the clutches of L'il Magneto. Following, Valkyrie and the Exiles defeated L'il Magneto and were preparing to celebrate with pie when the Time-Eater appeared on Earth-32518. Readying themselves to fight the Time-Eater, Valkyrie and the Exiles were instead transported by the Tallus to Reality-616's Moon, where the Unseen informed them on the Time-Eater. When Iron Lad theorized that the Time-Eater's devoured realities could be restored if he were defeated, Valkyrie expressed hope in the Time-Eater's defeat and commended Iron Lad on his scholarly ways, proclaiming him a friend. When Iron Lad remarked that they'd just met, a smiling Valkyrie announced that it was better to face death alongside friends than strangers. A group of rogue alien Watchers soon showed up and attempted to take the Unseen into custody but Blink defended him, taking the brunt of their blast with her Tallus, cracking it and sending Valkyrie and the Exiles teleporting away.

(Exiles III#3) - Arriving on Earth-18753, Valkyrie and the Exiles all got to their feet and Valkyrie remarked on her head feeling like fifty frost giants had used it as a war drum. The Exiles were soon attacked by Earth-18753's cyborg dinosaur residents and Valkyrie jumped onto Elendil and into battle, slashing the pterandon-like dinosaur with her sword. The pteranodon soon knocked Valkyrie from Elendil but Iron Lad rescued her and Valkyrie had him hurl her right back into battle. As Valkyrie smiled in the heat of battle, the Time-Eater arrived on Earth-18753, triggering the Tallus to again transport Valkyrie and the Exiles elsewhere. As they traveled across realities, Iron Lad asked Valkyrie was her actual name was but Valkyrie revealed that she should be called only Valkyrie, as she had forsook all other names after being chosen Asgard's defender. Soon after touching down on Earth-71853, the puzzled Valkyrie and the Exiles briefly noticed Earth-68151's Nick Fury pass through that reality before they ventured further into the nearest populated area. Walking into the center of New Atlantis, Valkyrie and the Exiles were met by Earth-71853's hippie leader Namor, who offered them wine and anything else they needed to be copacetic. Valkyrie welcomed the thought of wine and Blink began to think a feast wouldn't be a bad idea but before any celebrations could begin, the Time-Eater appeared on Earth-71853 and began to devour the reality, forcing the Exiles to again teleport elsewhere, this time to Earth-86315 in an airplane hangar. Quickly discovered by Earth-86315's Becky Barnes, who admitted that Valkyrie did not look like a spy, as Valkyrie was easier on the eyes. Upon hearing that Becky's allies, Captain America and the Howling Commandos, were planning a mission to stop the Red Skull from detonating a nuclear bomb, Valkyrie and her Exiles teammates discussed whether or not to aid them, with Valkyrie suggesting it was their duty to prevent the Red Skull's intended slaughter.

After the Exiles agreed to accompany Captain America against the Red Skull, Becky Barnes offered to take Valkyrie dancing if they lived through their mission and Valkyrie agreed that the spilling of blood should be followed by merriment, wooing and the making of love.

(Future Foundation I#3 - BTS) - Becky Barnes fell in love with Valkyrie, unaware that her body was holding the consciousness of Rikki Barnes, a native of Reality-616's Counter-Earth created by Franklin Richards.

(Exiles III#3) - When the heroes located the Red Skull's airship, Valkyrie and her allies jumped onto the ship, taking after numerous Red Skull henchmen before confronting the Red Skull himself. Realizing that Captain America and her allies had planned a suicide mission to blow up the Red Skull's bomb, unknowing how the radioactive fallout would sicken the civilians below, Blink teleported the Red Skull's bomb, the Exiles and Captain America's allies to the ground, leaving the Red Skull to be blown up by Captain America's dynamite. Once on the ground, everyone confirmed their safety and Becky asked Valkyrie if she would like to go jitterbug. Gabriel of the Howling Commandos then played his trumpet as Valkyrie and Becky danced together but Wolvie soon smelled a radiation leak from the nuclear bomb. Before anything could be done, the bomb exploded and Blink's Tallus teleported Valkyrie and the other Exiles away from the blast.

(Exiles III#4) - Arriving on Earth-66881 without Blink's Tallus, Valkyrie tended to the unconscious Blink and with Elendil's help, Blink recovered and Valkyrie welcomed Blink back, admitting she and the other Exiles feared the worse after the bomb on Earth-86315. The Exiles' reunion was cut short, however, when a man named Cassius ran up to them, chased by the slavecatchers of Admiral Gyrich. Angry at the slavers for their very actions, Valkyrie violently attacked the slavers and forced them to flee as the pirate Captain Blackbeard (a time-displaced Thing of the Fantastic Four) arrived to retrieve his spy Cassius. Introducing Valkyrie and the Exiles to Blackbeard, Blink informed him of their missing Tallus and Blackbeard suspected it was at the center of rainbow-colored whirlpool his crew had earlier seen. Agreeing to help the Exiles find the Tallus in exchange for their help against Admiral Gyrich, Blackbeard allowed Valkyrie and the Exiles to stay aboard his ship, where Valkyrie was introduced to Earth-66881's Rebecca Barnes. The two immediately began flirting, prompting Blink to quietly ask how Valkyrie could move so fast. While Blink and the others went over their plan of attack against Gyrich with Blackbeard, Valkyrie continued flirting with Barnes, at one point asking the nearby Iron Lad if there was anything more glorious than love. When the shy Iron Lad admitted he wouldn't know, Valkyrie decided to help Iron Lad overcome his timidity using her own experiences. She then began coaching Iron Lad on his confidence before Blackbeard interrupted the discussion to inform them that they were nearing Gyrich's ship. When Gyrich attacked, Valkyrie and the Exiles leaped into the battle and Valkyrie battled Gyrich's summoned ally, the Juggernautical, slashing at his helmet until the Juggernautical was ultimately downed atop her. Soon after celebrating victory, Valkyrie and her teammates were reminded about the Tallus by Iron Lad and soon after, they were all led to the rainbow whirlpool by Blackbeard. Traveling underwater in an air bubble created by Iron Lad's armor, Valkyrie and the Exiles retrieved the Tallus and Blink teleported them away. Finding themselves in some sort of fortress on Earth-616's moon, the Exiles questioned where they were and Valkyrie wondered what purpose the mirrors populating the fortress served. When the Exiles found corpses of the rogue Watchers they had earlier encountered, Valkyrie wondered who could have committed such an act and questioned where the Unseen was. Iron Lad soon found a sort of chronicle and informed Valkyrie and the others that the fortress had been taken by the Time-Eater, an alternate counterpart of himself in the form of Kang the Conqueror.

(Exiles III#5/Exiles III#6 (fb)) - When the Time-Eater emerged from one of the mirror portals, the Exiles briefly listened to the Time-Eater monologue before attacking. Valkyrie flew at the Time-Eater, spear in hand, but the Time-Eater easily tossed her aside before Earth-68151's Nick Fury appeared from a portal to join the battle. Blink quickly teleported Valkyrie and her allies away from the Time-Eater but found she could not teleport to another reality due to the Time-Eater's devouring of realities. When Iron Lad suggested they send the Tallus back in time to when Blink first encountered the Unseen on Earth-616's moon to create a time paradox that would restore the realities devoured by the Time-Eater and remove his power, Valkyrie impetuously prepared to begin the mission. Iron Lad cautioned Valkyrie, however, warning that while their successful mission would restore their destroyed home realities, it would also temporally diverge them from their own realities, preventing them from ever returning. While Valkyrie and the other Exiles reluctantly agreed to still go along with the mission, with Valkyrie admitting she would miss Asgard, a crying Wolvie ran away at the thought of never seeing his friends again. Not being an Exile that would be affected directly by the paradox, Nick Fury agreed to take the Tallus back in time (with help from Blink and Khan) while Valkyrie and Iron Lad kept the Time-Eater busy. The Time-Eater soon located the Exiles and Valkyrie attacked as Khan, Blink and Fury entered a portal headed for Earth-616's past. The Time-Eater blasted Valkyrie in the face with energy from his eyes, downing the Asgardian and prompting an angry Iron Lad to come to her defense. Iron Lad was soon downed as well, falling unconscious next to the fallen Valkyrie, when Wolvie returned and annoyed the Time-Eater into placing him in an energy cage. When Valkyrie and Iron Lad regained consciousness, the drained Time-Eater deduced the Exiles' mission and summoned numerous temporal divergent counterparts of himself to battle the duo. Valkyrie and Iron Lad were soon overwhelmed and Valkyrie told Iron Lad and Wolvie to flee as she covered their exit but her teammates refused to leave. As Wolvie was freed from his cage due to the Time-Eater's power waning, Blink appeared with a small army of her own alternate reality counterparts and Exiles allies. Valkyrie and all of the assembled Exiles allies then dogpiled onto the Time-Eater with Valkyrie leaping at him with his spear. Upon the Time-Eater's defeat, Valkyrie asked if the tyrant was truly dead and Iron Lad admitted that the Time-Eater's death was unlikely, though he would be unable to draw on his power in the future. With the devoured realities now fully restored, their allies returned to their home realities and the moon returned to normal around the Exiles, albeit without Khan, who had seemingly perished getting Nick Fury back to the past. Teleporting to Earth-616's Jersey City, Valkyrie and the Exiles held a small memorial together for Khan before Blink teleported them to the Bahamas home of the Earth-616 counterpart of her aunt Sandra, where she hoped the Exiles could vacation.

(Exiles III#6 (fb) - BTS) - After the Exiles rented a vacation home owned by Sandra's friend, Valkyrie and Iron Lad decided to help the area recover from a recent hurricane by repairing damage.

(Exiles III#6) - Valkyrie and Iron Lad were finishing up some repairs to the local area and after Valkyrie replaced the roof on the final damaged cottage, Iron Lad admitted that he liked helping people more than fighting. When Iron Lad remarked that no one died while helping people, Valkyrie admitted that Khan's recent death had been like a knife in heart as well but reminded Iron Lad that Khan died the death she had chosen, a warrior's death. Iron Lad replied that the type of death did not make Khan any less dead before departing to return home as a solemn Valkyrie watched. Later that evening, Valkyrie joined Blink for a swim, commenting that a body needed nourishment from merriment as well as battle. A bit later, Valkyrie joined her teammates in relaxing by the beach and suggested Iron Lad remove his armor but he declined, claiming the armor was breathable and that he felt exposed without it. Iron Lad's comment reminded Blink of her missing former teammates, Earth-1081's Morph and Earth-2182's Nocturne, and when Blink expressed interest in locating them, Valkyrie, Iron Lad and Wolvie all agreed to help Blink. Gearing up, the Exiles then regrouped on the deck of the vacation home and each touched the Tallus, reactivating it and sending them to the Old West reality of Earth-18136. Valkyrie quickly suggested they see if Blink's teammates were in this reality by visiting the local tavern for information. Completely ignoring the art of laying low, Valkyrie slammed the saloon's doors open and proclaimed not a single bottle safe from her but the Exiles were subsequently drawn in a fight with mutant speedster Pete Maximoff and his ally Mister Toad of the Magnus Gang. Blink easily avoided Pete and when Mister Toad tried to attack with his tongue, Valkyrie grabbed Toad by the tongue and flung him to the ground. After Pete and Mister Toad retreated, the bartender suggested the Exiles leave in an effort to not further anger the Magnus Gang and the Exiles were confronted by Moira MacTaggert as they left, who informed them about the Magnus Gang. During the conversation, the Exiles learned that the former Exile Morph and Nocturne had been taken away by the Magnus Gang and when the full Magnus Gang arrived to interrupt the discussion, a fight broke out between the two groups. Valkyrie and the Exiles were winning at first, with Valkyrie punching Pete Maximoff, but his sister Wanda created quicksand that incapacitated Valkyrie and Blink while the Magnus Gang absconded with Iron Lad. Blink immediately wished to go after the Magnus Gang and Moira MacTaggert suggested they meet a man called King to better prepare for an attack. As if on cue, King appeared before Valkyrie and the Exiles.

(Exiles III#7/Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS) - After introductions were made, Valkyrie, Blink and Wolvie teamed up with King to track down the Magnus Gang. Along the way, Valkyrie exclaimed that she would smash any cage Iron Lad was being kept in and as the group neared closer, Pete Maximoff came running at them, firing guns at superhuman speed. Valkyrie shrugged off the bullets with ease and Blink teleported off her horse to attack Pete. The rest of the Magnus Gang soon revealed themselves, having been disguised by Maestro Wyngarde's illusion powers, and Valkyrie prepared to attack when Mister Toad grabbed Wolvie. When a mind-controlled Morph-1081 and Nocturne-2182 aided the Magnus Gang, Blink, Wolvie, Valkyrie and King were defeated and later brought before the mind-controlling mastermind Pastor Xavier. When Blink accused Pastor Xavier of brainwashing her friends, Xavier claimed that his will was the word of God and blood must spilled to seal his sermon. Announcing that they must sever their beastial bonds to the world, Pastor Xavier used his telepathic powers to kill Valkyrie's steed Elendil. The distraught Valkyrie then responded by announcing her intent to rip Xavier's heart out. Pastor Xavier immediately blasted Valkyrie with mind blasts but Valkyrie fought her way through the telepathic attack, claiming that he could burn her mind out of her skull and she would still seek vengeance. When Valkyrie was forced to the ground, still fighting, Blink freed Nocturne and Morph from their mind control and they all joined together to kill Pastor Xavier, who killed Morph with a mind blast as he died. As Blink held Morph, Valkyrie angrily announced her wishes that they could kill Pastor Xavier a thousand times over. She then went to Elendil's corpse and mourned the loss.

Hours later, Valkyrie sought solitude at the local saloon. When Iron Lad and Wolvie arrived, wishing to help the mourning Valkyrie, she asked to be left alone but Wolvie continued trying to help until Valkyrie yelled at him. After Wolvie ran off crying, Blink arrived and tried to help as well and Valkyrie stormed off, exclaiming that she would seek solitude elsewhere.

(Exiles III#8 (fb) - BTS) - Valkyrie and the other Exiles were captured by the rogue Watchers they had earlier encountered and put on trial for altering the timestream, their powers dampened by the Watchers' devices.

(Exiles III#8) - Valkyrie and the other Exiles witnessed the Watchers bring Blink before them to recount her life leading up to the trial. Once Blink had finished, the Watchers attempted to have Nocturne recount her life but Nocturne declined, leading the Watchers to Valkyrie instead. Proudly recounting her life story, Valkyrie ended the story with Elendil's death before angrily rushing to attack the Watchers. The Watchers froze Valkyrie where she stood, however, and warned that if Valkyrie would not restrain herself, her judgment would passed onto her teammates. A nervous Iron Lad then begged Valkyrie to calm down, warning that the Watchers had the powers to kill them, and Valkyrie agreed to halt her attack for now on Iron Lad's wishes. After the rest of the Exiles gave their stories, Valkyrie watched as the Watchers called forth Exiles allies Captain America and Becky Barnes of Earth-86315. Happy to see Becky again, Valkyrie proclaimed the sight of her as a balm for her wounded heart and announced that if her hands were free, she would lift Becky into the air. When Becky commented that they would get time for that, Valkyrie became grim once more and replied they would if they survived this encounter. After Captain America and Becky gave their life stories, Valkyrie and the Exiles witnessed the Watchers bring forth King from Earth-18136, who was forced to give his story as well. The Watchers then went into deliberation and Blink suggested that even without their powers, the Exiles may need to fight if the Watchers did not rule in their favor. Valkyrie sided with Blink's decision, as did the other Exiles, and shortly after, the Watchers returned and ruled to annihilate the Exiles. Nocturne soon realized her hex bolts had returned due to them inherently altering the probability of the Watchers' power dampeners working and Valkyrie joined the Exiles in attacking the rogue Watchers. Before the battle could progress, however, Blink's Tallus activated and transported Valkyrie and the Exiles to Earth-38191, where they each were forced into the role of a resident there.

(Exiles III#9) - Finding herself chopping down desert palm trees with Becky Barnes, Valkyrie wondered where they had been transported to when a man greeted her as Ali Baba. When Valkyrie claimed the man was mistaken, he laughed and acted as if Valkyrie was using the "famous Ali Baba wit" to joke with him. The man then warned of a gang of thieves nearby and Valkrie and Becky continued on their way, hoping to find their teammates. An hour later, Becky asked about Valkyrie's grim attitude and Valkyrie revealed how she had lost comrades and Elendil since her last meeting with Becky. Becky replied that all of her friends except Captain America were also dead but reminded Valkyrie that they had to keep on living and trying to be happy. Valkyrie then got close to Becky, commenting "a fair point from a fair pair of lips" before the duo was interrupted by the screams of Captain America. Rushing to Captain America's aid, Valkyrie and Becky found her battling Earth-38191's Black Cat and her Forty Thieves. Black Cat quickly had her agent Sayeed entrap Valkyrie and Captain America in a mystical energy net and the Thieves absconded with Becky. After the Thieves dragged Becky into their hideout, sealing the entrance with a rock, the mystic net dissipated and Valkyrie and Captain America attempted to bust through the entrance to no avail. Recalling stories her nan had told her as a child, Captain America yelled "open sesame" and the entrance rock moved aside, allowing Valkyrie and Captain America to enter the Black Cat's hideout. As the two ventured further into the hideout, Captain America commented on how Becky had taken a liking to Valkyrie and Valkyrie admitted she had also grown fond of Becky, prompting Captain America to warn Valkyrie against breaking Becky's heart. Valkyrie assured Cap that she had nothing to worry about until the two found a boat. Taking the boat out to find Becky, Valkyrie and Captain America ultimately found the rest of the Exiles. Becky Barnes soon came walking up as well, having defeated the Thieves herself, and Valkyrie noticed Becky was injured. Becky and Valkyrie flirted with one another until Blink reminded them that they still had to find Nocturne. As if on cue, Blink's Tallus activated and teleported Valkyrie and the others to Nocturne's location, where Nocturne had been forced into the role of wife to the mad Caliph Doom.

(Exiles III#10) - Unsure of what was going on, Valkyrie drew her sword as the other Exiles prepared to face Caliph Doom and when Caliph refused any explanations as to why the Exiles were there and attacked, Valkyrie jumped into physical combat with the Caliph. When Valkyrie shoved the Caliph through a stone wall, the other Exiles joined in the fight and the Caliph unleashed his Doombot guards. He then generated a force shield that the Exiles proved unable to penetrate and when Valkyrie got close enough to use her sword on the force shield, the Caliph used the mystic Eye of Solomon to wrack her with pain until she was rendered unconscious, claiming that she was born of a false god. With Valkyrie now incapacitated, Blink decided she needed to teleport the Exiles away from the battle and an opportunity soon presented itself in the form of the flying carpet that Blink and Iron Lad had earlier encountered before they had regrouped with Valkyrie and the other Exiles. Iron Lad then created an exit and Blink teleported the unconscious Valkyrie and her other teammates aboard the flying carpet as it flew away from Caliph Doom. Valkyrie regained consciousness shortly before the Exiles landed in a nearby oasis, where they were met by Black Cat and the sorcerer Hakeem Strange, who wished to work with the Exiles against Caliph Doom. The Exiles then accompanied Black Cat to her thieves' den and along the way, Valkyrie remarked on how she would cure the Caliph's madness with her spear tip. As Valkyrie and the other Exiles agreed to help Black Cat and Strange take down the Caliph, the Caliph himself appeared at the edge of the oasis with his newest ally, the djinn Mephisto. Valkyrie and the Exiles then engaged the Caliph and Mephisto's robotic soldiers until Blink managed to sever the Caliph's hand with the mystic Ring of Solomon, freeing Mephisto from the Caliph's control. The Caliph quickly saw the error in his madness and Mephisto summoned Caliph into the fiery depths to meet his fate while Valkyrie and the Exiles prepared to jump to their next mission. Before they could leave, however, Nocturne decided to remain behind on Earth-38191 to help its people and the Exiles said their goodbyes to Nocturne before the Tallus teleported them away. Shortly after arriving on Earth-616, the Exiles found themselves confronted by another group of Exiles led by their former teammate, Earth-81111's Khan.

(Exiles III#11) - Khan explained that she would be getting her family back and when some of Valkyrie's Exiles team began to question whether Khan's team was meant to replace them, Khan's team attacked Valkyrie's team, forcing Valkyrie's Exiles to go on defense. Valkyrie narrowly managed to dodge a hammer strike from Reality-19110's Skele-Thor as the two Exiles teams fought and she questioned whether Skele-Thor was truly Thor. Skele-Thor responded by knocking Valkyrie in a storage container. Valkyrie quickly regained her composure but found it difficult to strike Skele-Thor as, in her reality, Thor had died centuries ago and Odin was all that remained of that legend. Feeling as if striking Skele-Thor would be like blaspheming against Odin, Valkyrie was quickly taken down by a bolt of lightning from Skele-Thor's hammer. Valkyrie's teammates were all equally taken down by their counterparts and a barely conscious Blink subsequently teleported her team of Exiles away for a moment to recuperate. After discussing how each of Khan's Exiles seemed chosen specifically to counteract Blink's team, Valkyrie and the other Exiles soon realized that Khan might go after their loved ones such as the Earth-616 counterpart to Blink's aunt Sandra and they immediately teleported to Sandra to find Khan's Exiles waiting for them. Khan attempted to work an agreement out between the two Exiles teams but Khan's teammates, wanting to fight, attacked Blink's Exiles and Valkyrie again found it difficult to attack Skele-Thor. Blink quickly tried to remind Valkyrie that it was not her reality's Thor she was fighting and she soon suggested her team battle a different counterpart instead of their own. Switching opponents, Valkyrie turned and jumped into battle against Earth-35429's Captain, forcing Earth-14181's Iron Prince to come to the Captain's aid. Valkyrie easily pounded Iron Prince into the ground, damaging the Iron Prince's armor, then flung the Captain into a rock. Khan was eventually convinced to stop fighting and the Watchers that brought Khan's team together soon teleported Khan and her teammates from the battlefield as Valkyrie and her Exiles watched. When asked where they had sent, Blink replied that they were likely taken to the Moon, where Khan's Exiles had attempted to take Valkyrie's team. Valkyrie's Exiles then decided to settle the score with the rogue Watchers by teleporting to the Moon themselves.

(Exiles III#12) - Emerging from Blink's portal on Earth-616's Moon, Valkyrie and the other Exiles confronted the rogue Watchers and when the Watchers considered the Exiles dangerous and asked how many timelines they had warped since joining together, Valkyrie insisted that the Exiles had sworn themselves only to valiant causes. One of the Watchers responded by asking Valkyrie what toll her valor took and after further discussion, the Watcher remarked that all roads had led the Exiles there to be condemned, prompting Valkyrie to yell "Have at thee!" When the Exiles rushed the Watchers, however, they were each sent through portals into damaged timelines as punishment for interloping in reality affairs. Shunted into Reality-22931, in which that reality's Valkyrie failed to protect Odin from an invading Surtur, Valkyrie experienced all of the pain and horror of living in that reality until Blink broke free from her punishment and worked with Iron Lad to pull Valkyrie and the others back to Earth-616's Moon at the cost of Iron Lad staying behind to ensure the others were safely sent back. Before Valkyrie and the others could again confront the rogue Watchers, other Watchers appeared and took the rogue Watchers into custody, instilling the Unseen back at post on Earth's moon. Valkyrie and the Exiles then returned to Earth at their base with Sandra in the Bahamas and decided to hold tribute for those lost, especially their teammate Iron Lad. The next morning, Valkyrie and her teammates waited for Blink to wake up and then asked where they planned to go from there and Blink remarked that sooner or later, someone in the Multiverse would need their help. Valkyrie and the other Exiles then continued on their mission to save realities, with Valkyrie pursuing more of a relationship with her teammate Becky Barnes.

(Valkyrie: Jane Foster I#4 - BTS) - While discussing the matter of valkyries with the Grim Reaper, the Reality-616 demon Mephisto summoned forth images of any valkyries that might still exist and whether any fall under his sway due to a pact he once made with the Asgardian death goddess Hela. Viewing Valkyrie during a battle against some sort of undead creatures, Mephisto commented that she did not fall under his control due to being from a parallel universe.

(Fantastic Four VI#25/2 - BTS) - While perusing the memories of Earth-616's Nick Fury, the recently reborn Watcher Uatu suggested Fury look at what all he had achieved during his time as the Unseen including the formation of Valkyrie's Exiles team.

Comments: Created by Saladin Ahmed, Javier Rodriguez and Alvaro Lopez.

All characters listed in this profile are from Reality-22681 unless otherwise noted.

In the flashback to Valkyrie's birth in Exiles III#8, Valkyrie mentioned Odin created her and her six sisters. However, these may not truly be biological sisters so much as a sisterhood of  Valkyries. Sisters-in-arms, if you will. They were all created at the same time by Odin though so one might argue that they share a common father, so to speak.

The numerous Blink counterparts that teamed with Valkyrie and the Exiles against the Time-Eater were not identified by reality number in Exiles III#5 but some seemed obvious. For example, we see the arm of a Blink counterpart wearing black and white robes, which matches up with Earth-957's Blink, who became the new In-Betweener. Another wore a costume resembling the classic Earth-295 costume but with straps on the legs, suggesting the Earth-8096 Blink. There were also numerous Blink counterparts that wore costumes identical to the classic Earth-295 costume, suggesting the Earth-7964, Earth-33629, Earth-51518, Earth-61741 and Earth-95099 Blinks also being involved. While we don't see one wielding golf clubs, one of the ones wearing the classic Earth-295-style costume is likely the humorous Earth-95120 Blink counterpart. There was also one in the black "Phalanx Covenant" outfit and many wearing outfits we've never seen, mostly variations on that same Earth-295 costume. While we do see a Blink wearing the costume of the Earth-10005 X-Men: Days of Future Past movie Blink, the actual Earth-10005 Blink was also dead at the time so it must be an alternate counterpart.

It's interesting that the original concept designs for Valkyrie had her as a character called Thunderstorm, the daughter of Storm, who had become ruler of Asgard, and Thor, Storm's consort. Since this concept is so different from how the design of Earth-22681's Valkyrie turned out, Thunderstorm's home reality would be Reality-18115. Additionally, the rejected original cover art for Exiles III#1 shows Thunderstorm among the other Exiles from the 2018-2019 Exiles series, suggesting but not confirming that she either became or would become a member of at least some incarnation of Exiles.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Reality-22681's Valkyrie has no known connections to:


Elendil was Valkyrie's flying horse and was given to her as a child to act as her friend and steed. She assisted Valkyrie as the lone defenders of Asgard and flew Valkyrie into battle when the demonic Surtur invaded Asgard. When Reality-22681 was devoured by the Time-Eater, Elendil accompanied Valkyrie as she joined the Exiles in escaping to another reality. Elendil continued acting as Valkyrie's steed during her time with the reality-jumping Exiles, often flying her into battle, and Elendil even confused some of the other reality natives, such as future Exiles member, Captain America of Earth-86315. When the Exiles assisted Captain America-86315 in destroying her reality's Red Skull, Elendil helped Captain America's allies, the Howling Commandos, escape the dynamite blast that destroyed the Skull's plane. Elendil later helped revive Valkyrie's teammate Blink after a bomb went off on Earth-86315. During the Exiles' battle against the Time-Eater, both Elendil and Valkyrie were flung to the side and Elendil was downed a second time by the Time-Eater as Valkyrie and Iron Lad attempted to distract the Time-Eater until his power was drained. Following the Time-Eater's defeat, Elendil accompanied Valkyrie and the Exiles to Earth-616's Bahamas, where the team relaxed at the home of the Earth-616 counterpart to Blink's aunt Sandra. While carrying Valkyrie into battle on Earth-18136, Elendil was killed by a psychic bolt projected by Earth-18136's insane Pastor Xavier, who announced that blood must be spilled to seal his sermon and the Exiles must sever their beastial bond to the world. Once Pastor Xavier was killed by Blink, Valkyrie rushed to mourn the loss of her steed and hours later, Valkyrie just wanted to be alone to continue mourning. Following Elendil's death, Valkyrie recounted the death while on trial by a group of rogue Watchers from Reality-616 and she later informed Earth-86315's Becky Barnes of Elendil's death as well.

Elendil possessed feathery wings capable of flight.

--Exiles III#2 (#3-7, #8-9 - BTS,


Odin was the All-Father of Asgard, much like his Reality-616 counterpart. Centuries after Thor and the rest of his children were slain, Odin shot a lightning bolt into the ground of Asgard and front the bolt sprung forth six infant girls, one of which he planned to become the Valkyrie, lone defender of Asgard. Under Odin's watchful eye, the girls were trained in battle and years later, Odin chose one of the girls to become Valkyrie.

Odin presumably had the same powers as his Reality-616 counterpart, including the superhuman physical attributes shared by Valkyrie (such as superhuman strength, durability and longevity). He could also bring life via lightning from his fingertips.

--Exiles III#2 - BTS (only as "All-Father") (Exiles III#11 (fb) - BTS, Exiles III#8 (fb) (fully seen as Odin),


Surtur was a fire demon, much like his Reality-616 counterpart. At some point, Surtur decided to invade Asgard, knowing that Valkyrie was its lone defender, and he unleashed his demonic hordes against Valkyrie. Smiling as she flew into battle atop her winged horse Elendil, Valkyrie crossed swords with Surtur, completely unaware that the reality-hopping Exiles had also arrived in her reality's Asgard. Stomping his foot towards Valkyrie, Surtur noticed the Exiles and assumed they were aid that Valkyrie had summoned. Once the Exiles realized where they were and what was going on, they joined Valkyrie in forcing Surtur to flee through a dimensional portal, promising that Valkyrie had not seen the last of him.

Surtur's superhuman powers were identical to those of his Reality-616 counterpart, including gigantic size, superhuman strength, durability and the ability to manipulate fire. His ability to manipulate fire apparently including the ability to generate fiery portals to his home realm.

--Exiles III#2

Thunderstorm (of Reality-18115)

Reality-18115's Thunderstorm was the daughter of her reality's Storm, who had become the ruler of Asgard, and Storm's consort, Thor.

Thunderstorm wielded a metallic hammer. It was not shown if she possessed any other superhuman powers but it seems probable that she would have some sort of weather-manipulating abilities.

--Exiles TPB: Test of Time (bonus concept art) (Exiles III#12 - bonus rejected cover art,

images: (without ads)
Exiles III#1, Design variant cover (Valkyrie, main image)
Exiles III#5, Mike McKone variant cover (Valkyrie, headshot)
Exiles III#8, p7, pan1 (Valkyrie being born from the ground & Odin image)
Exiles III#8, p7, pan2 (Valkyrie as a young girl)
Exiles III#8, p7, pan3 (Valkyrie with headdress)
Exiles III#8, p7, pan4 (Valkyrie in original armor)
Exiles III#1, Saiz variant cover (Valkyrie emerging from portal)
Exiles III#5, p20, pan4 (Valkyrie in vacation clothes)
Exiles III#6, p4, pan1 (Valkyrie relaxing on the beach)
Exiles III#12, p19, pan5 (Valkyrie in civilian clothes)
Exiles III#6, p6, pan1 (Elendil)
Exiles III#2, p4-5, pans1-3 (Surtur)
Exiles TPB: Test of Time, bonus art pages (Thunderstorm)

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